We used Dawn dish soap. “A coworker used this shampoo on his dogs (Shitzus) last night and both dogs were dead within an hour. You wouldn’t think we’d have to be hyper vigilant about the dog shampoos we find on the brightly lit shelves of our favorite grocery store. Tell pesky parasites to ‘bug off’ with Hartz Dual Action Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs and Puppies. When feeding your pup human food, keep … He is in critical condition. She has not eaten anything for three days, and now she won’t drink either. I’m going to email them and tell them to go on this website to see for themselves the stories that people have told. I know it is the power of prayer. You heard me right, so know what this means? I’m sure they know it too. I been using it and my dog is 2 years old and took her a shower and she has burns in her neck I just saw this in Facebook and I had to share, Ever since I used this.. my dog is itching to the point he has no hair… looks like mange.. but it’s this shampoo.. because my other dog itches as well.. just not to the point my little one does. hi Brenda, Within an hour patches of hair had fallen out and he began acting as if an invisible force was beating him. Thank you. We are proud to state that although Hartz sells more treatments than any other brand of flea and tick protection, we have among the lowest percentage of adverse reactions in the market. I am broken from all the deaths. But if you do this, only ask for what you spent. Days after applying Hartz, is there anything we can do to assist getting this off the market? He is still an … Useless, expensive crap! Now 5 days later, Friday June 20th 2014, he still continues to suffer. Twenty-four different... TV news stations have done reports about the effects of Hartz flea products. I have had too many sad stories with dogs that I cannot bear to have a cat die by HARTS poisen. I’m so upset! Why does the EPA still allow these pesticides of Cyphenothrin and Pyiproxyfen to used. We don’t want to read about more babies dying cause of HARTZ. eBay allows sellers to list this product with NO ONE KNOWING THESE RESULTS. Never Use Hartz- Class action lawsuit in process My mom just lost her cat this morning after a Hartz Flea and tick collar was put on her cat while being fostered.. Also, a friend of ours German Shepherd dog was having seizures, foaming out the mouth and lifeless after a Hartz … I lost THREE healthy cats in one week after bathing them in Hartz poison shampoo. She started vomiting. Knowing that would upset mine baby as he never like to be away from me, I took back home. possible class action lawsuit against this brand … Hi Aimiee, Thats wonderful is there anyway I could be part of the story. It’s hard to prove and a class action suit would bring in lots of victims, but because it’s been going on for YEARS it’s hard to prove. So I took her to the vet after calling Sergeants and their medical team told me to take her into a vet! Looks like my cats will be getting revolution from here on out!! LaNessa Thomas dog owner. I had a toy poodle, I bath him, with the spray Hartz shampoo thinking it was something new. He is so pathetically injured, it is so heartbreaking. My dg nearly died, I have vet bills in the hundreds to prove it. Has anyone ever been successful getting vet bills reimbursed? Today, NRDC filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) challenging the agency’s decision to allow the continued use of a highly toxic pesticide called tetrachlovinphos (TCVP) in flea control products used on pets. Find quality, affordable supplies for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles, and fish. We immediately got him in the tub and bathed him in Dawn dish soap, twice. We didn’t even know about this untill recently with Jack passing months ago. Only lost one because it wasn’t due to the person I was suing being good, it was because I found out all too late it wasn’t the defendant who ripped me off but my own employer. I am amazed that these flea drops are still out there. We are giving her a bath and trying to keeo her from straching but it seems to be worse. Hey, I’m all in. This should have never happened! One did not have any issue. It happened to me today. Fresh Step Febreze Non Clumping Cat Litter. I want to voice my story and work together to shut them down. Hartz Groomer’s Extra Gentle Soothing Shampoo for dogs cleans and calms irritated skin with a gentle, creamy formula. Not much if any help there. He was moping around with no energy and just moving very slowly. She rushed to save her kids, diving down that drain, getting Sprout to the surface first. Just a side note. My 4 1/2 year old queensland healer/Catahoula mix is in the house right now suffering because of Hartz InControl advanced flea and tick product. She never resurfaced as rain gushed down that drain front. I found out what happened and climbed into the tub and washed her 3 times. I bathe them with Dawn to remove it. That being said, most courts have a law library. The Hartz Flea and Tick drops were for my dog's size and weight class, yet it still messed her up. $15.99. I know about washing them, etc. A few days ago we went to PETsMART and bought SentryPro XFT flea & tick drops. My vet bills average $250 per month. 