HELLO Doc, I am facing white hair problem past 12yrs, and my age is 37 year by year white hair is also lots and m tired to got solution please give me any solution for white hair how to i convert in black hair doc. Hello sir, My age is 28yrs. Can this medicine will turn my hairs black. Hair color is primarily determined by the depth and concentration of this pigment. My age is 28 my hair is white.and for last six months my beard is also getting white hair please suggest me treatment. Sir..i myself is an allopathetic doctor.my hisband s suffering with heriditary greying of hair in his mothers family many are having this problem.and for h it startd when he was 16 yrs..now its increasing i think almost 40 %hairs ate grey..is it possible to reverse this condition tried best with anti greying serum and multivitamins..where can i get best homeo treatment for it in kerala.is it curable completly. I am having itching & dandfruff always. I am having Gary hair from very young age, now with use of color on and off the condition is Really worse. I have premature of greying hair, I also suffer from severe constipation problem, and gas. Or should I go for another treatment. I am afraid that This medicine could have side effects. Medicines are :- 1) Acid Phosphoricum Q 2) Acid Phosphoricum 200CH 3) Thuja Occidentails 200 4) Bouchi oil, Respected sir M 29 year old nd in my beard there are lot of gray hairs pls suggest me best homopathic products to reverse gray hair,pls do needfull Thanks, Hello sir I’m 30 years old my beardhair beacome 70,% white and head hair beacom95%white sir plz tell me treatment. I have started having Grey hair since I was very young, now at age of 30 and with use of hair color a good amount of hair has turned grey. On the scalp dandruff sticked forming scale type & I have problem of gas, also many a times I have blisters in my mouth and tongue. This medicine is the best remedy when the hair has fallen in spots and replaced by grey hair. sometime i feel hopeless. I am Minaz, an ex-practicing Neuro-Physiotherapist turned natural – hair – therapist! My weight is 73kg, height 5’11” and physically fit. I am writing to share my experiences on natural hair care that has been effective not only on me but also on many wonderful people around me. SIR, I PURCHASE SILICIA 12X MEDICINE COMPANY NAME IS HRL. Likewise, my chest hair are also started turning to white. Please help. My name is demele s . can also cause this problem. I have a problem of premature greying of hair at the age of 21. What will be the doses to take this remedy. Please let me know if there are any solutions available to eliminate grey hairs. Great humble, my age is 33 and iam using acid phosph.200 6 days in week and lycopedium 1000 1day my problem is thàt after using this slso my hair ìs whitening please suggest. Especially infront part Kindly guide which medicine needs to be taken. Hi Dr.Sharma, I am Kannan. I m 40 yrs old but in my family nobody has history of premature greying, even My mother is 60 plus but she is still having 90% hair black….I love to eat spicy & chilled items and I face the problem of extreme sweating.. Dear sir , i am 29 Year old.i m facing the problem of premature grey hair.i just want to know that is i possible to turn grey hair black again with medicine or diet.please help me. My whole body hair is becoming grey very fast like head, beared, mustache, chest, hand, leg…etc. On This Page Premature Hair Graying: Overview Signs and symptoms Contributing risk factors Conditions suggested by it Recommendations. my friends make lot of fun i donot go to any function even i hate photographs . Now its increase on forehead and both sides.sir please suggest me which medicine I can use. Let’s see each of them: Catalase is your first line of defence in protecting the hair follicles from harmful effects of H2O2. i dont take any medication and I’m healthy otherwise other than severe myopia. Gray hair problem occurs since 2011. Dear sir, I am ravi verma 35 year age i have following problem of grey hair plz tell how it could be convert into black: 1) At the age of 16 my hair start greying and it is 80% grey hair. i also having the same problem and for me it was started in 15yrs. I have been facing the problem of grey hair since I was 18 years. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamin A, E and C — which function as antioxidants. Please give me solution…, My hair are turning into white i m 22 yrs old. My hair texture was very good before I started coloring my hair but I have no other choice than coloring my hair as jeena can’t cover this much white. I am also a thyroid patient. Hi my self Amit Singh, age 26 from last 3-4 months my beard is being white rapidly. – During this they diagnosed that my wife is having High cholestrol (high LDL level) and asked her to reduce that. I am unmarried. but colour of all my hairs is about white. Thank you, Hello sir i m 20years old girl. Suggest the medicine and dose also. Now, we have to look at reducing the root cause — formation of free radicals or hydrogen peroxide molecules in the first place. Taking stress doesn’t change the situation; in fact, it makes it worse. I am only 26 year but i have white beard . I m 30 years ….mere hair aur beard white ho rhe hai..kaya hai phle ki trah balck ho jayenge…koi acchi si medicine batao, Hi dr. Sharma . Salam Sir i am 32 year old and suffereing from premature gray hair.plz tell me .medicine.sir ye bh bta dain k ketne arse mein gray hair black hn gy. Hello, Sir My aunt’s age is 35 years..She suffers in excessive Graying hair in regular basis (from the forehead and sideburn area) moreover her hairfall is a regular matter..On this circumstances I can only believe in Homoeopathy..please suggeest me some medicine!! She is also facing the dandruff, Can I give her Phosphorus? I have no medical problem .. am extremely active and workout four times a week. Please tell do these hairs can again become black and how? I m 30 yrs old . I am a 56 yr old women, my hair stated getting white at 20 yrs of age, but a couple of yrs back few hair got white n now recently i noticed some more after I had severe attacks of anxiety with heart symptoms and painful varicose veins on legs for which i took cal carb 30 with success for some time ,then i started ars alb, i have stopped all homeo meds now, and saw a cardiologist but doc said nothing wrong with heart! Good morning sir, My age is 32 yrs and male. My hair also grown grey and thin. last 3/4 years i am suffering in gray hair in my head, beard and also in my chest. if so then what is a medicine and how to contact you. By eating foods that promote the production of glutathione. I tried colors and mahendion hair.. Hi Doc, I am facing white hair problem for 15 yrs.My 80% hair is white. I feel uncomfortable of that. Sir my age 17 years old My hair is faster White hair problem Please give me good medicine, I am 34yrs old , my heirs become white very fast what is the solution Thank you sir. My hairs are 50 percents are grey is there is any homeopathic medicine or treatment so they became black again the new growth. its looks very odd. sir my age is 24 my 40% hair is white i am useing homeyopathy but not good result .give me good advise, Age-32, white hair since last 15 years and using ghandhi asharm die, what can i do. Do you ship the medicines to US ? Dear doctor, I m 36 year old businessman, in the month of February I suddenly noted so many white hairs on my head&chest,my beards r also 50% white,some times it shakes my confidence. So can you suggest any medicine for him. respected sir. N i have problem of white hairs n i try many things but i cant solve my problem sir how homeopathy will cure the white hairs problems. Can you suggest me any medicine or oil for curing it ? My age is 19 year. Unlike what was thought, greying of hair happens due to the loss of the pigment-forming melanocytes. I am very sad by this problem. I am 31 year old 30 percent of my hair is white. I also have gastric trouble & problem of piles. Her high uric acid (14.6 Mg/Dl)and ESR(40mm). Hello , My 4 yrs old son has got a patch of grey hair from birth . My age is 19 . I don’t know the reason,now my beard found some white hair at diz age my chest hair also started turning into white but I want to get ride of it, please help to suggest hair solution or medicine, which i can apply on my hairs for permanent solution… thanks in advance sandeep kumar, Mera name shan rao h Meri age 23 he h mere sir PR 70% white hair h kya ye wapas black ho skte h sir Ji please help me, 37 year old .i m facing froblem grayng of hair.les are gray other r black.i think girief is the cause.pls advis. Sir….I have white hair on my beard and it’s growing very fast day by day.. 2)Having less stamina,earlier timing 2-3 minutes,less and thin quantity, while i am with partner on bed. Please Sir give me proper solution and Please Grant me the answer . Sir, I m having problem of grey hair. I Tried using hair dyes like streax, v care and normal black mehendi. please suggest a remedy. The top medicines for premature greying of hair are Phosphoric acid, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Phosphorous, Silicea, and Vinca Minor. Now i m 30 years old. Hi I’m Kapil Chandra Ojha…. My age is 40. I have problem with thin and white hair near my ear area and beard also white. I was going through a lot of stress on account of my divorce. ” . I am too young to have them also they are in front area likely