Those black, silky, Glocks did look sexy but Glock isn’t known for their looks. Free FedEx Option* (13) Glock MAG G26 12RD 9mm PKG $ 27.22 (1) Glock MAGAZINE POUCH $ 6.16 (1) Glock MAGAZINE POUCH 10MM $ 6.16 (2) Glock MAG G37 10RD 45GAP PKG $ 20.91 (4) Glock … Not the typical gun owner who shoots a box here and there and declares his gun reliable. Would like to see Glock do what is right, they have by me however for as long as I owned their products. Gen3 & Gen4 are an effort to make money since the originals work so well they made so-called improvements for the “gotta-have” newest thing. Glock has been around since 1963 and in 1981 Glock handguns as we know them were born. The one incorporation that I thought really indicated Glock was adapting to a changing landscape in the handgun market, was the MBS – Multiple Back Strap system.  Manufacturers such as Walther and HK have already used a system that had multiple back straps to adapt a gun to better fit your hand.  Then along came the Smith and Wesson M&P with whole grip panels.  This was a direct challenge to Glock’s commanding dominance in the law enforcement and civilian market.  I was hearing a lot of chatter from agencies looking at guns like the M&P to replace their “one size fits all” Glocks, and civilians who weren’t already locked into the Glock were flocking to look at the M&P. A more complicated recoil spring system goes against the “keep it simple” design philosophy that Glock made famous. Thumb rests were added to both sides of the grip, giving it a bit of ambidexterity. All other Glock models & generations I have had (past tense) were problematic indeed in sooo many ways. The last bit was popular, as the RTF2 stipling was made standard across the whole Gen 4 Glock line. If you have an earlier model, we need to ask ourselves, “In today’s economy, is this really worth putting my hard earned money into?”. To this day, I have not and that was over 20 years and many, many weapons ago. I think the new recoil assembly is a solution in search of a problem. They even replaced the sights. It will make you really appreciate the recoil dampening effect of the Glock design, even in the G3 version. Those who never owned one that finally decide to get one, may be doing so because of the new Gen4 features ? Hints the SF models Short Frame, or Slim Frame models. Plus that so called grip frame inprovment, HUH this came along after the M&P and Springfields XD. We had a gen 3 19 there as well Rob, ... ETS MAGAZINE For Glock 22 40SW $ 17.31. Ya the egomaniacs are out there. However, that being said, I never really had a problem with the original Gen 3 design.  I did know people who would put skateboard tape on their grips for added traction, but I never saw the need for it.  I work in a bay-marine environment, and have spent many nights out in snotty weather; in that time I never lost hold of my Glock…. When your wrist is straight, front and rear sights don’t match up. I just wish i had my old gen 3 trigger back. Copyright © Once the trigger job was completed on her M&P, I must say her trigger (@ 2.75# by Tim Ward in Brunswick, Ga) is far superior to mine. I have shot a model 17 and 22 side-by-side using standard velocity ammo. For the $$ it is a excellent firearm! (1911 grips, am I right?) Mike Hargreaves: you nailed the issue regarding conversion of recoil spring/guide rod of a Gen 4 to Gen 3 – Lone Wolf and some other companies also sell a similiar product for around $10 to allow you to use Gen 3 springs/guide rods (if so inclined). I liked Walt her’s mag release much, much better than Glock’s. Im just giving my Honest Opinion, buts theres alot of people all over the world that are sayin the same things!! A REAL REVEIW!! After about sixty rounds the trigger was locked back and the gun could not be field stripped. I have had a 2nd gen G23 for 21 years. I own both G-17 and G-21 in Gen4 configuration and love them both, especially the G-21 ! I’ll stick by my tried & true “Old Friends”. Did you have both eyes closed while you were pointing? Ok thankyou for putting up my reply than yanking it down!!!! Will be getting a Glock 35 Gen 4 tomorrow. Most of the reveiws are negative to the gen 4, but I can blow a bullseye out of a target at 15yds. I know recoil is very subjective however, there was a noticeable difference when shooting the gen 3 23 and gen 4 23 back to back. lol, But if there is anything to this “grip angle”, I sure as hell haven’t noticed it. blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new The thing about Glock Gen 3 vs Glock Gen 4 is the guns are almost identical; it's just that the latter has a few more bits of kit than the latter, and at that not a heck of a lot. I deal with the one of the bigest p olice distributers in tennessee.I get feal good deals on 22,s especially.All generations,they are police trade ins that most time only have small holster wear.Give me a call,scott-865/748/4601. gen 1, 2, and 3 will interchange, but gen 4 is gen 4 only.. The latest fix, that seems to work, the 04-1, is going in to new guns, hot off the press, so to speak. If you can’t decide, flip a coin it worked for me ! Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the fact that Glocks have the wrong grip angle (unlike Sigs and 1911’s which give you instant sight aquisition when drawn from a holster)? That said, those surface changes may make a difference to you. Therefore a slim grip. The Gen 4 line, however, was explicitly referred to as Gen 4. Gen 4 not better than Gen 3 would choose Gen 3 over Gen 3 over any day of the week. I have a 9MM Browning Hi Power that kicks more than this gun. And by the way that is using everything from the cheapest underpowered ammunition to using hot sub-gun ammo. Great guns for girls and piano players but not for men with XL or XXL hands. It is mostly arrogant, I am better than you, I have the best, I have been shootin’ longer than you, egomaniacs that really have no knowledge about anything, except for what they read on the internet, that some self-proclaimed expert did some testing on. This is a little comparison video of the Glock 22 and Glock 23. My son has a Gen 4 G35 and I’ve shoot it quite a bit. Comon really?? I don’t blame it on the stock on the rifle or the grip angle of the handgun frame that it came from the factory with. I currently have all Gen 3 9mm in 17's and 26's. Smith and Wesson heard the complaints about the glock and it issues. But you have no way to get one for the one you have bought already. If the one-size-fits-all Glock grip doesn’t work for you, then the MBS is a vast improvement.  If you like the Gen 3 grip size already, then it’s pretty ho-hum. The Tennifer will NEVER come off because its in the steel. Trigger action is not at all like it was originally. Since the release of the Gen 5 in 2018, GLOCK has been working to add their full line up of pistols to be included with the Gen 5. Not as sharp. GLOCK Gen4 pistols come with a modular back strap system, allowing you to choose the back strap that best fits your grip without changing your grip angle. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I have been when you are I think. ... 22 LR ; 9x19 ... GLOCK Gen4 Pistols Gen4 Pistols. I decided to fire it as a point and shoot weapon for defense shot 45rounds at target the results were awful.I only got 5 shots in kill zone.Shot 40 rounds with a new Taurus PT 99 using sights and got 13 rds in kill zone and all 40rds hit the man target. The Gen 4’s that I have all are shooting as all GLOCKs have out of the box with one exception.Less felt recoil and better target acquisition. Nor have I heard any of the very many LEO’s that have and use GLOCKS, both on and off duty, complain or have an issue with the so-called “grip angle” . I bought one, won one. As for condition of the gun forget it the chance of you getting a used cop glock that is more than barely broke in is very remote. It will greatly reduce friction on moving parts and will increase the durability and protect the surface finish.Add this to your article and it will have every improvement of the Gen 4. If one must, change the recoil spring and rod… but overall I’ve never had firearms that worked so perfectly for so long and right out of the box to boot. The Gen4 Glock 19 is, for me perfect, except for the recoil spring assembly! I just want to bring the thing up at about 8-12 inches away from my nose to sight the thing in. All my shots went on the paper and I was able to group at will. This allows the barrel to maintain a round and relatively slim profile, and the slide stays nice and thin (if somewhat taller) as a result. But all of the sub compacts have always had these. A few shots went out of the groupings by about two inches and that was about it. The problem with Glocks effort to improve opon Glocks original design , was a after thought at best!! (Some lady cop from Springfield MO had the most worn glock I ever saw, I swear she must have fired that thing two or three hundred thousand rounds). So, which of these awesome Austrian arms to get? Glock has managed to produce a real LEMON and will not admit it! I personally don’t care for the Gen 4 slide action or the recoil spring setup. Just wondering if I got this right, Glock now has a reciol spring assembly for the Gen 3 23 that helps tame the opop up recoil, or am I just wishful thinking? Add to that the cheapening of many of the internal components (Pot metal & MIM), Glock has put a nail in its own coffin. Just make three different size grips. My wife and I shoot nearly every weekend at our home hanging metal range with .45 or 9mm and target range with .22 (when it is available in bulk supply). IO like my Glocks, I have four models and the only agruement I have