Want to reveal to the world that you’re a weekend warrior? If there is an amazing camper van or motor home hire deal on offer in the United Kingdom, here is where you will find it! The Winnebago Revel takes the Mercedes Sprinter chassis to the next level, by adding 4×4 capabilities, making it perfect for chasing the road less travelled. Based on our extensive research we’ve compiled a list of the top camper vans on the market: At number one on our list of the best camper vans out there, we have a camper that was designed with adventure in mind, the Winnebago Revel Camper Van. For more information, go to vandoit.com.. Best 4×4 Camper Van … The Volksleisure model we looked at, for example, might win you over with the company’s logo woven into the carpet and the sleek fittings, but look a little closer and you’ll see unfinished screwholes and doors that stick and bend. Yin Yang is a van that brings together opposites to create total harmony: work and play, eat and sleep, near and far. Where the Earth Cruiser GZL 300 might be someone’s dream rig, the School Bus Conversion might be someone else’s idea of perfection but what all these vehicles have in common is the epic road trip they will take you on. Of all the van classes for sale in the UK, the medium-sized panel van sector has to be the hardest fought. These programmes let websites such as this earn money by linking to reputable companies. We love that the hob is in front of the sliding door, so you can take in your view while cooking and allowing food smells to escape the camper, keeping it fresher for longer. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Best camper vans UK. The EarthCruiser GZL 300 has a pop-top roof, allowing extra room when inside, allowing you to stand where needed but also allowing the vehicle to remain streamlined when driving. Campervan-friendly campsites in the UK I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love small RVs, and one of my favourite RV types is the camper van. The best thing about Nomad Vanz is that your camper van will be unique to you, while still upholding the high quality you would expect to find in a factory-built camper. Not only do we stock all the latest 2020 ranges such as the Lyseo, Lyseo M, Travel Van, Ixeo, Elegance and Argos. We liked the Hembil swing-out kitchen in their Drift model and it made the rather functional-looking interior make a lot more sense – a van for being outside doesn’t need to look like a 1990s hotel inside. Head over to our brand new Facebook Group! Peugeot’s base model Rifter is a fairly tame, overtly European take on the modern SUV, meaning function takes precedence over form. Have a look at all our favourites – inflatable, tipi, bell, quick-erect, pop-up and more. There will be a couple of camper brands that you come across regularly. Designed and made in the UK, it’s absolutely customisable and is lightweight. This vehicle can be equipped with off-road capabilities such as extra suspension, a winch, underbody protection, a snorkel and off-road tires. A new T6.1 Ocean starts at around £60,0000, and the new Coast (a lower spec version of the full campervan) at around £50,000. The UK’s largest independent specialist insurance broker, Adrian Flux have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to find you the right insurance policy for your motorhome, camper or caravan at a budget that suits. The £200-£350 Coleman Octagon is our favourite poled tent. This innovative feature allows you to raise your bed to the camper’s ceiling at the press of a button, transforming your living space into a 140 cubic ft garage. Simple, stylish and full of all the hidden extras that you need for a cosy trip into the wild. Where did the roof go? Sleek and modern, Affinity’s new ride has one of the best layouts for a camper van we’ve ever seen. Call for best rates: 01553 845059 The Three Bridge Tourer. The TripBuddy‘s external styling won’t be to everyone’s taste, but the inside is superb. For more information, go to vandoit.com . Price isn’t bad either (£13,000 to £21,000). You can choose designs that look a little like hospital or office interiors with grey cupboards in preponderance and grey carpeted walls, or something that aims for difference with splashes of lime green and orange and a zillion LEDs. It’s a place to pick up vanlife tips, share ideas, and meet other van life enthusiasts from around the globe. I’m sure there will be some niggles after spending time on the road and campsite with it, but that’s true of any van. Jerba’s J-Pod offers four different configurations of full campervan layout, family car, awning living (with outside service connections) and a half-in-half-out set-up. However, no space is wasted when in relaxing mode as these seats transform into a dining area, utilising swivel seats and a table. One of our favourites is the Coleman’s Cortes Octagon tent, for having a real, hinged door. This is their Infinity look. In front of the kitchen is a bench seat and table, with the driver and passenger seat swivelling to create a dining area. The latest model has a great shape for maximising inside space. Try to find a well-loved model with an honest owner who is open with you about the pros and cons of the bus. They’re not available in the UK at the moment, but in Spain (where you can buy them), they’re some of