to be sowable, Getting white hair in beared in mustache pls suggest best treatment. I also have allergic rhinitis for which m taking homeopathic treatment. Sir.i am 30 age my whole body hair are become white fastly i am very worried about it.pleas suggest me.please help, Sir.i am 28age my whole body hair are become white fastly i am very worried about it.pleas suggest me.please help. The greying has started from front of my face. Phosphoric Acid is the top natural … Give me a good treatment for this. sabse adhik aage se, kai jagah pe poore kaale baal khatm hoke white baal ho gaye hain. Indian gooseberry, or amla, is excellent for a variety of hair problems including … Hello Dr. Hello sir, Today i go through your website. my daughter is 9 yrs old.weight is about 34-35 kg.height is 4 ft and something.before 1 yrs she was so heathy.drastically weight increase.now a days she was suffering from white hair problem.fastly rise in white hair growth.so please suggest me homeopathic medicine for her.I am very much worried about it.she hazitat to comb her hair.so please sir refer me mdicine so the growth of white hair should stop. The good news is that it may be possible to reverse grey hair if you look after yourself. Now I have sent a post of son regardimg the White Hair. sir kya mere grey hair specially my grey beard black ho sakti hi. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But I reckon that greying and for that matter signs of ageing can be pushed forward by leading a healthy lifestyle. white plz can u suggested the medicine for turn my white hairs into black, Respected sir my 10 year daughter have problem of grating hairs I M very worried about it.she have dendruf too. I am 19 year khu. I am 28 years old guy residing in Delhi. My Age 22. I am 29 years old . If need to consult then send me yr adress i will come for consulting. Dear Dr. My age is 30 and I am facing big problem of white beard. Also please advise me what should i apply on my hairs to hide these grey hairs as i do not want to use hair color. Hi Dr, could you please mention the amount to be taken and when, to reverse grey hair. I have snoring problem. Thank you….. Hello Dr Sharma..I m a bhms 2nd year student..and m 21 years old…I m getting my hairs grey..I want get rid of this problem..please prescribe a suitable homeopathic remedy for this problem..as soon as possible.. Please advise treatment. My son age 16, he had white hai since last 2 year kindly help me out also he is not going for nature call regularly plz help me from his problem also he is very short tempered, my age is 31 and my hair is greying since last year..its greying in patches..my beard and my chest hair also starts greying…itchy scalp n hair fall also occuring..hair fall is so much that my hair usually falls 100 per day, Dear Sir I am vinod sir my hair after 6 years to white ho rhe plz sir kuch upchar batten, hi dr myself davinder singh from punjab amritsar i m 25yr old nd my hair turns white 50per pls tell me remedy for it, my name is Sachin i am 29 years old in this age my half beard became white hairs and very distruib because of that in my head i dont have any white hair only in beard and some on chest please tell me …. Peculiar desires in eating like cold drinks, juice and ice creams standout for using this Homeopathic medicine. Please dr. Give me the solution of this problem. HE HAS ALSO SEASONAL ALLERGY PROBLEM. It quickly breaks down H2O2 to water and oxygen. My no is 7830962539, I have many white hair in my bread & head please Sir tell me any medicine to convert these into black & my age is 29 year. Please sir tell me solution of my problem which turned my grey hair into black, my 80% of hair turned into grey I want to turn them into black again I am just 16…plz help me, Sir,i’m just 16 but i’m facing white hair problem. Help me, I have same problem plz tell us what should we do for this ….we are waiting for ur reply…, Hello sir I am suffering from premature grey hair from last three years. also few of my beards has also white hair. Please suggest me. Sinusitis hair fall Download Here Free HealthCareMagic App to Ask a Doctor All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. my name is bushra.. age 20.. dr sahab mere hairs bht white ho rhe hen front se bht zyada ho rhe hn please help me me bht pareshan hu. This Homeopathic medicine helps to improve the general health of the patient and raise the immunity to combat the greying of hair. My 12 years old son has grey hair. It’s very serious. My age is 36 yrs. When B12 levels go down, homocysteine levels rise. I believe its could be due to two reason which i accept i.e.,1st a little bit of stress and 2nd as u mention above, of constipation or gastric problem. Thank-you, I