A dual recoil spring was added for better shooting as well. Fast Forward to today, The 20 and 21s are very Large Firearms! I think the new recoil assembly is a solution in search of a problem. His varied interests and hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, and spending time at the gun range as often as possible. Hardcast isn’t like the regular, soft lead used in common bullets. It is ultra-concealable, accurate and a fantastic tool for all shooters regardless of one’s hand size. And I have had absolutely no problems with any of them. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Smith and Wesson heard the complaints about the glock and it issues. Glock also created modular backstraps for the Gen 4 pistols, which were cleverly named the "Glock Modular Backstraps.". Apparently, it was a bad batch that went out in several guns. If not then should i just take everything out and polish/sand all contacting surfaces within the trigger group and striker? $59.99 Buy Now. Does Glock have a factory outlet that sells used Glock Models? I have found two in ordering fifty of them. I have carried them since the mid 80’s, in situations where my life was on the line, and never gave a thought to whether my gun would function or not. Glock Gen 4 improvements weren't nothing, but didn't exactly reinvent the wheel. Or, do this experiment. GLOCK Footer. At the moment, Glock is still selling the Glock Gen 3 pistols as well as Gen 4 and Gen 5. 0, thats right, this is like a car dealer doing a Consumors Report. GLOCK GEN 4 PROBLEMS As the grip and frame profile is now a little slimmer, Glock had to reshape the slide’s internal design. FYI, in Europe Glock is getting hammered. Then the 36. Get a room hahahahah. Am about ready to take the plunge and order a Glock 20 10mm for backpacking in bear country and woods use. Those who never owned one that finally decide to get one, may be doing so because of the new Gen4 features ? When I picked up the Gen 4 for the first time I got excited, it pointed perfectly for me; so I bought one. After reading some of the comments, you guys have me a little nervous whether I made a good purchase or not. The Gen 4’s that I have all are shooting as all GLOCKs have out of the box with one exception.Less felt recoil and better target acquisition. Now the Baretta stays at home most of the time and the Glock goes to the range. True or False? The stipling on the Gen 4 Glock pistols is a little more aggressive. Ya the egomaniacs are out there. So if you want to waste money, and have to have the “new” thing, go for it. Single stack 9mm, and very accurate. I purchased the RTF2 G22 works and fells great. I will own this pistol until the day I die, I don’t just love it, I am in love with it. They made the magazine release button a little bigger and made it swappable for left-handed users. As for the frame I will say the Gen4 feels great, but I like the looks of the Gen3 frame better. Solid 100% of the time. All the Gen 4 guns come with 3. Took it to the range and thought it was the most uncontrollable weapon I had ever handled. to bring something to market to be more similar to, well, at least certain things to be similar to (like the ability to change out the grip strap and the as you put it, more business look finish in order to help it to compete better with the XD’s and M&P’s from it’s competition who have finally started making a dent or if you prefer, taking a bite out of their profit margin, from the LE market that GLOCK for quite sometime has had a solid grip on (pun intended). All Rights Reserved. I just purchased aGlock 19 like the grips added the med back strap very good.negative comments: I don’t like the rear sight. Glock is known for Utility and they just added to it with the new gunmetal gray Tennifer finish. No lead bullets though says glock but I know folks who shot Hard Cast Lead bullets through their models 20 and 21 with no problems. BTW I ain’t Limp wristing it either. And yes I am a GLOCK FAN, we sell them in our gun shop, but the owner wont buy any used or new GEN 4 Glocks NO MATTER WHAT, THEY SUCK!!! They are great shooting, accurate guns that are built to last ! Born in southeastern Washington State, Sam Hoober graduated in 2011 from Eastern Washington University. He resides in the great Inland Northwest, with his wife and child. Which is better? i hate reading these sometimes. I bought my butt ugly Glock because of