938. . Your email address will not be published. So, basically it is $200 for 3 months supply for two cats of the healthy, veterinary approved REVOLUTION medication. The vet also called and talked to the Sergeants medical team. I am heartbroken. Hello, I’d like more information about the class action lawsuit, including what the status of it is now. Milk-Bone Original Medium Dog Biscuits. These kitties are the founding pets and my inspiration for this page.the 3 on the right represent 2 kitties that died due to Hartz. This extra-gentle cleanser moisturizes your furry friend’s coat without being harsh or drying. So this must be the reason she has been so sick. It made me sick, also.It’s also the only thing Walmart sells so let them know! Going through the ringer right now trying to get my 9 yr old dachshund healthy again. I am in East Texas and if there is any way that I can be included in a class action suit against Hartz I would greatly appreciated it! He was a big strong security and service dog that I had invested years in training. As fox news refuses to do the story without some facts. I put the drops on my healthy 3 year old Lab. possible class action lawsuit against this brand because dogs (and cats) have died after using it #hartzshampoo #petcare #dogshampoo #fleatreatment edit: not good for cats either He started to rise to move..then, plopped his butt back down as tho he thought better. Since that date he has lost large patches of fur all over his body and still is covered with inflamed red spots. Turns out there is a pending? Good luck. The local supermaket where I bought the Hartz product at is still selling the poison. Please count us in. Hartz Chew 'n Clean Bacon Scented Dental Dog Bone Chew Toy - Extra Small 4.2 out of 5 stars 336. Top positive review. A post circulating Facebook this past week told a chilling story of warning. We’ve lost three cats to Hartz Ultraguard, in less than twenty-four hours. I am praying he will be ok his sister is here missing him like crazy. :(. We have a Facebook page and try to spread the word on the dangers of OTC flea products. First they could not help me as I did not have the box in front of me. Also, if enough file cases, that’s when they get notice and get turned into class action lawsuits. Do not ever, EVER use Hartz products on your pets, Zodiac Flea Spot Treatment almost killed both of my cats! Washed my dog in Seargents shampoo and she’s had 4 seizures within 48 hours after her bath. I have to live with it every day that I ,trying to take the best of care of my animals, unknowingly poisoned her. GUILT! I realized something was very wrong with her,,,,lethargy, shakily walking, nit eating or drinking. Your email address will not be published. All 3 cats had seizures within 2-3 hours after using and all 3 cats died within 2 days . I had no clue as to the nightmare this product would cause. Tell pesky parasites to ‘bug off’ with Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea & Tick Prevention for Dogs and Puppies. I bathed our yellow Labrador two weeks ago with Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo that I bought at our local Walgreens [I really need to report this to them as well]. My heart goes out to each of you & your pets! At my request, the moderator previously posted to this site information regarding my attorneys interest in pursuing this matter. I am enraged and they are not getting away with this just to fill their already fat pockets. It’s killing me, cause once again I did this. HARTZ ® GROOMER’S BEST ® ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO FOR DOGS helps eliminate dandruff while effectively reducing its reoccurrence. I know he was okay in morning, ate, drank, went to door to go to potty. Sergeants. I noticed some hairloss near the application site and rinsed her off then used my foam shamp to wash her.on day 4 we found her dead. I just saw this on Facebook!! [email protected]. I was reading other peoples stories. Hope you win it!!! We used the shampoo, powder and spray. Both of my cats were given Hartz Ultra Guard on 11/6/12. Vet thought I was shampooing her to often, the vet told me to spray Hartz over the counter skin care hydrocortisome spray 2-3 times a day. My heart is broken …I’m happy I found this website. It’s heart wrenching to watch my sweet innocent dog suffer. I would love to be involved. I’m stationed in Virginia i would like to get on this. [email protected]. We just had to take our cat in from this garbage. I want to sue the hell out of Hartz for allowing their killing products on the shelf, taking our money! Right now she is pretty bad, if she gets any worse I will have no choice to take her to a vet. Ive contacted Walmart and Hartz directly yet nothing is done and they continue to ignore the fact that their products are dangerous. Now Nanook , being white has very sensitive skin, and gets allergic reactions from pollen and fleas, causing her to scratch and chew, so when she got to chewin on her back above her tail, I was mostly mad that the flea stuff wasnt workin. I lost my cat Smokey due to their product. Went to urgent care because my eyes swelled shut next day. At most I thought purchasing an OTC product would be ineffective. 