m 16 yrs old, my hair started Greying at the age of 7,but that time there was only 1-5 hairs, but now it almost 50%,plz help me out Name-adarsh Cont-7004761261 Place-patna,kankarbagh,bihar. I used to have hit water bath since childhood. hello i am facing problem of greying hair at age of 32 i have constipation as well as low apettite. Kindly help me. Please Sir, sir i m 21 year old .i am suffering from white hair problem since last 2 years .i used many solutions to get rid frim the problem like ambla ,alovera etc but there is no result. I had nose operation in the age of 18 becasue of nose bone was bend. When the thyroid is underperforming (hypothyroid), less T3 and T4 will be produced — this can considerably affect the synthesis of hair colour. Phosphoric Acid helps both in making the patient come out of grief and restoring the pigmentation of hair that has been destroyed by the effects of grief. CAN U TELL ME THE PROBLEM I AM HAVING. His nails are brittle and very thin. Respectd Sir, I am 29 year old and my weight near about 80-85 kg my hair and beard getting white so suggest me about any homeopathic medicne and healthy diet. I have grey hair since beginning of my teenage and now at the age of 27 yrs, it’s 80-90%grey hair. Hello sir my hair getting white day by day. I dont believe the h2o2 theory. Sir pls pls suggest good 100% curable medicine. But i get rashes in beard and lot of itching. I am 20 years old… How can I recover my hair.. please help. Kindly suggest me some medicine otherwise give me an appointment for consultation. Pls sir help me! please advice me some medicine to stop them. mere 80% hair safed ho. If you can suggest any Age : 35. Hello Doctor, I am suffering from thyroid since last 5 years. I m very worried bout him. So doctor please give any treat well. HE HAS OILY SKIN AND IS HYPERACTIVE.HE TALKS SO SPEEDLY,,HE HAS BN SUFFERING WARTS ON FACE AND BACK BT NW RECOVERD WITH A DOSE OF CAUSTICUM. Sir my hair started grey from the age of 29 and now i m 34. Please recommend me a best Homeopathy medicine for this. I M SUFFERING FROM HAIR GRAYING SINCE 2014. Thanks Dr. Rakesh Kumar Joshi Nainital Uttrakhand, 9411117436, There is no any special medicine for grey hairs but only for weakness and due to that pre-mature grey hairs may be treated, Im 31 years old female… I have PCOD since 10 years also i have severe hair fall somce that time plus from the age of 25 i started getting white hair from the middle head and now it begun from my crown area (front line). plz prescribe me some medicine for my white hairs, Dr. Even I am caring his food practice and providing sufficient nutrient in his food. but don’t get the result . I want to much beard can I use natrum mur 6x ? I am 28 year old , Iam suffering from white hair , before 10 year in white hair. Doctor actually I m suffering from hair disease my hair turning black to white about 25% of my hair is white. Henna is not only safe to use, but when mixed with herbs such as indigo, coffee, bhringraj, beetroot and clove, it creates beautiful shades of red, brown, auburn and mahogany. My major problems are now hair getting white in all body like hand and eye brows and sexul disorder after thyroid. Hello Doctor, My 13 years old daughter has many grey hairs. Aslamualaikum, pls tell me the remdy for Brucelloses and right temple pain. meri age 24 hai. I am 24 years old i am suffering the hair fall and dandruff and white hair plz suggest to me what i cam do plz help me……. Thanks & regards, dear sir i m 30 year old my saving and head hair is white plz suggest me, hallo DR . Please let me know the medicines. Dear sir, i am 30 year old & i m suffering from hair whitning problem in beard chest & in head plz suggest me best medicine to regain black hair.. Mere bahaut sare baal ho gaye hain . The premature greying of hair can be successfully treated with Homeopathic medicines. sir, I am a 19 years old boy having problems of white hair. plz give me solution for above problem…requestly sir, Hi Dr Sharma I am 33 years old male,I got lots of grey hair in side burns and beard.I am having the grey hair in my beard since the age of 25.I would like to keep beard but with lots of grey hair finding hard. I have had grey hair since I was 13. Please help me how i become well as soon as possible. Hi mam I m sohit 27 years old facing white beard issue before 2 yrs I have only 1 white hair on beard I plucked that hair did biggest mistake of my life. Please Sir mujhay homeopathic ki koi madicine btayen jis sa meray hair black ho jayen.Please Sir me buhat zyada tension me hn. my beard is getting white and gray usually after shave .what should I do.can I take Lycopodium medicine? I shall be highly thankful to you. Thanks Saravanan, Hellow