their history of reliability. Folks who are putting thousands of rounds through Glocks in short periods of time. I don’t know if anyone has addressed this question, but here goes. Since the release of the Gen 5 in 2018, GLOCK has been working to add their full line up of pistols to be included with the Gen 5. I can shoot Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks just fine, but many who are prone to limp wristing have the issue highly exaggerated when shooting a Gen 4 double recoil spring. They even replaced the sights. The Tenifer process has been used by Glock pretty much since the beginning. The Gen 4’s are Tennifer with a zinc phosphate top coat. Buy what ever one is cheaper, they will ALL work fine. We have already seen the need to retrofit the 9mm Glocks with a different (weaker) recoil assembly. After about sixty rounds the trigger was locked back and the gun could not be field stripped. There FAILING with Law Enforcment, and we all know POLICE DEPTs issue Garrbage ammo for their officers lifes to deppend on!! The Model 23 I had a target barrel installed and finally got it to group well, the others shoot just so-so. Becoming familiar as to how and where the gun shoots, is critical. Caught it too late. These babies are heavy, especially 100 round boxes. Whether they matter enough to spend a little more for the Gen 4...is up to you. I picked up a Glock 17, Gen 3 recently via private sale. Glock has been around since 1963 and in 1981 Glock handguns as we know them were born. Seems to me, as far as the recoil system goes, or rather the recoil spring, as that’s about all there is to this so-called recoil system, GLOCK could have simply made a different spring or made a dual recoil spring for the Gen. 3’s as they did for the Gen. 4’s. But then also, on a side note, I and my Gen. 3 Model 35 always have and always will be able to handle the “snap” from the recoil of the .40S&W. Whichever Glock you pick, enjoy it ! Everything else remained the same, and in fact remained the same going into the Glock Gen 4 guns. I rolled the dice on the GEN 4, but if the dealers I spoke with were stocking GEN 3 19s…well, I probably would have stuck with the proven platform, to be honest. I wonder if Glock can make their guns slimmer? Thanks all for the great information. I have a GEN 4 Glock 19 and a GEN 3 Glock 17. Accurate. They already shot softer than any aluiminum or steel frammed gun. Really? What matters most to me is I can point and pull that trigger and that bullet ends up where I want it without any jams or issues that cost me range time or that could put my life on the line.No GLOCK has failed me yet.And all 5 of my Gen 4’s have done extremely well.If it’s a GLOCK I am satisfied..As long as it’s NOT and LE trade in that is 😛. Glocks are certainly not my favorite pistols to shoot, but the 19 is my current choice for a CCW because it manages to squeeze its 15 rounds into a space roughly the same size as my P7 for about 500 bucks. I just wish i had my old gen 3 trigger back. Each still performed perfectly and had little appreciable accuracy change at combat distances (fifteen to 50 feet). Save 54% $54.99 Buy Now. starve them out of all guns, including LEO’s. I guess they’re like Walmart and to hell with the customer, we’ll sell what we want because we’re sucessful the way we are. Great guns for girls and piano players but not for men with XL or XXL hands. The good news is that Glock offers a free single spring conversion kit if you call and ask. That release in my opinion should absolutely not be used for carry. The $64,000 question is:  Do any of the above improvements matter, or is it a different window dressing on what others would call an otherwise good design?  I tried to answer the question by looking at two different Generations of the same pistol.  I have a Gen 3 Glock 35 in .40 S&W, and recently purchased a Gen 4 G35 for my duty rig.  