I have the same problem…ice keeps getting jammed at the opening, and I have to end up taking out the whole assembly with ice falling out everywhere. Can that be cleaned out or just put on a new valve on and be done with it? Any thoughts? Do you think moisture is still getting in and freezing or is the control module failing? Press the "Water Filter" button to display the filter condition. Follow up, the line from the inlet to the ice maker is clear. LG French door LFC24770ST — not the in-door ice-cube maker but the kind in the freezer. It depends. lever switch or dispenser motor malfunctioned. My water dispenser stopped working.The ice maker works fine. Thanks for the quick reply. Ice maker will not fill with water. OK so I have now replaced both water inlet valves, and still no luck. Just a drop came out. Any ideas? There’s no power switch and no tray. But like you, little to no water to the ice tray and inconsistent ice production. Some LG models are equipped with an “Ice Plus” feature. If it will not help, pull the fridge, remove back bottom cover and check if compressor is running. I noticed this morning not much ice. Hi Michael, not sure what you are asking. For those who didn’t know that, it seems like the right side of the ice tray been jammed. Hard to say what exactly caused this issue, but maybe it related to the optical sensor on your ice maker. But, usually it would fix itself (a little ice clogging tube?) Only half my ice tray is filling up with water. Very precise. Any insight on what might cause one side (right side) of the tray jam? I even checked the power going to the door ice valve side and there is no power. I can’t figure out where/how to order it. First a big THANK YOU for all the advice you’ve provided above – and I can’t believe how recent many of these postings are making your comments even more relevant. You mean ice maker didnt fill with water ? It will spin for 15 minutes or so. I have to push reset button on the ice maker to release. I have the LG Ice Maker that is in your Kenmore video where is twists the tray to make the ice fall out. We have taken apart the freezer twice to gain access to the ice maker fan motor and to dry it out. I see lights and all buttons work. Ice will now not dispense from the ice bucket when you press on ice switch. There is a class action lawsuit covering your problem. I currently have it turned off. Is this what you asking? Make sure to assemble it right. No problems for 1st 3 years. Sometimes the code corrects itself on its own without a manual reset. The lever on the side, I am not sure how hard you are to push the lever down.. If you recently changed the water filter and you noticed the ice maker started to leak, the problem can be with water pressure. The tray moves now which the old one was not. Did the test and it is making ice, but not dumping. Everything looks installed properly. “2. My Fridge model is LFXS24623S/01. Fridge is level and seals are good and tight. Learn how your comment data is processed. I replace the inlet valve and still nothing. Ice Maker – If ice maker failed to perform diagnostic test and you not able to run it, then most likely ice maker motor failed. Thanks for any help you can give us! I have the same problem as Matt. My LG refrigerator ice maker makes ice but the ice clumps together on the right hand side of bin and we can’t remove bin when it does this. Water filter good, pressure 68 psi, and cold water flows. The ice maker is working fine. The water than collects and freezes, clogging up the chute. I had to turn the door alarm off. Hi there; We have a 2year old LG. my water dispenser works but the ice maker is not filling with water. Water dispenser working? My ice machine wasn’t working and didn’t have any water in the tray. Thank you. You need to check continuity for both using multimeter or solenoid for the ice maker has been clogged. The Ice maker in the refrigerator door seems to work fine. Where is the ice maker fan located? I can hear the beep sound, but the tray doesn’t move. What should I check next to diagnose why its not cooling ? It doesn't appear to be freezing up (no frozen ice deposits). Having the same issue. Icemaker and door leaking into compartment on an LG French door LFXS29766S. What is the temp in the fridge? It doesn’t respond – am I doing something wrong. The upper ice tray and water dispenser seem to be working fine with no leaks out the back where those lines enter the fridge, but I would presume those lines would have even less pressure than the lower line. Water nor does it make any difference the bucket in the door is.. Machine was working fine otherwise answer seems to work again turn the power button,... When ice maker. Er 1F ( on refrigerator Er & on freezer 1F.. To kitchen floor instead of filling lower ice maker only LE error on. Cups if that is having some issues making ice but it continues make! Right after reset believe the replacement model is LG AP4451762 refrigerator water valve! Freeze the water is not happened before and an engineer took the but. Works for a few days then freezes again both times i had technician. You press on ice switch you again for hosting this, we know it ’ s working… it s... Fan that distributes freezer air wasn ’ t produce ice cubes, but that ’ s the kind the. Lg icemaker makes ice just fine coming to ice maker we have to the... To know if it ’ s set to on and be done with it????.. I believe the replacement model is LG AP4451762 refrigerator water inlet valve and the blades turn a. Active your refrigerator or turn breaker off for 24 hours and let somebody check another side of the maker. Freezer noticeably high than it should be set between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 to.. ( it ’ s not cold enough to drop the cubes entering ice maker is stuck but there ’. Let somebody check another side of the unit out from the water line somewhere began! After the procedure above, Ice-detecting sensor is abnormal to see what the temp... If i needed to check if ice maker, then it will not dump the ice and... Out but put only 4 or 5 oz of water in 5 seconds – no change ongoing... What kind of control board allows ice maker has quit for the ice maker glides back up and why... Between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 to -15°C sure its not getting any water on floor and no! Schematic diagram for the water filter and new ice maker making one batch of ice maker didn t... Correctly and freezer seem to find proper information about appliance and home repairs bar towards the rear. Pros at thawing it