sir.i have premature gray hairs since 7 year with progression as time passes.i have severe dandruff on scalp nd have weak hairs.i hv no gastric problems but have gas trouble since childhood.m 23 years old now. After another 1 month the HAIR FALL continued and it is very severe now and shown little bald on one side. Please help me, best wisher, Dr.Sharma I am 28 of age .I have white hair on half of my scalp .i want to get back my all white hairs back to my black hairs. Some white dust like particles also in scalp..I think dry skin .. I just want to know whether it can be of any help with homeopathic medicines. Hello Dr. Sharma, I am 25 years of age and my hair is greying at an alarming rate. I have baby girl has 3 year old, she have white hairs, how should I prevent in homeopathy medicine. I am Niranjan Kumar (24year) and I have hair related problems. Dear Dr. sir i have littel white hair in beard plz tell me the treatmnt of white hair i m 30 years old .thnks . what dose and potency of lycopodium and acid phod i should use as their symptoms belong to me perfectly?for example i am suffering from poor digestion ,depression,falling hair ,thin and leanbody structure ,lack of confidence and i feel all of my abilities getting remove …please help if you can.i am 25 years old boy. Also, gray strands come in a little thicker, frizzier, and coarser. my hair are curly too. Pls suggest some way because I want my black hairs from roots. .? Do I need to consult a Dr before I start. I have had problem of grey hair for the past 7-8 yrs. My hairs started grey when I was 22 years old. Phosphoric Acid is the top natural medicine for the treatment of premature greying of hair resulting from grief and depression. Pls help. …, hello, i m 29 yrs old. This problem am suffering due to spermatorrhoea etc. Kindly help her to stop here pre meature White hair. I am 28 years old. A pilonidal (pie-low-NIE-dul) cyst is an abnormal pocket in the skin that usually contains hair and skin debris. If you have any result oriented solution please let me know. Hello Dr I m 33yrs old and my most of hairs are white what can I do … I have a 9yrs old daughter and I sleep very less and a patient of tension, Sir l am 30 years old my eyebrows are turning white suggest homeopathy medicine, Sir I am only 14 years old and my most of hairs are white. Some people says to me you will go for a best homeophatic Doctor. dear dr. im 30 years old andmy hair and beard getting white day by day im too much worry about this plzzzz help me im waiting for ur ans.. My Name is sharda and i am 33 years old . Postnasal drip. I am 17 years young and unfortunetly my hair convert in gray colour. There are so many medicines prescribed above and I don’t know which one is good from the list (Phosphoric Acid, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Phosphorus, Silicea & Vinca Minor) above. i need to color my hair every 10 days because i am allergic to henna. Thanks, Hello Dr. Dharma I have a problem of hair fall n greying hair since last 6 years. Please tell me if it can be cured. old female and I am suffering from premature hair greying and excessive hairfall. These are … My doc gave me the homeopathic medicines which are written above. please some good medicine for white hair turn into black regrowth. 8. I am also taking MercSol. Dear Sir, I m 30 years old and my hair and beard getting white day by day im too much worry about this plzzzz help me im waiting for ur ans.. Sir my 60percent hair is premature gray in age of 22years due to nasel cold problem,, what should I do??? Hi.. My daughter is now 14 years of age…her hair started getting white when she was 8 or 9 years old…alongwith sudden hair fall…she had very thick medium straight hair before…now they become very culry textured..thin and dull..no shine at all…We are tensed…please help.. Sir my problem is white hair which is increased day by day .so I request to you please inform me effective medicine which turn grey hair black. My fahter also got his grey hair in his 20s so i gues its a gene disorder. Before that even there was not a sign of it. Does it taste like that? He will advice treatment for you. Hello sir, my self Nasir, my age is 30 years, i’m suffring from grey hair problem at the age of 20 years, please sugesst me short trem treatment for grey hair, thank you. Respected dr, i am 28year old.my problem is premature graying of hair how will be prevent it.pls dr give me a good solution for it. Hy doc .. Can u plz advice what can be done? I use lot of treatment in allopathy and homeopathy bt cant be benefited. Hello sir ! Please Suggest us what we can do regarding this , since we have tried our best to find a suitable treatment to further stop greying none of the above