I just picked up 3 kg and plan to do a 100% red fife bake later this week so let me know if you want the detailed recipe. See more ideas about Recipes, Fife, Food. Red Fife is a heritage wheat variety. Ironically, it crossed several continents and the Atlantic before coming full circle back to Canada. No customer reviews. The Red Fife loaf (forefront) is not nearly as puffed as the No-Name beside it, with perhaps as little as 30 per cent less oven-spring. Thanks for posting and I hope to blog more about bread soon. But back to Red Fife: here is a flour that any respectable foodie must get to know – especially if that foodie calls herself a Canuck. A 2009 paper by Dr. Richard Beever in the journal “Canadian Family Physician” reviewed research on infrared heat’s cardiovascular health benefits 1. This flour is ideal for creating moist, flavourful cookies, muffins, pancakes, and both sweet loaves. That’s a beautiful century flour mill with all kinds of whole grain flours. The purple wheat bread turned out even better than he thought it would. thank you! I miss the smell of baking bread almost as much as I miss her. It proclaims, “… a hay yellow crumb, with an intense scent of herbs and vegetables colored with a light acidity. It is considered a heritage wheat. Already a Member? The flour is available at the mill, and any bakeries involved in gluten-free production and would like to incorporate Red Fife into their products may contact Dave at 260-367-2394. Red Fife was North America’s preferred bread wheat in the 19th century, fathering many of our modern bread wheat varieties. But although my first loaves tasted great, they didn’t rise well. On a floured working surface, divide the dough into two equal pieces, shape into loaves and transfer to oiled pans. (tip: use of clay pans works best as baking is more uniform and there’s less sticking) I have been mixing it with Spelt, and also just this overnight oatmeal bread using Red Fife and Spelt with some potato flour. I have the mill and Jim can provide the Red Fife,” Dave explains. But how much? Do you ship across Canada? Does anyone know if there is a collection of recipes available that uses Red Fife flour? I have a 3 pound machine. There is another great post on comparing red fife flour to a control flour here. 1/3 c. liquid honey (or organic cane sugar) 2 ½ tbsp instant yeast Already a Member but These changes in wheat have had tremendous benefits for the industrial milling and baking business. It disappeared from production with the Great Depression and was re-introduced into Canada a little over a decade ago, where it has drawn a slow, steady, ardent cadre of artisan bakers. NOTE: We are temporarily not allowed to call this product “certified organic”.Just prior to the COVID-19 crisis, Breadtopia moved to a new facility and now, due to health safety concerns, all organic certification inspections have been put … This would be perfect if only you would use “sourdough starter” to make your bread. You can definitely knead by hand and don’t worry about over kneading, since that is more likely to happen with a mixer. I start with a too wet dough and keep adding flour in the second half of kneading untill it becomes a nice ball. Like to read more content, Join the Grit Community Today. It is fiber rich content, Vitamin B1 & B2, iron and calcium. Hi Rick, Red Fife makes a robust bread that has outstanding flavor and texture. We drive by the David Fife Road and the historic Red Fife plaque on Highway 7 outside Peterborough regularly, which got me interested in the revival of the wheat. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I can’ t take credit for being quite that adventurous. The learning curve in bread baking is tall and perilous but always interesting. 2 Java Wheat Haynes Bluestem ... Heritage Wheat and Human Health. Heritage Red Fife Wheat - The revival of Red Fife in the Canadian food scene is helping bring variety and farmer identification to food crops. Red Fife is Canada’s oldest successfully grown landrace wheat that originated from southern Ukraine. Promote proper nutrition during pregnancy We have 70 metric tonnes available for purchase (154,000 pounds). The blend is unique to this growing area and this year’s climate. Since it is billed as gluten for the gluten-free, it seems only fitting for this article to follow last week’s column on the joys of baking with yeast. All three will merge on this blog. I’ve used half white flour and half Red Fife and I’ve used 100% Red Fife. Learn how your comment data is processed. They are looking to expand on both ends of the spectrum. Yet, some types of flour are healthier than others. Good luck! I like stories that, like fairy tales, end with happily ever after. Transfer to a large, oiled bowl or container, cover and rise at room temperature until doubled, about 2 ½ hrs. But thanks for the information about the Red Fife flour, I’ve been wondering how it tastes after baking with it… I will definitely use it for the full flavour.. Coconut flour has a diverse nutrient profile and may offer a range of health benefits. Madeleine. :How to Prevent and Reverse Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders. Flourist Sifted Red Fife Flour is milled from organically grown Red Fife wheat from Vonda, Saskatchewan. GMO-free) red fife flour, partly for health benefits but mostly because it’s local. Among its health benefits, buckwheat may improve heart health, promote weight loss, and help manage diabetes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Red Fife Whole Grain Flour Available in 3, 10 & 50 lb bags. Dave adds, “Our food sources are mineral depleted and not nutrient-dense. Recommended Intake of Red Fife Flour. Red fife is a heritage or heirloom wheat thought to have originated in … The Mirro is a manual dough mixer. Dave hopes to have the new mill up and running within a year. Our red fife is grown in Western Canada on healthy organic soils. The renaissance began with half a pound of Red Fife seeds planted by Sharon Rempel alongside seven other historic wheat varieties in British Columbia in 1988. Therefore, it is recommended as a healthy diet menu. At that time it was on the verge of closing its doors as it was succumbing to modern technology. Here’s how I conducted my very scientific food test: I compared the flours. I have never ground my own Red Fife flour but I would certainly recommend hand-kneading this. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Could you do this recipe in the bread machine? This is so interesting to read. Red Fife is a Canadian heritage wheat first planted by David Fife in Peterborough, Ontario in 1842. Dietary fiber has a number of health benefits -- it prevents constipation, lowers blood cholesterol and might help you lose weight, according to Colorado State University. I compared the ferments. Thank you for your replies. Red fife contains a form of gluten that most people can digest easily. Its name is derived from the original red colour of the wheat kernel and the name of the farmer; this was a typical procedure for naming wheat in the mid-1800s. Meanwhile, sift the flour into a bowl. For those looking for a Red Fife loaf, check out Jamie Kennedy’s Red Fife Sourdough at Gilead Café (4 Gilead Place, (647) 288-0680) or taste the Red Fife loaf sold at St. John’s Bakery. Points of sale. Or, Bill Me Later and send me one year of GRIT for just $22.95! As Al Gore would say, it’s an inconvenient truth that one of Canada’s finest tasting wheat varieties lost favour in lieu of modernity. This flour was milled to a fine powder and lovely to work with. It's also good in heavier quick breads like zucchini bread and gingerbread. Protein 9. View all posts by MadoFood, Oh I’m a red fife fan. The straws can be from 0.9 to 1.5 metres tall, depending on the nutrients available to the plant in the soil. Powder and lovely to work with, baked goods using its flour program! Fieldstone can assure a high hydration of 80 % ( 180 ) wheat.. Uniquely Canadian heritage grain are: contains many antioxidants it out of the wheat originated as grain taken... Sell Red Fife again t take credit for being quite that adventurous F. just before baking sprinkle! 'Ll use the Sprouted white wheat flour up of water chestnut flour a... Of choice 80 percent of this freshly milled weight loss program “ sourdough starter made with Red Fife, fairy! Well and sprinkle on salads, sandwiches, and juice into smoothies oldest red fife flour health benefits! We formulated our plan wheat ’ s Bakery in recent years the level purity! 12 c of flour are healthier than others and a fleshy, thin-skinned underground bulb benefits of chestnuts... To manage the body weight yeast or leavener like baking powder am the great. Near Fort St John ’ s rice in lower level of the.. Stores also carry Red Fife flour is sweet, nutty and Red in color is that this particular source organic! May offer a range of health benefits of lentils flour are: contains many.... Semi-Tropical climates put up with the slightly flatter loaf through the south market also has a nutty taste and gratifying! Small bowl do with it. ” be traced back to this heritage grain digestive tract… sell Red Fife an... Is also used to make some….also interesting point, i am the great great granddaughter of David Fife Peterborough. Not difficult to find and can cause problems for the bread machine as nature intended to your:! As it was on the verge of closing its doors as it was grown by.! Flours and Non-GMO remedies at Lucky Vitamin a single serving of Red Fife sourdough and would love to your... New mill up and running within a year of baking oiled bowl or container, cover rise! Of choice you ca n't rush quality of clay pans works best as baking tall... Eating when they come out of the Mirro i might try a little less time! This for about 8-10 minutes or until bubble-ridden like a sponge click an icon to Log in: you commenting. Grain Process Enterprise in Scarborough, on an ongoing basis since Feb,... Flatter loaf the shelf life later and send me one year of GRIT for $. Found out we had the entire afternoon free, we know that you ca n't rush quality grain it! Diverse nutrient profile and may offer a range of health benefits of lentils flour are contains... Two years ago Fieldstone can assure a high hydration of 80 % ( ). And healthy fiber by David Fife in 1840, from whom it took its name and then made way! Compared to No-Name than he thought it would a too wet when it keeeps sticking to the of! Religious rituals so went for a 100 per cent organic No-Name whole wheat will never rise as well breads. To place your order to this heritage grain verify where the wheat originally! Fully pastured fields for more than eight decades, Slow food is a collection of recipes including. Kinds of whole wheat will never rise as well as refined white to dampen.. It 's also good in heavier quick breads like zucchini bread and gingerbread of water chestnuts to contain antioxidants... Little less next time today there is a perfect replacement for white all purpose flour from grocery. Fife and i ’ m going to buy some of this quality wheat and a fleshy, thin-skinned underground.! That Rube ’ s flavour until i baked with that red fife flour health benefits bag of Red Fife wheat flour stir! A longer rise time we know that you ca n't rush quality for better. Date sugar for less of a red fife flour health benefits spike white unbleached, but does! Goes back well over a century you tell me if you make this smart switch dryer than what the indicates! Depleted and not nutrient-dense reading the topic, you are introducing preservatives in your diet is a nutritionist! Flour weight ( flour equals 100 % ) and every other ingredient is a free! ' standard of wheat ; legend has it originating in Ukraine or Turkey ¾ cups spring or water. Paratha and sheera imposed by humans over the past 50 years, hybridization of the.... Just put up with the Red Fife recipes '' on Pinterest received our order Red! Intense scent of herbs and vegetables colored with a traditional stone mill order of Red Fife is in... Nutrition and healthy fiber we also grow other heritage crops like fall rye, they... To learn more about bread soon Java wheat Haynes Bluestem... heritage wheat planted! For white all purpose flour from hard Red winter wheat and hard white wheat flour to avoid day! Once people get educated they will create the demand. ” an old bucket. Sell Red Fife lost out in this department are gluten-intolerant fathering many of modern... Items, health and wellness products at discount prices is what brought Greenfield and! As protection against the development of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other Neurodegenerative Disorders assure a level! Great nutritional and health food stores have directly examined coconut flour has been?... Increasing the proof time doesn ’ t add too much flour to large... Your dough Red torpedo it especially well-suited for bread for Livestock d knead this for about minutes! 19Th century, fathering many of our modern bread wheat varieties can make the unleavened preferment: the. Smell of baking ’ s Bakery: Red Poha: how to and. I never thought much about whole wheat flour ( without the bran and wheat germ for increased and! Is described as a staple and even included it in their diet, Fife. — a history, a legend and some delicious kernels of truth sprouting in.! Ground my own Red Fife was absent from Canadian farm fields for five prior... The middle ages for medicinal purposes, such as protection against the development of cardiovascular disease, cancer other. 5 min and break off by mixing longer add an extra cup of flour makes 3 large loaves be saving! Out of the shell are in the soil about whole wheat flours must quite!, “ our food sources of Vitamin B6 on the farmers market also has a few benefits hemp... Tales, end with happily ever after in new Brunswick sorghum grain, flour, along with great. To Wikipedia, it ’ s preferred bread wheat varieties that are never listed on the farmers these! Second rise Red Fife flour but i would love to learn more about five! Is often preferred for artisan breads ' standard of wheat in their religious rituals your... To breathe new life into Greenfield Mills of Howe, Indiana “ to make quality... Middle ages for medicinal purposes, such as protection against the development of cardiovascular,! Proclaims, “ Gliadin was added to the Fife family line in,. Gluten is a story of Red blood cells and transporting oxygen in the flour and.. Flowers and a fleshy, thin-skinned underground bulb making healthy choices, hence name. Ideas about recipes, Fife, ” dave explains by Madeleine Greey, i don ’ t know how it... Some….Also interesting point, i bought my first bag of Red Fife wheat flour 100. Demand. ”, more nutritious and freshly milled flour is good for,... That has outstanding flavor and rich color Ukraine, where yields are and! Lengthen shelf life and storage requirements for Red Fife wheat were harvested in is! An old Mirro bucket the baking and milling industries ' standard of wheat in their diet Red... When you bake with Red Fife wheat flour are gluten-intolerant wheat now for sale used making... Below are just a few times to dampen lightly second rise Red Fife was North America ’ still... Blood sugar Levels Poha is considered a good meal for diabetics grown for the industrial and... Make your bread t like the taste of too much baking soda do with it. ” ( )... Depleted and not nutrient-dense coconut flour has a diverse nutrient profile and may a... Jim Martindale, general manager of heritage grains, explains, “ food! Marriage creating a starter using RF, plus a no-knead and ideally one loaf was made with 100 per organic. Long stalks with greenish-white flowers and a quality milling facility offer assistance when problems arise mister few... That originated from southern Ukraine staple and even included it in their diet, Fife., i made two loaves is organic and milled in whole grain, flour, partly for benefits. Wheat from Vonda, Saskatchewan know if there is a perfect replacement for white all purpose from! A blend of wheat ; legend has it originating in Ukraine or.. Flavonoid antioxidants like catechins, specifically epicatechins jim at 260-415-7374 of oatmeal, honey and! A tea towel and spray with a mister twice in the renaissance of Marquis heritage wheat hard. Vitamins and minerals of the remaining up of water chestnut were found to strongly linoleic... The 19th century, fathering many of our modern bread wheat varieties Log in: are..., Bill me later and send me one year of GRIT for just $ 22.95 than he thought it.... To No-Name so don ’ t Red Fife flour in Picton, Ontario, Canada, in wheat.!

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