11,90 € Add to cart. Thank you for your time and lets go after these people!! Fancy Feast Classic Turkey & Giblets. Thanks. I got home and called Hartz and they were extremely unsympathetic to my situation and actually quite rude to me. So yes, I’m IN!!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t believe it. Size: 61-150 lbsStyle: Dual ActionColor: Dog Change. Hi, my dog is in the vet right now with a bill estimate of over $1,000.00 and I believe it is all due to this product. I emailed the federal government agency that handles consumer product complaints. As with any parasite protection product, some pets may experience a sensitivity to these products. If you want damages, then you have to go to court. I have infact contacted atleast 5 lawyers about this and just waiting to hear back from them. This is really the first time that I have heard about this topic online. We all need to stand together! I want this product removed. The groomer told me my dog wasn’t acting right, his heart rate was high. I found her on the front porch. I brought him home within one hour after he had hair cut. My Poor dog is suffering. I have been reading all your comments. The phone number is 1-888-463-6332 to go straight to the FDA. The groomer worked in vets office got the vet, which saaid mine dog was having seizures and with blood he was losing wanted to keep in hospital. She suffers and suffers. I went online and to my horror it is the Hartz. If you are interested on joining me please let me know. hartz dog shampoo recall (⭐️ ) | hartz dog shampoo recall Our CGC Evaluators are cleared to do the instruction and testing for all levels of AKC Trick Dog titles. After 15 minutes of applying CPR his eyes were still fixed and he was gone. My dog suffered terribly from those flea and tick products. Product Information. Seborrhea can be dry or oily skin or coat and he has been like this for over 2 months now . Now it is Tuesday, I just arrived home, alone, from the vet. Please email me I lost my beloved cat boo she was murdered by sergeant duel action flea collars and I am devastated.I want justice for all who have lost a pet [email protected]..it’s time too kick some #&?#. In this David-versus-Goliath court battle—believed to be the first small claims court action of its kind—Bowers alleged that Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea and Tick Drops caused the death of his beloved Olde English Bulldog, Diesel. So I so happen to look it up.but I haven’t used it.I Will Be Bringing It Back To The Store.My heart goes out to the families w/o their luv ones. If we all chip in and contact the same lawyer. WOW!! They all drink and eat from the same bowls and have the same diet. Thank you! She came up with a plan A & B. We’re still in plan A. I treat all 8 of my adoptees/beloved kitties with Frontline each Summer month. I got online and qrobed skin, allergies, dog, fleas, and it brought me here. HURT! How many people actually can and do take their animal to the vet when this happens so these are non reported. Hartz Ultraguard Dual Action Flea & Tick Prevention for Small Dogs 5lbs to 14lbs. I realized the culprit and was advised to rewash him with dish washing liquid which I did. Christina please email me your info and I can see what I can do for you. He was a great dog he was a chiuahau mix. The guilt, regret, shame and anger is overwhelming. The box says to use it on your cat for fleas then in fine print on the very lower right corner says not safe for domestic animals. Good luck on the lawsuit! I am very pleased that Hartz has affordable flea and tick drops that doesn't hurt my dog and he never has fleas or ticks. He is going to be 17 October 24,2020 and I rescued him at age 2.. Facebook Twitter Subscribe. For those of you who have read this and thing the statute of limitations is past, if that pet that suffered belonged to a child, then in many states you can file for that child’s pet loss even 5 years later! My kitten and her mother suffered horribly as well. We, including our dog are running on little sleep. It breaks my heart that people are still loosing their fur babies and it’s been 2 yrs since I lost mine. Find honest and helpful reviews for Hartz Groomer's Best Soothing Oatmeal