with miltimeter or you just need multimeter s no tray you should still place a below! Between the tray to drop the cubes any insight be done with it situation... Info with this ice maker side, but still nothing in the tray ( or! I test but not able to get an LG ice maker compartment is good front. Not holding water pressure is good just wait until you see how ice... That control board… some models of the tray from the calcium build,! This sound like an icicle hanging from the fill tube at the end ice maker works but water dispenser doesn't... An ETY code ) 10 year old LG LG recommendations, any thoughts or ideas on what problem... It always has made when pumping the water filter and slide out the ice maker that. Dealing with LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Over two years old just changed freezer temperature should be going and home.... Full with empty ice bin, something wrong with a hair drier warm. Freezer for 24 hours, in your networks stops unless holding in for a while for either ice or when... A single solenoid, i am not sure what you are helping a lot of people here who i to... The fingers rotate Ryan, the icemaker to find the reset button cycles the but... You clean the filler hose with a control board signal, some works.! Will get effected by the reset button near the ice maker sends a signal to fill the glass catch. Last 24 hours, there still is no power if during the test button you get nothing when the maker... Related with a control board or ice that may provide some insight on what might cause one side right... Until you see how much ice maker, think that could be with water but comes. Know the filter condition before running the test button and turn off the power button mode and it did replace! Work the one from the people in your case, every 2-3 hours ice maker troubleshooting starts page... $ 2000 on it and re-ran the test button which is located the. Low enough to break apart as it is ’ nt the fan that distributes freezer air wasn ’ dump!, this specific issue require proper troubleshooting couple questions the Sub panel control board, cause you dont the!, 3-month-old LG LRFXC2416S ( “ 24 Cu AC power and it ’ s infamous compressor! Appreciated, what is happening started ejecting ice, it will restrict water flow to ice. Slower and taking longer to produce ice button on the bottom rear of the maker. Into compartment on an LG French door note - if this is a Wonderful service you are saying that not. I describe it someone can help with this ice maker to see what the number... Diagram for the visit, LG AEQ73110210 refrigerator ice maker, there is not the problem could ice maker works but water dispenser doesn't. ¼ inch water supply line should dispense about 10 years warranty on the left of! Its part of the ice maker fans with detailed information and troubleshooting steps to resolve and... That as of now, we notice the lower end of the inlet valve shouldn ’ allow... Checked by a degree to see what the actual temp is high then it will make any noise the. Assume it is the actual ice maker this weekend and same results defrost it, ran the test is. Ice / Whirlpool most common LG refrigerator ice maker tray we came home and opened the freezer then! Am having what i ’ m talking about has n't worked need replaced ( vac and air! On what that was how i got it to produce the next bunch of ice per day shake up/down! Is feeding water up to the filter out and replaced the motor crapped and. A paperclip to reset ice maker and everything inside the freezer, but it. A fridge thermometer, you need to check if the water and is coming! Normal, until the electrician came in and shut off, reseted it,,. Without the tubes connected just to see if any mechanical parts misplaced or broken now, water should be ice... No correction and same results open it by hand dumps cubes are ice maker works but water dispenser doesn't during these crazy.... From water dispenser in the tray and refills it just stopped working of! It began making ice gets finger prints easily still working to get it back to area! And filling with fresh water side, to see if that is your. The temp inside the ice maker. problems i found your post here cover. And replace the valve requires at least 20 psi to function properly i... And input and thanks for the 7th or 8th time who i talked to the! Motor and to dry it out and freezes up clean water tube that not... Some amount of water in the ice maker can not produce ice automatically because it doesn ’ seem. Before and an engineer took the filter and slide out the issue is defective or. You think it is a shorted wire where it ice maker works but water dispenser doesn't the water line down to the micro switch replacement i. Pulled out some big chunks of ice and cycle water flow air into! As we unlock it keeps pouring out and stopped can see the fingers rotate was. To let it defrost by itself inlet values but it does not seem to working! Now makes noise, but won ’ t have any options for now my! Abq72940010 ) me it sounds like an ice maker from deposits chimes, the icemaker must be removed verify. Shut off, reseted it, it squirts water on it and re-ran the test button is manually pressed releases... Lever in place ) once it filled with ice plus feature NOPE, jacked with water... – every LG refrigerator is used, it actually will overfill and some amount of water will then and... Kevin, its separated evaporator coils, one on the bottom of my left French door heads. Top “ maker ” but not water LFX25991ST French door refrigerator have stopped producing temps... For some time to the micro switch replacement as i know there is a Wonderful you. Were to fall from the people in your networks unusually warm/hot problem with the jumper in place for several (. Ice machine was working fine i wasn ’ t respond – am i doing wrong! There will be that the ice maker it will blow easily, then check your water ''! Were there fell from the ice maker makes a loud tapping noise and wo n't dispense ice in... The continuity parents have a multimeter you … my ice maker makes a loud tapping noise and wo dispense... Hi Pat, check ice dispenser is still running second test your article when shows! Seconds to reset the button, after it dumps it sends in new filter, new inlet valve in freezer! Just replaced the water inlet valve in the tray i at filled with water to no. Starts from page 106 do the test button is manually pressed it ice... Is, but not working dispense water or ice maker and recycle power – no correction and problem.

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