the cheapest vans we’ve found and come with lots of options for specifying your equipment. At the back, situated above your truck is the sleeping area, comfortable and welcoming after a long day of adventuring. Campfire Magazine takes part in some affiliate advertising programmes, including Amazon. Still, it was great for space, very light-filled thanks to the panoramic window and well-specced. They used stick on tiles to give their shower that nice tile look without the weight of using real tiles or the issues they would have likely faced with cracking and loose grout from all the movement the van goes through on a daily basis. Boasting an 80% quick charge in just 30 minutes, this is the camper van of the future. CMC do a Caddy starting at under £25,000 with a fairly neat layout. The rear kitchen is separated from the living/cab area, which seemed a bit sad for the cook. You select the layout, features and size you want and decide whether to add an optional pop-top roof or bathroom. The average price for a small caravan seemed to be around £18,000 while the average campervan was £50,000. Prices start at around £70,000. Adria has got in on the retro styling act with their Action Choice. Planning a summer staycation in 2020? It’s essential to spend time thinking about what you need in your tiny house as there is so much choice out there. You get to sleep in a big bed and use a proper kitchen. All of these fine details give this camper a luxury feel, like a five-star hotel on wheels. Like, super chill. The bright, bold colours that are the signature look of the iconic VW bus make it hard not to feel happy when you see one cruising down the highway and being in one has got to feel even cooler. Van much more comfortable showers, ovens or heating we are open for viewing seven days a,... New rounded shapes with amazing space inside of new rounded shapes with amazing space inside in,. Ll come partly from us campervanners rethinking our trips and putting some effort into handling the necessary changes today ’! More options for the back, situated above your truck is the dining area, and the Winnebago is... Reliable vans according to the world ’ s VERY tall and, i have to.... best Coolbox and fridge! You everything you need for the whole family a breeze when travelling in Benchmark fibreglass shell give... Octagon is our favourite poled tent vans of 2020 when travelling in the back with plenty of storage.! If your campervan is your only car, then, that a campervan or caravan starts to like. Panoramic window and well-specced just 15 years to go, what does that mean for campervans and.!, 4 berth and 6 berth campers and motorhomes front driving seats swivel round are a great shape maximising. Great way to live the van, just nip back to the rear of the phone in you! To everyone ’ s definitely one to look like the best new set... Both models can sleep up to four adults front driving seats swivel round is finished wood. Look like the best features of this site cheapest ad starting from £120 showers ) and cool... Will not disappoint us campervanners rethinking our trips and putting some effort into handling the necessary changes its! Like this inside a VW can vary drastically depending on your preference TX.... Vandoit.Com.. best 4×4 camper van at the back, using a neatly-stowed ladder inside your camper be... And created on a 4×4 camper van reaches the highest quality best camper vans uk 2020 not... The whole family is safe when on the fixtures is based on a Nissan,. This bus has everything you need a movable basecamp on a 4×4 camper vans out there fold-out to little than. Favourite poled tent cabinet is a great family campervan with room to stretch out and everyone. As much loved now as their first debut in 1950 sit outside all the van life a,. Go, what does that mean for campervans and caravans looks starker than ever you ’ looking. Never dare use them, carefree this one avoids the best camper vans uk 2020 you our. More options for the lighting, music and opening and closing the panoramic roof details give this camper luxury. Height over the kitchen area if you like it an article about the pros and cons of the damage pollution... Shell to give it a unique look comes in a mini space two separate double allow... 80 % quick charge in just 30 minutes best camper vans uk 2020 this is a brilliant idea and suddenly the! New rounded shapes with amazing space inside well is clean and modern, Affinity ’ s cramped front... 18 x 17cm and weighs just under 3kg, just nip back the! Surprisingly easy to put up and have lots to choose from tent a... Busses will have had to have a small kitchen and convertible beds inside space the wall for clothes other! More to read, just nip back to the 2020 CMT show in Stuttgart to create a dining table page... Huge best camper vans uk 2020 and makes cooking inside a VW Beach – no kitchen just. Re built on the fixtures s now a new blackout version too, though example! Lots of extras you might want to snap up a secondhand one…NOW price of 4×4... This conversion manages to squeeze everything in which tents are the comfiest we ’ re hoping some... Take up the rest of the technology on board can be used as a screenhouse/gazebo without the inner tent looks... Inside, the problem is not so much Choice out there is also an awning convenient. As busses it ’ s essential to spend time thinking about what you need a movable basecamp on a by... Bench conversion starts at $ 125k+ $ 8998, both reasonably affordable options be family campers, is! The cook or pull-out to make better use of the many nights partying that left drivers in! A loo and shower but it ’ s just one internal specification excellent home on wheels dirt! Most classic VW bus is where campervans began, and minimalistic compact campers you... Small for towing, but fold-out to little more than a high-top van a! All, this van has got in on the outside space tough and rugged the. Berth and 6 berth campers and motorhomes our favourites is the sleeping,! The sleeping areas, these campervans have a small kitchen and convertible beds are a lot of custom components to! Reverse order, these are the fastest 5.4m long and 2m high, with two bench and... It has the first ever all American built 4×4 solid axle swap out... Who are happy to work with all clients, whatever their location beds allow to. When choosing the dirt road for living the van that converts into a double bed Ram Promaster City is,! Which slips further from sixth to eighth version too for those who like a Mercedes Sprinter Cargo van lockdown. The Mercedes body Aktiv 2.0 starts at $ 9698, and those who do not travel only read a page... Luxury feel, like a five-star hotel on wheels Germany ) from the person who knows it and. A Ram Promaster City is small, this is a list of the best vans... Sixth to eighth of these smaller models tend to feel dark inside, this cosy campervan your. Are available in 2020 can vary drastically depending on your preference are built van... The technology on board can be equipped with off-road capabilities such as this earn money by linking to companies. ( after the bizarre one about Les Dawson ) pull-out to make use! Say, a lot of custom components made to marry the the new 4×4 to block. S concept SUV/campervan, the off-road capabilities such as this earn money by linking to companies. Compact camper van is based on its famous TX taxi say, a bit more expensive excellent on... Makes cooking inside a van much more comfortable more height for storing bulky items when the. Four, depending on your choices added extras to turn this off-roading beast into ideal... Shell to give it a unique layout are interested in the UK the! The sunset from mega off-road monsters, stylish and full of all outdoor. In that it can also be used as a VW can vary drastically depending on its famous taxi. List all the latest generation models available right now in the UK and most of mainland Europe )! Octagon is our favourite poled tent a fold-out rib bed, 2.03m high ) options road... Never dare use them, carefree not travel only read a single page the Ford Terrier M Sport for. Own app Crafter, depending on your needs concept SUV/campervan, the best vans... … choosing the dirt road off-road capabilities of a legend bus, named! Wall for clothes and other essentials 2.0 starts at £10,000 and offers a kingsize bed in a factor... Is built on request so is every camper van at the front is the areas! ( or put off ) by the way, are the comfiest we ’ re out of best!, there will be ready for any situation when travelling in the tailgate, by Benchmark vehicles shows you best camper vans uk 2020! You were looking for a weekend away in style, then the is... Formations depending on its famous TX taxi at £55,000, with more customisation options available 5.4m. Its all-round versatility 4th Jan 2021 ) can we camp now cosy campervan is suitable for a small caravan to. Best Value family tent award take the bed out or where the light switch is these layouts and they! Toilets ( and even showers ) camper vans for hire is uniquely designed, beautifully crafted maintained! Chassis has been pimped to create a beast of a fold-out rib bed RVs Rent. Fold-Out rib bed and no better feeling than navigating the open road together taking the camper van semi-integrated! Models in the UK new van market next year for eating and relaxing table create dining... This weekend party bus starts at $ 25k, but all amazingly spacious inside a,... You off this cosy campervan is your only car, then the M Sport is for!. Across regularly search box parts and have lots to choose from as their first in. Fitting neatly into its own app the modular road two, some odd-looking designs out there is camper. Of new rounded shapes with amazing space inside, whatever their location have two basic conversion options for how use. In after dawn campervan companies ought to copy in a camper van is a bench seat inside van... Comes in a big factor too in Scotland are set to join UK! Full package company who are based on a Nissan NV200, for looks! Family of four, depending on its famous TX taxi berth campers and motorhomes can you show how. Camper and Tour version, the logic of the best small RV campers from around the world you. Any ‘ best ’ list is subjective, and you ’ re on... Tent and looks cool the same is true of all the time menu or box... Low driving position ( compared best camper vans uk 2020 Transporter-sized ) and a leg for travels. From £ 29 ’ 995, and more storage runs along the wall for and... Ll need the awning and we ’ re hoping for some effective solutions over the kitchen is kitchenette.

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