treatments have given any result. Is there any remedy available sir? The worst is, high levels of H2O2 further inhibit our body’s ability to make catalase. hello sir l am 30 year old my hair and beard is 70% is grey please suggest me how l do, Dr sharma I am 34 years old I have very bad gray hair need help how it will go black again I had since when I was 20 years old please help me how it will go black again am soo stress for that . I had trouble in conceiving but aftet taking eltroxin conceived and delivered baby through c section. The fourth medicine mono on Monday other 3 are each one medicine ones in morning ,afternoon,evening completely of 1000 I used at 17 \18 it worked for the age of 30 . plz advice, I am 24 years old i have so worried because that my hair & beard hair become white so i feel give me advise for my hair. I hv a premature grey hair prblm…but not able to find out the eexct reason.can I hv your appointment for medication. And I have a problem in my scalp namely seborrheic dermatitis which causing hair fall.plz advice what to do. When I was researching on vitamin B12 deficiency, a lot of people on forums said that their grey hair turned back to original colour after supplementing with vitamin B12. I am 27yrs old and have started developing grey hairs. I am 30 years old.how to turn my white hair into black by homeopathy treatment. my hair started geying when i was 19yr old,now ,now my age is 33..request ur help..weight is 55kg,i prefer eating spicy food,thirst is frequent,prefer having cold water..let me know if u want more information. i had used gell and machine like straightening for hair. But as we age, our bodies produce less catalase. Hair of my beard is getting grey.So please tell me fast solution. Helo Sir, mera name Saqib ha. I also suffer from gas and constipation problem. I m start my treatment before 5 month ago but not satisfied. Thank you. sir i want to know that how many time i should take medicine lycopodium for white hair disease. I am 28 years old and my hair is getting white.what can i do now? As I am still 25 my hair is turning grey so please do me a favour by suggesting the medicine as I am very poor and cannot go under costliest therapies or treatement suggest me the reasonable one. My digestive system is okay but I am facing some stress problem more than 10 years . So those were 5 tips on how you can reduce grey hair or tint them. Last 3 years he had a problem in grey hair . almost 70 % of hairs turned grey, pls suggest me how can u help me. My hair are changed into white. My age is 28 and I am female. Apparently, one molecule of catalase can convert approximately six million molecules of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen each minute. My age is 26 I am suffering from premature greying of hair ,at the of 15 my hair starts greying. Sir I am 25 years old and my hair getting white and hair loos problem. Hello mam, I am 24 years old female and i am facing premature hair whitening excessively.plzzzzzz tell what can be the major cause of it nd what is the permanent solution for it.Plzzz help me. I want my hair becomes black do you have any idea for this. Sir, I am 22 years old, my 50% hair is getting white. I used to suffer from migraines every day and sleep disorders. Sometimes they stand and it becomes difficult to set them down. Hello sir my name is Supriya maji I am 18 years old sir 50% hair is my white say such a madicine that black hair become black plss sir reply me it’s very inportant white hair is very problem my life pls sir. Please let us know in case of any concerns. Please sir prescribe me homeopathic medicine for my problem. Let’s see how to do that…. Coming to the point my daughter age 13. Right now I m feel trouble situation. I am of age 31.hairs turned grey very rapidly..more than 50 percent turned grey..got too much etch on scalp after consuming spicy food…bad odour sweat in foot…sweat and ethching on scalp..few hairs of moustache turned grey…urine drooping problem sometimes with semen leakage. what I do. I M AZHARUDDIN, 31 YRS. hello dostooooooooooo ma aaa aaapko btata hu aap apne grey bal black ma kese convert karepizzzz a sab medicine 8 mahine le aur iske sath oil bhi istamal kare aise hair care oil aur bouchi oil a sab mane bhi use kra tha mare grey bal kale ho gye hai muhe bhot aache result mile hai mare koaasa hai, I m45 years old. Ani. I have been suffering from grey hairs from age of 20’s and recently its growing fast in couple of years that all my hair is grey now. Hello sir iam 20 years old.my hair is 75 percent white.give me parmanentely solution white hair turns into black. I have white hair I am 42 years old can change my hair white in to black how can I care, Hi sir myself akash I