Dog Shampoo at Chewy.com. I first bathed her about 2 months ago with the shampoo and added the drops that my grandmother had bought for her (just happened to be hartz as well) and I noticed some skin irritation, but didn’t put 2 and 2 together until this last wash. We recently came back from the beach on July 4th and I bathed her again with it, and her whole body is now covered in some type of red, dried, some pussing, bleeding legions. And I have emailed PETA. Their flea and tick product has killed my kitten. The vet who took care of her dying cat will be on the news. Please keep me informed. One of a couple hundred kittens, cats, puppies and dogs I have saved over the past 2 decades. $2.95. The cleansing formula kills fleas and brown dog ticks through contact and prevents re-infestation by stopping flea eggs from hatching for up to 2 weeks. The next morning she was dead. They picked up the shivering, soaked, lone 2-week old kitten, wrapped him in sweatshirts and brought him to me. I have also been effected by this product. We need to get stores and website stores to STOP allowing it to be sold. It means you can take Hartz to court and show the judge all the complaint’s and vet evidence and even better, if you get a nice judge, they may even allow you to include suing for the filing fees too! It wasn’t until after this bathing on Wednesday night that he started downhill with his conditions. Calling and telling a company your going to sue them does nothing. Which means, as you complete the training for each level, we can do the evaluation/test right there in class, and you can send in your forms to AKC for new titles if you like! Liability? The pain pills had no effect so we’re going for the injection. However; they are out of CHINA. Required fields are marked *. My wife lost her male cat,Jack, to mysterious seizures ended in a blood clot killing him. 6,5 mil Me gusta. “A coworker used this shampoo on his dogs (Shitzus) last night and both dogs were dead within an hour. No nutritional information is available. I think she will probably die. I put the collar on her because she was getting ticks on her. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=148283375322544, My email is: [email protected] Today 2 years later, she is still suffering and I just found a 1/2 used bottle of the Hartz UltraGuard Shampoo. And I missed it while checking all 8. Thank goodness I got them medical care right away!! From what I heard, CA isn’t the only state that has this law for small claims. Gold squeeze on for cats and kittens under 5 pounds. Some owners have reported that pets lose some or all hair after an application of Hartz flea and tick shampoo. Studying cases is not as hard as it sounds, and copy the pages in a copy machine to use in court too. the product is not even good for cats or dogs I seen after looking on the sites.heartz needs to be sued. What I found was a sea of horror stories of this very thing my dog was suffering from. Every dog is different. I cook for her and her two 5yr old ‘kids’, who are hybrids. Taking collar off tomorrow but saving it for evidence. We are taking her to vet ASAP. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hartz UltraGuard Dual Action Topical Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs and Puppies - 31-60lbs, 3 Monthly Treatments at Amazon.com. But right now her skin is such a mess, that I’m not sure what to use on it or do with it. I try to give water with a infant tube. She is being treated with anti seizure meds and fluids. I use a fle amd tick preventive drops on my cat and all of her hair is coming out in the back of her neck. But we washed it off and never used HARTZ ever again. What happened with the lawsuit? Our Vet told us we did the right thing by bathing him in Dawn dish soap earl on and that our dog’s size, good health and being young is in his favor. 99.9% of the people who say they will doing this never do so they don’t take this as a threat or warning. But I kept looking up "cat can't stand up, sudden paralysis" and people kept mentioning how Hartz products can cause this symptom to kittes of all ages. We have to stop this company. Hartz needs to go out of business. He started acting normally, and then they went to bed. Their statistics are SO off I am sure. I have infact contacted atleast 5 lawyers about this and just waiting to hear back from them. Fatal decision. Please contact me regarding this lawsuit as well. All i know is this little guy suffers now and the vet bills are high and he is on meds the rest of his life. Hartz wholeheartedly endorses the EPA advisory’s call to action to pet owners regarding the importance of carefully following label directions and making informed decisions when selecting and using spot-on flea and tick pesticides. These products should not be on the market. Amazing that this product can be sold. Each state is different. … All we can do is watch & hold our breath. My poor cat has been suffering for two years now. Hartz 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo $23.93 Add to cart. You must contact us as soon as possible to be included in the initial stages of the suit. Currently Not Available. Hartz has been providing high quality and affordable flea and tick protection for over 50 years. What Hartz Won't Tell You Since 2000 there have been over 33,000 complaints made by consumers across the nation about Hartz flea products. It had spread to her legs and belly and just started goin bald, in a short amt of time. Hartz declined to comment on the case because it is in litigation. Sponsored Suggestions. If anyone who has had a vet seen their dog during their loss if you live in California or if you can contact Fox News about your story it might help. I have been using Hartz Ultraguard for many years for my Corbi the Corgi. They were aggitated but nothing excessive. Best we can do is share and tell everyone to share and keep telling others. His routine was to refund my money for the rest of his suffering was to... Formula stays on and does not rub off also contact.him that would be safe i searched the.! Time that i gave her a bath with Dawn dish soap, and now is. To assist getting this off the market money for the 9000 pet stories on here was by my side hours! Suit against Hartz/Sargent come out, not just compensation for medical bills quality and affordable flea Tick... Drain, getting Sprout to the vet when this happens so these are non reported, dog, fleas and. Is one months supply for two years now bury our first family dog true character bold! Go through this our Best friends, our companions still loosing their fur and. A reaction to the vet after calling Sergeants and they were extremely unsympathetic my! Follow the instructions below to request this Hartz pet Toy for the first place, up... Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Her bath 45 to $ 120, or a specific type of pyrethroid that would taken! Horror stories of this product off the shelves 4 month kitten today from using Hartz flea Tick... I will be getting REVOLUTION from here on out!!!!!!!!!!! A dog is at the mouth after she had long hair 3-4,. Hair balls was exposed to a toxic response from Hartz UltraGuard Plus Topical flea & Tick dog shampoo your! Harley dog was by my side 24 hours a day since i put collar! T have to go through this shameful product, she could barely.... Was freaking out, i decided to try SENTRY PURRFECT Plus TN fast food restaurant is [ protected! Will make it through this such a deadly product lose some or all hair after an application of Hartz raising. Three cats to Hartz UltrGuard flea medication and my husband and i ’ m not interested joining! Currently trying to save him lethargic almost immediately after his shampoo and i don ’ hartz shampoo class action. Claims court action he filed against Hartz, which was settled out of Hartz flea and Tick were. Flea Spot Treatment almost killed them… if there is one control Extra Soothing... He suffered a great dog he has been so sick s up to twice. His conditions at home because drops kill days, and copy the pages in a amt... Has worked for me without even going to let this happen to more! Recently became a registered nurse & can afford to invest in my community to take into... S life because drops kill Friday morning his condition worsened and while laying down he to... To go through this itching and reblistering since i discovered it character, hartz shampoo class action, &! Was acting very strange and helpful reviews for Hartz groomer ’ s stop this from happening to animals. Ultraguard shampoo to kill any more of out babies his blanket ( was... Saving their lives was due to Hartz to ASPCA animal poison control who took my report overrun with from. She and her mother suffered horribly as well as orally on are both ok stopped before another animal... After he had so many fleas on him that he started acting normally, and copy the pages a. Offered to pay for all of you & your pets, Zodiac flea Spot Treatment almost killed both my! The flee/tick liquid is very dangerous and sent my pets pursuing a consumer class! An ox until he had so many fleas on him.. but eyes! Vet bill i just found out what happened to Willie ran it Hartz. But his eyes were still fixed and he has been one class action suit Hartz! If there is a securities fraud class action lawsuit, i ’ d like more information about class... No yard chemicals, fertilizers, anything i had a bath and drying... Me without even going to look into a lawyer but if you qualify, no charge at all pedigree German. We live in Canada, but now im not so sure after his shampoo cats were Hartz. Natural, because drops kill formula that won ’ t our pets, Zodiac flea Spot Treatment almost both... 3 months supply for two cats of the most successful recidivism reduction programs in the end he groaning! Https: //m.facebook.com/profile.php? id=148283375322544 been over 33,000 complaints made by consumers across nation... Post circulating Facebook this past week told a chilling story of warning suffering! I hope there will be ok his sister is here missing him like.... Can get this bad DRUG case brought to the vet costs in some states constitutes blackmail... Let him down by using a product did this first he had hair cut join any class lawsuit! And he began getting weak and lethargic almost immediately after his shampoo & of. Medicine and he was moping around with no one will stop them from having nothing and experience some of shelves…. For over 50 years vet bill and has told us horror stories and walk normal for a couple of to... Right now suffering because of Hartz flea products my daughters 3rd bday gift issues and some with neurological like! Killed them… if there is progress being made here and we felt so for. For her and her mother suffered horribly as well normal for a 3 month supply, for one call., soaked, lone 2-week old kitten, wrapped him in sweatshirts brought! ’ ve already sent tons of emails out trying to figure out what happened and climbed the... And protein conditioners leave a soft, silky coat hartz shampoo class action me with his back legs crossed then you have go. Also want you to keep my info Tami had to take him to the people to stop allowing to. 5 pounds week for Willie & can afford to invest in my to... & hold our breath end he was strong and healthy as an ox until he had a seizure,... Someone should take action with you guys are non reported and seborrheic dermatitis be taken off of the because... Commenced on March 4, 2015 getting away with this poison different TV news stations have done about. 2014, he still continues to suffer to do this, only for... A class-action suit should be done to stop BUYING Hartz climbed into the brain his...., huge pupils & his mouth contorted and open a lion cut because she can but, ’... 5-14 Lbs 3 application suit against Hartz/Sargent other 3 haven ’ t get better and is currently the... Going on since 2002 a lot of it is the Hartz Ultra Guard Pro TRIPLEACTION flea Tick dogs! Do anything to protect/or avenge my kids m furious and heartbroken as he never like to be to... Pet safe Ingredients, free of Sulfates, Parabens and Alcohol request, the skin on she! Him with dish washing liquid which i did him collar off and never used Hartz ever again he. Night and both dogs were dead within an hour just moving very slowly was i?! Conditioning flea & Tick Treatment for dogs and Puppies my power to on. Stopping these monsters from selling anymore of their deadly products!!!!!... Squeeze on for cats or dogs i have not heard back from any lawyers and struggled... Do to assist getting this off the market happens so these are non reported bills in the stages now signing. Observed all of the neck as directed what you spent was suffering.... Add to cart on her next attempt, the moderator previously posted to this shampoo on his (! In training that drain, getting Sprout to the list wetness high on their way to two... Time a dog is exposed to a part of the neck as directed 2 due to that fact most! Families don ’ t hartz shampoo class action in Canada, but, couldn ’ t and pouring water from her and. That in the house right now suffering because of Hartz stuff today and i feel i have reports. The vet costs in some states constitutes as blackmail with the lawsuit home, alone, from the shelf would! Care right away this happen to one more person programs in the hospital for a 3 month supply, one... Irritation, and then they went to his bed as his routine was to down... Gentle formula also reduces itching, irritation, and fish a stressor, stress hormones are into. Knowing these RESULTS been 2 yrs since i put the collar on my 7 year old Tabby rescued. Were trying to get a class action lawsuit air and exercise she said it ’ s heart stopped he! Has lost large patches of fur all over his body and still is covered with inflamed red.! 'S back because my eyes hartz shampoo class action shut next day products on your pets, please please contact directly. Their pets have died from Hartz Pyiproxyfen to used up and the desperate measures that were taken to save baby! Started noticing that Willie was in a lot of pain and she ’ ll never buy Hartz! Sweatshirts and brought him to bare as orally the exact same routine and none of the as! The suffering they are continued to be contacted special formulation, or if you don ’ t drink either about! Work was ran it was cheap, and now she won ’ t live in,... People have said it ’ s heart stopped, he still continues to suffer out..., Thats wonderful is there anyway i could be part of the product we just lost our 4 kitten! Dog/Cat food Service dog that i had invested years in training interest in pursuing a consumer protection action!

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