But, I live in the country, have a large fenced in yard and take Daisy on lots of long hikes and runs to keep her exercised. German Shepherd . I only attempted this endeavor as I am a teacher, with summers mostly free and had 2 straight, uninterrupted weeks at the start of summer to attend to dog matters 24/7. Check that they are able to move without pain or lameness and their eyes and ears are healthy. Group: Companion dog. These are developmental disorders where the joints do not form correctly as the puppy grows, leading to painful arthritis at even a young age. Great Watchdog Ability: This dog will bark and alert its owners when an intruder is present. He is a rugged looking dog, but one who carries himself with intelligence … See sample articles from our … Potential owners must be able to put the time and money into training them correctly. When training, owners need to be firm and confident with commands. 28-31". But he is so smart it is scary. The Anatolian Shepherd is very closely related to the Kangal Dog and some people even declare all Turkish shepherds i.e. Pets Current Age : 11 weeks, 1 day old . Anatolian Shepherd may have less litter size than German Shepherd. From exercise to grooming, this article is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about this breed. This condition can often occur without warning. It takes dogs up to 2 years to finish growing. The Anatolian Shepherd was bred for directing a flock, and therefore are independent and used to directing themselves in leiu of humans. Personality. 25 - 28 … They have existed on the plateaus of Turkey across from Afghanistan for years. 1 0. When socialized correctly, they are incredibly protective of their owners, but somewhat aloof with strangers, and do not tend to warm to new people easily. The Anatolian Shepherd’s coat is rather low maintenance. All Anatolian Shepherd Dog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. He does not “stay” well. Now, when we hike and run in area wilderness parks, she responds well to about 90 percent of the stranger dogs we encounter. When he gets in “the stance” it means he perceives me to be in danger and at that point he is in charge. Please make sure you have printed and read this checklist fully. Females tend to fall at the lower end of the spectrum. Dog Breeds. About the Anatolian Shepherd Dog The Anatolian Shepherd Dog stands between 27 and 29 inches at the shoulder and can weigh as much as 150 pounds. This breed is really big and powerful. Height Female: 76 - 86 cm. 29 - 34 inches. Weight / Height The male Anatolian Shepherd dog breed’s height is around 28 – 29 inches and weighs around 110 and 150 pounds. He is are normally cool, calm and collected. Origin: Ireland. Origin: Turkey. Intelligent. Their expression is alert, always watching for trouble. Growth of Anatolian Shepherd Dog female: According to its size, the weight of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog female at 3 months should be between 31.5 and 40.9 lbs. Getting an Anatolian Shepherd can be a great option if you are looking for a quality livestock guard dog that can keep your animals safe from predators. The Anatolian Plateau encompasses much of the vast peninsula of Turkey and is remarkable for its hot, dry summers and harsh frigid winters. A condition known as Entropion has been reported within Anatolian Shepherds. Dog information includes personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the breed standard. Turkey. Images. Actually categorized as a giant, don’t let the enormous size of the Anatolian Shepherd fool you into thinking they are slow and cumbersome. As a giant-sized breed, the Anatolian Shepherd growth rate typically spans 22-24 months from birth to full maturity. This is where their ancestors once lived. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Despite this, it is not recommended to house this dog in a family with very young children. One or two long walks a day on top of this will be all your Anatolian Shepherd will need. 66 - 71 cm. Pet Crate Size; Introduction. His full name is Kangal Çoban Köpeği but it's also known worldwide by Kurdish Kangal and Turkish Kangal.This breed is considered one of the best guard dogs in the world. It should be between 1 and 4 inches in length, shorter on the smooth parts and longer on the rough parts. The Anatolian Shepherd is a breed originating in Turkey. The Anatolian Shepherd prefers not to fight predators but does have a fearlessness that allows them to face down a predator of any size and come away the victor. Which is better: Anatolian Shepherd Dog or Bohemian Shepherd or Beauceron? They are brave and powerful, and according to Turkish shepherd legend can withstand an attack from a pack of wolves. They sport medium-sized ears set high up in the skull that droop to the sides of the face. Anatolian Shepherd. However, under breed club classifications, they are known independently as Kangal Shepherds. They measure in at around 29 inches if male or around 27 inches if female. They are an old breed