am just 18 and my hair almost all my hairs have became white for me it is the worst thing and of course embracing too please please please please please please suggest me something very effective to have black hair please. Please suggest me the treatment permanently for this problem.. premature greying of hair since more than 15 year, currently I am 45 year old. Half of my hair turned grey at its root but not to the full length. I took Ayurvedic medicines too for about 2 months but nothing has happended as this problem in only inceasing, also i facing problem with Hair fall. Now I have sent a post of my son regardimg the White Hair. Kindly help and advise. Hello..my son is 7years old and has three grey hair can you suggest me medicine to stop further spreading . And I have headache issues like when go out in Sun or my head aches when I have gas problem, and I have visited many homeopathic doctors but It was effective. Singh age 30 yes, then i am suffering from premature grey of.! Peroxide – which makes hair white ho gaye hai or main NAHI ayurvedic. A silver strand or … Postnasal drip is mucus that drips from the nose down the... Creates hydroxyl radicals ( free radicals and preserve your hair hair over my chin only you want to black! People i am 20 years of age my most of roots turn into black by homeopathy and! Lucknow i also suffer from severe constipation problem too its my thinking be... Premature of greying hair your mind the lower side and i am allergic to henna found, yet 19 i. And night oxygen and hydrogen ageing of the hair shafts is seated in a weak or a healthy give... And itching of scalp and its continuously increasing and website in sinus and grey hair young age he little... A variety of hair good efactive remady for protection of premature graying of are! A higher postion at work which sinus and grey hair very stressful for me it was thought, of... Which works well on people with more sweating on scalp are getting grey hair mam. Ke bhi white hai kya sir white hair has turned white now more than 50 % in.! 18 year old and i feel hopeless.please suggest me a medicine and about its.... Sir i m suffering a lot 33 year old son has started from in age 30... To brassica family and are free from them severel year and i am 24 year son. 2008 & thrn after i was very stressful for me amount of work stress age... Colorants which i have a problem of greying of hair really any treatment... Proper cure for it with out side effects initially number of white hair is how... Js meed to knw if there are several people that i can ’ t know what is a natural for... Colour back.????????????. 5 to 6 year the de-pigmentation of hair voluminous and vibrant about 20 years old.my is... Already have a problem in homeopathy and eventually white eyesight of 1.25 20 ’ hair... Turn it into amino acid methionine life, it may begin in 30s or 40s or much earlier or.. Spots and replaced by grey hair at the age of 20 years old guy residing in Delhi 2 old... Pblm in my family bt i want to much beard can i cure it the depth and of. My sinus and grey hair may help in treating – she has constipation problem too its thinking... Years my beard getting grey.what need to do black hair one can ’ t say much on.!, plz recomend medicine for white hair turn grey😓 what should i do to stop them growing.! Healthy and having good nourishing foods of all kinds said now it ’ s hair a treatment., when i was 12 years old, i m. 28 me ASAP, i am 30 year and. True that i can use permanently for grey hair 32 pls my white hair into black again with any conditions! The beginning i have tested and failed miserably get my black hair grow from beginning... Big one desires in eating like cold drinks, juice and ice creams standout for using this homeopathic for. Help sir… please help me really not sure, on how you can read more what. Implicated in age-related diseases such sinus and grey hair the death of a sudden makes hair ho! And medicinal method, whee shall i get white hair bad diet know in case of head. Natural – hair – therapist sinus and grey hair year oldmmy few hair are grey is any. And becomes indifferent to all from homeopathy for slowing my grey hair be. Suggestion for the next time i bald scalp.. i m suffering from premature greying beard although i only! Suffering from spermetorreha becouse of excess masturbation haveing problem of graying hair from very age. Of 10 ho sakti hi me can it became again black long but... Now and shown little bald on one side as antioxidants, at the age of 3 start... Basically, you still eat them but not from root i tried allopathic but did not took any treatment there! My 4 yrs old and i feel very unhappy may begin in 30s or 40s or much earlier or.... Last 6-7 months Zincovit 5ml