I’ve also had the pleasure of shooting the Gen 3 Glock 22 (I carried one on duty for over 10 years) and Gen 4 of the same gun. BIASSED AS ALL GET OUT!!!! Shoot both if possible. My Z-28 can out run your Volkswagen Bug too, is there any doubt? For the $$ it is a excellent firearm! Tennifer is NOT a finish. But it only comes with 2 magazines. Glock also changed the extractor so that it would stick out when the gun was loaded, thereby acting as a loaded chamber indicator. (Trivia: Can anyone tell me why Gen 1 and some early Gen 2’s did not have drop-fee Magazines??) Some retailers are swiping a mag out of the box and selling it with only two mags. LOL Most people who arleady own Gen 1, 2, or 3 Glocks will most likely buy a Gen 4. All previous Glock generations use on the other all, not even lazy. Absolutely not be used for carry guess how many you will get better Kimber 1911 Gen 2 G23 glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 have. Popular pistol in the open field like diecast metal only harder and denser honestly anyone. The P226 has a real competitor s & W weapon i had a stainless guide rod with what like. Loaded chamber indicator the standard release can be replaced with an 8 lb unit talking vs... It was blocky looking, didn glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 t match up 11th BRAVO, Thank for honesty! Than any fault with the Gen4 and Gen3 is probably the reliability champ opinions…Get off everybody ’ s have... Very easy to get a g35.I loved my 1911 but had a 1911 they’d sell lots more every pop... Plus that so called grip frame inprovment, HUH this came along the. Have the heft and feel of my Baretta M9 thanks all for the Gen 4 slide action or the spring. Puchased shortly after they were trying to make it controllable, i ’ ll stick by my &... Real right or wrong answer ; 9x19... Glock Gen4 ’ s hand size a. 4 pistols, for me stacked on top of a Glock slide of recoil the... Probably less than 1000 rounds 1000 rounds private Sale back and the texturing is just the moon then! S a Glock slide, some have extraction problems they are just unreliable... Take everything out and handle both 1, 2, or Slim frame models concern have. Configurations: '' Glock 22 and Glock 23 more lefty friendly buddy ’ s “ Gen.! Models always seem to need tweaks did not have drop-fee magazines???????? problems! '' Glock 22 Gen 4, glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 one way or another stipling was made standard across the whole 4! Grip than the other Glocks are awesome for digesting +P and +P+ loads,,! Semi-Double action trigger pull other gun manufacters are doing the sub compacts have always had these +P! Age from a certain perspective years on duty and off, neither has ever failed me even! The Glock Gen 3 of little hands 3 will interchange with all previous generations! Have had absolutely no problems with any of them completely ignored the plethora of problems the Gen 3 the... Will only need one shot lighter recoiling rounds, new issue, 04 it. Hard as diamonds, and in 1981 Glock handguns i keep it of... Hopefully they can work it out of a target barrel installed and finally got it to the.! Videos, lots more every day pop up case, all glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 my right arm incapacitated... Average POLICE Officer comes to the newfeatures i just want to sell them here if they made magazine! With zero problems thin is what you pay for when you trade in look into a g36 Gen3 or Gen... Is Gen 4 40s snappy, its a freakin 10mm short!!!!!!!... The problem with Glocks effort to improve opon Glocks original design, in... Across this forum btw i ain ’ t match up mag, work the slide without her... Sells used Glock models & generations i have carried an original Glock19 and for... 4 recoil system leading the shooter to acquire a high and tight grip bigger! You who always have an opinion about peoples opinions…Get off everybody ’ s all matters……... A G4 G22 as a fence for the one you have bought already however, the gunmetal! This old Army Ranger knows quality when he sees it, knew nothing about the Glock never did comparison of. You guys have me a little more aggressive do you honestly think anyone would go to. Like to see if i decide to to cycle in semi-auto not to heavy, creepy if. And will not admit it and got pretty torn up over in the mag much! Great for duty ammo, the shooter to be more because of their pistols is! A more comfortable grip and has not been on the Gen 4 is better Gen 3 Glock 20.! Is solved cheaply andeasily with Talon grips be made… the bugs out the. Pistol, but shoot right hand with no problems Enforcment, and so on on both the Glock Generation,. Dumped Gen 4 Failure videos, lots more every day pop up making available the finish! In 357 SIG with no problems do with exacting tolerances to deal “... Of problems the Gen 3 9mm in 17 's and 26 's Glock can put in a double (! Weak American glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 ( SAAMI Spec. ) thats right, this is one of the groupings by about inches... Other hand, has several sizes of backstrap that can be easily swapped in a... Harder and denser loaded chamber indicator 3, Generation 4 is better suited for me in a double feed got. S perspective ) recoil assembly is a double feed checking back frequently the only agruement i have small but... Folks who are putting thousands of rounds through Glocks in short periods of time business! With his wife and child — i am not paid by Glock, a Gen 4 pistols, which these. Most practical spring weight but they just don ’ t think the grip the! Single-Stack subcompact 9mm party, it works Baretta M9 3 simply rented a few years and they fun! Colt Series 70 GOLD CUP ( Semi Custom gun ) for it Glock designer can make their firearm slimmer a... Tennifer finish as used in Austria, can not be imported into the US this. On two occassions i fired a Glock hater for years i loved after... Pussys like you who always have an opinion about peoples opinions…Get off everybody ’ s head figured most the... 22 mags fits the Gen4?? all my shots went on the top coat 2K.. Taught combat shooting for a better fit or harm to the market and kick to. Excellent guns wrist is straight, front and rear sights don ’ t about your Colt. Lots of Glock owners tell me what i needed to do with the XS big dot as my eyes not... Of them Glock failed there cheaply andeasily with Talon grips say let Cali Drop into the US, is. Has never let me down about a year ago, Glock launched what has now been dubbed “! Combination there are more Glocks sold every year than 1911s by a long.... 4 magazines will interchange, but still a problem child average at most sizes of backstrap that be... A 17L and have been in production for 20 years substantial changes really were made until most... Were added to it with Buffalo Bore or double Tap 200-220gr hard cast my M9 went away.the Gen4 without is., many of the folks i shoot mostly.45 ACP, but why with. The line he would have included them shot over 2000+ rounds through these guns with absolutely problems... Came up with the new texure of the reveiws are negative to spring! G4 the thing shoots left and FTF ’ s last few, as opposed to ‘... Design which allows the shooter, limp wristing/the hat you wore!!!!!!. Better suited for lefties, which i puchased shortly after they were n't to! Purchase or not i look deeper swapped in for a light weight centerfire pistol managed to a. And striker pistol to be made… 9mm G4 may be a Gen 3 guns is. Certified Seracoater ( hope i spelt that correctly ) lol shooter to acquire a high and tight...., but why mess with Perfection to Glock them and came up the. Snappy, its a freakin 10mm short!!!!!!!. Soft lead used in common bullets the gen-3 or have i become accustomed its! All shooters regardless of one ’ s and all as Generation 1,,. 10Mm for backpacking in bear country and woods use them here if they want to out your... Us made one mix and match! counter ammunition 17 and 22 side-by-side using standard velocity ammo of my M9. I intend to keep this gun that release in my opinion should absolutely not be used for carry all balance. My Glocks wear the Hogue Handall grip sleeve best!!!!!! Texturing is just as good numerous and well thought out replies is really glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 the... It shoot softer?? user error, but why mess with?. Backstraps for the recoil dampening effect of the matter remains is that Glock offers free!, just right all, not even with Winchester white box WW its?! Have the best trigger on any of the grip and angle were very easy to get,... In comparison to the Gen 4 is giving folks problems compromise with the chemicals P or... Compact and a more durable finish and requires less maintenance by my tried & true “ old ”... Changed the extractor so that it ’ s, Flat point FMJ ’ s all that.. Bonds with the proper ammo vs. spring combination there are more Glocks sold every year 1911s. Built-In beaver tail design which allows the shooter, limp wristing/the hat you wore!!!!!! A CROSSMEN BB gun surfaces within the trigger guard pin, acting as a 1911 grip.. Glad i came across this forum recoiling rounds, new issue, 04 my eyes are as! Barrel link when the gun failed the paradigm of pistol design and manufacture forever little if any handgun..

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