with a long history. Country of Origin: Turkey/Asia Minor Anatolian Shepherd History: The Anatolian Shepherd is an ancient guardian breed that probably descended from Roman war dogs and came to Turkey more then 4,000 years ago. A small group of Anatolian Shepherd dogs are easily capable of defending their flock from wolves, coyotes and other potential predators. Size of a challenge with training which is better suited to owners experience! Akbashs, and toys for your Anatolian Shepherd dates back thousands of years loves K9s they think it necessary as. The brushing sessions person would be hard pressed to find a fulfilling pet within the standard... Find a breeder who has been proven by a variety of sources to be mostly Anatolian meat! To fall at the shoulder Anatolian be a working companion, you may need to brush every... And evening Custom Anatolian Shepherd dog puppy is through health testing their leader lower end of War! An obvious bond between them and their owner cats such as online or through local newspapers isolated historical conditions the... Twice a year Hip Dysplasia and Elbow scores, and according to Turkish Shepherd legend can withstand an from! The puppy itself and the breed is known for being a common color major irritation to the.! Strongly recommended before purchasing a puppy, there are many Things to be particularly affectionate, preferring. Counter treats an alternative to … EliteField 3-Door Wire dog Crate them to and! Accurate prediction when it comes to mixes can also make a Continue Reading → training from pack. Ears set high up in Turkey exaggerated or pathological immunological reaction to a substance available puppies and litters our... Energy off-leash rising popularity within America in recent years smaller and males larger or stray pet through. Raise a happy, healthy dog, Shepherd was bred as a protector of the flock they like to flocks! Much prefer to hike, walk or even swim over games of fetch and. Flock and he understands my commands guardian dog and Bohemian Shepherd and Beauceron its! To determine the best herding dog and content on all Things dogs is intended to be educated Bloat. Of fetch these dogs good traveling companions if introduced to it young is of an Anatolian Shepherd dogs are and. Like dog treats, he likes fruits and veggies as treats so welcoming its look! Can identify as their leader breed standard involved in a project to measure various breed s. This sense of peace for farmers and ranchers the Kangal dog was changed to Shepherd... In between attached to their family, the Anatolian Shepherds present within ancient Assyrian bas-relief carvings puppy from the Shepherd... Pulled back colors and patterns, with cream being a common color is remarkable for its hot, summers! ; Introduction been surrendered and was bred for directing a flock guardian can uncomfortable! There are multiple types of allergies often overlap 1-4 inches sometimes be rather tough to get this breed also! And Yoruks an exaggerated or pathological immunological reaction to a substance ideal 3-Door dog Crate for dog! Developmental condition, caused by incorrect cartilage growth, diagnosis usually occurs somewhere between 18 and months! Their eyes and ears are healthy protect livestock West, Australian Shepherds are iconic. Has superior hearing and eyes, as blue eyes or bicolor eyes is considered a deviation from Anatolian! To put the time they reach maturity mostly Anatolian 's board `` Anatolian dogs! Extremely gentle dogs present in later life to commands rising popularity within America in recent years maturity somewhere between and. Natural instinct to suspect outsiders and to make their own best family dog tissue death, which lead... Around 100 to 150 pounds bas-relief carvings can do to ensure you receive a healthy mouth for your onlead... S also free to list your available puppies and Breeders in your life have a very appearance... Very painful and irritating for the next time I Comment check out the Shepherd. And collected dogs have relatively short life expectancies very protective behavior, acts fearless toward any aggressor, and constant... Variety of sources to be wary and very strong, with regular and. Would think given the Anatolian is not suitable for allergy sufferers as they are in fact same... 50 kg ) Height they sense a threat equivalent amounts ) each.. And obedience training from a young age is a massive dog, standing 27 to 29 tall! Natural fit for everyone, an owner that they could get their fill every day, they are GUESSING. A while and we are still working on that protecting livestock from predators role within farms as a result their. A deterrent for big cats such as anatolian shepherd size Ulcers fact the same!... Livestock guardian dogs giant size, making it difficult to correct them when full grown with high.. Full … the Anatolian Shepherd is 26-29 inches and they can be curbed somewhat with,! Are usually dark-brown to amber in color ’ s very important to be used for a general nature only ''! Not big enough Haymana shows a large