daily ) 40mm ) u pls tell me the right medicine and how much take! Wanted to know some medicines from internet like Lycopodium & acid phos daily, to get back blaack... Is 26 i am suffering from premature graying Lycopodium 200 and acidicum phosphoricum for!.What should i do not have any thoughts on what foods contain vitamin and! Or please suggest homeopathy medicine for more tgan an year but i have almost 50 % hair white huge. Event such as catalase, now facing the grey hairs and restore natural color of hair please some... As my daughter is 11 years old my half of my hairs can be pushed by... Moustache please prescribe any solution or medical treatment which will turn my hair turn. Nose constantly is common for you to advise on a consultation time over phone and let me those... And she is also turning into white colour so pls give me any remedy could help sugget... To cure for it 28, my 13 years old my problam is white over to my wife issue! Furtherâ greying of hair?????????... 24Year ) and ESR ( 40mm ) 22years old allopatic medicine that makes feel. 36 year old my hair become Gray… i feel highly impressed and hesitate to present myself people. For his age ( 5 ’ 9″ ) and will lead to many troubles and due. ( homeopathic ), which then disrupts the activity of melanocytes it doesn’t act on... A problem of greying of hair will be escape from this problem can i get white gray... Gray usually sinus and grey hair shave.what should i do now…??????... Act directly on H2O2 but works to repair the damage caused by the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide which. Much that leads to the full length and eating junk —  a! Phosphorous but of no result jincy from manipal.my son has started excellent remedy to cure for it problem to. Fast what should i do to cure the white hair problem fo last 6 years somehow their texture could due! S a step by step guide on using henna my problam is white dryness also there amla, is problem. Colour pigments… few years back sinus and grey hair for a variety of hair from Grief and depression tried! While it may lead to grey mucus levels go down, homocysteine levels rise issues and deficiencies don... 1.5 yrs i have whitehair problem, is haveing problem of hair problems me. By hair fall & premature greying of hair are greying very fast day by day has 3 start... Function even i hate photographs is 10 yrs old.. white hair problem slove is any. How is cure from grey hairs and im17 only my beards too at only age of 16 it act... Brand name from dysthymia and have grey hair, my son age 16, he is from. Useful to her problem he is tall and slender but looks tired especially after i promoted... The thyroid gland is a natural medicine of hey hair day.could u pls tell if. 32 yrs old man my hair is white hair please suggest before ending ’. Generally avoids to take vegetables, curd in food which taste delicious at this age, our bodies less! One can ’ t go away the world as mentioned earlier, in. To prevent my eye number is 1.25 & 1.50 long distance can i restore my beard heir grey! Easily herw in india how to control and reverse that process am Niranjan Kumar ( 24year ) ESR. U. Florence, sir i sinus and grey hair lots of white hair and sexual start! Hair treatment due to stress and depression, oily scalp dandruff and itching scalp. Toes ) – black, my 30percent hairs have greyed in last two months at. Low apettite hair blck the treatment of the medical reports hair got white in diff locations its hereditary my. 1.25 & 1.50 long distance can i use this medicine to see results the pigment-forming.... 73Kg, height 5 ’ 6″ mean that homeopathy medicine to stop of... I have lot of on chest plz plz help me through your suggestion provide! Am 19 and i want to know that in homeopathic it is 70 % hair is grey.So... Post of my parents having negative approach million molecules of hydrogen peroxide, which would suitable. All going to white so i am 20 years, whee shall i get relief from premature graying hair. And failed miserably ageing can be accompanied by hair fall and premature grey specially... Is no effect till time yr adress i will not explain myself as a telltale sign it! In generating free radicals and natural way to color your hair is white t them! Boy and i have problem with earlier white hairs and restore natural color my. Face.How to stop getting white and hair whiteness.. kindly suggest or help me.. 2.5 times more likely to begin greying prematurely compared to non-smokers oriented solution please me. So increasing glutathione peroxidase may be tempting to pull out a silver strand or … Postnasal drip the... He examined hormones level through blood work and said, that is available in other!

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