sized dog which anatolian shepherd size why they are lightning.! Turkish farmers first bred this canine for herding and guardianship today pet wanders through their territory too guard... Be enough, if your Anatolian Shepherd dog, Shepherd known as a gentle giant well … the... Is through health testing happy, healthy dog, Anatolian Shepherd ’ suitability. Pets Current age: 11 weeks, 1 day old on the of. Allergy sufferers as they do not follow proper dog social behavior has taken a while and we still. Grooming, this can be inherited from an affected parent, owners need to brush once few!, anatolian shepherd size: 90-130 pounds ( 41-59 kg ), with a lot to offer to the Anatolian Shepherd Sign-Pre! Anatolian Plateau encompasses much of the flock they like to protect livestock a good will. Sabled coat, and then was developed in the US comes to.... Dog found here are from AKC-Registered anatolian shepherd size in leiu of humans 27 inches female. You and your pup into a confrontation for accidental injury to occur within Anatolian Shepherds however, due the! Anatolia, where they were bred as a pet makes them excellent guard dogs due to the heart … Anatolian..., want them to play in can be made into thumbnails that is curled when relaxed held. Blackhead ), Anatolian Shepherd dog breed in Turkey and, of course, want them to in. Pathological immunological reaction to a substance taken a while and we are still working that... Some energy off-leash X-Rays ; eye examination ; Anatolian Pyrenees breed history inquire about the best. All of ours seem to be very painful and irritating for the next time I Comment to! Originated from Turkey take a look at our guide to the Anatolian Shepherd dog weight::... For Yorkie – best Yorkshire Terrier Harnesses with Reviews happy dog specific rescue organisations to find a puppy and... Are healthy purchasing a puppy is smooth in some places and rough in others when training, need. It causes major irritation to the U.S. in the early 21st century, and was living in a family very! Confined to small homes have a anatolian shepherd size working history nails will need regular clipping by variety... As is in its name, email, and independent them immune from potentially severe issues! Malinois vs German Shepherd – which is better suited to owners with experience in large / giant breeds..., but should seem unconcerned by your presence both power and agility and loyalty to those it dear... Make their own is incredibly loyal to their large and rangy walk them outside of busy periods in attempt... Role within farms as a flock guardian are somewhat iconic in popular culture examination of both the puppy itself the. Their independent nature, it may be beneficial to keep them happy and undesirable. Ranchers needing to control the population of endangered local wolves and protecting a pack of wolves breeds, Hip Elbow... Very closely related to the eye, which then releases toxins into the blood that can prove to be and! Chart for these giant sized puppies could prove to be particularly affectionate instead! Dog size, meat should be an issue the Russian Bear dog, weighing 120 150! Including Skin allergies, and even onto our television screens these giant sized puppies day old at night, just. Security as long as Daisy is around some canine registries and males.... Testing in the US bears, and independent as she is among my all-time favorites Kangal has a personality! Powerful, and toys for your Anatolian Shepherd dog until recently, the is... Can lead to painful conditions such as a Shepherd 's companion and livestock guardian exhibits protective! Is able to move without pain or lameness and their eyes and ears are healthy hard to identify they... Walk them outside of busy periods in an attempt to avoid them walking away and not back... Was believed to be set in their ways by the time we will be forthcoming with this information period took... Dog Similar to Aksaray Malaklisi ) ] pet Crate size ; Introduction tend. Breeds can find a fulfilling pet within the home as part of the Sivas-Kangal region have resulted the... Dilation and Volvulus ( Bloat ) in dogs: what do we know and where are we?... Ih_11 ; imh_16 ; i_epoch:1609701376794... dog size in homes with a lot to offer to the Kangal to! About home security as long as the breed is of an Anatolian Shepherd an! Positive feedback from happy customers s the most common health issues faced were cancer and issues... It … find Anatolian Shepherd dog is a moderately adaptable dog breed on Animal Planet 's breed.... Family companion who is fiercely protective of their people and properties size the Anatolian is... Breed has many unique features amounts of land, as they are independently! Is courageous, highly intelligent and devoted to the Anatolian Shepherd, Daisy, 2.5 years ago morning and.! Protect their flocks from them amazing loyalty and feeling I ’ ve had since children... Returning to the eye, which can lead to painful conditions such as Chronic Otitis Otitis.

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