about them is there accuracy. Need Help Filtering. I can attest to this because my Gen 3 Glocks from racking the slide, the black oxide wears off a bit on the chamber end of the barrel where the ejection port is at. The Glock 17 has a more durable finish and requires less maintenance. GLOCK has shown itself to be an innovative firearms company that has changed the paradigm of pistol design and manufacture forever. A 40 may generate more recoil energy than a 9, but the recoil impulse is slower, due to the lower velocity of the round. No lead bullets though says glock but I know folks who shot Hard Cast Lead bullets through their models 20 and 21 with no problems. Of course many will say, “Well how much training do you think the average police officer gets?” And they unfortunately are correct, but that is beside the point. Buffalo Bore makes a 255 gr 45 acp +P load that im dying to try out, it would make a great hard hitting carry load ! I guess there is not much money to be made…. Then the 36. Thanks for the update! If you wanted a new Gen 4 9mm or .40S&W-chambered Glock, better hurry because the company is moving to Gen 3 or 5 only when it comes to those models. The new finish does mark up easier from holster wear, but when you wipe it with an oiled rag all marks dissapear and the finish is like new again. I won’t speak for Glock, but I’d be surprised if they eschewed some of their traditional design features to travel the route of better ergonomics and a thinner pistol. It does however have the new finish on it ? i understand they is sweeties. Glock Perfection! I taught combat shooting for a few years and quite simply nothing was easier to teach with than a Glock. I have small hands but the grip and angle were very easy to get used to. The new coating that one reader commented on is also of interest to me. The stipling on the Gen 4 Glock pistols is a little more aggressive. You will see a BIG difference. However you omitted one major improvement the new look is a new hard coating on the metal that is impregnated into the molecules of the steel.I believe Glock calls it Tennifer. At the recent IWA (European Shot Show) Glock was relentlessly HAMMERED by European municipalities, agencies and militarys experiencing loads of problems with their Gen 4 Glocks using the hotter NATO spec ammo. Truth is, and maybe I don’t read enough or never read about it, but up until now, I’ve never heard anyone complain about the recoil of the GLOCK in .40S&lW; From the M35 or any other GLOCK for that matter. Shoot both if possible. I am not new to shooting. I’ll stick with my reliable 23 Gen 3. still not sure about the G4, needs to be on market longer as it does seem to have issues. I have read that the 5.5 lb. When you trade in look into a g36 gen3 or a gen 4 -19. the compromise with the new texure of the grip, as opposed to the RTF 2 ( I have a G22). They simply worked perfect. I find the gen-4 not as cozy Probably in my head. Glock Werks(sp) make a wee grommet, that allowes the use of the Gen3 spring, cured! Great article – very informative! Guys the simple fact is GLOCK’s are not a sidearm we will whistle at , they are not built to be California Beautiful.They are built to do a job and all my GLOCKs have performed their jobs admirably.As for the latest finish..I have to admit I like the feel and the looks of the old matte finish but I will say this new finish shows far less holster wear coming out of my Galco holsters.Glock needs to address the issue of their sights..But that’s easy enough as well to take care of aftermarket wise. I have found out you cant. I have never had the same confidence in any other type of semi automatic. The Tenifer process has been used by Glock pretty much since the beginning. My original 17 w/ well over 15,000rnds has NEVER failed me, even with lazy (on purpose) cleaning practices. Shoot them against a .45 ACP loaded with 230 gr. Too bad the girlfriend cant rack the slide without gritting her teeth! Whether firing a 17, 19, 22, 23, or my larger models 20 and 21 they worked perfectly and though the big ones felt different they worked perfectly when running rapid fire timed drills. “if they made the grip size the same as a 1911 they’d sell lots more pistols”. I don’t think the new finish is as elegant as the Gen 3 finish. Stop drinking the Glock KOOLAID!! I liked the gun, but for some odd reason, the had a very small trigger guard and my finger JUST fit in it. I am sticking with Gen 3’s. About a year ago, Glock launched what has now been dubbed the “Gen 4” version of their pistols. my m9 went away.the gen4 without backstraps is a smaller grip than the g3. a M&P .40 and prefer it to the Glock. While completely and utterly late to the single-stack subcompact 9mm party, it still became one of their most popular pistols to date. But after reading your post I am going for Gen 3 Glock 20 sf. I’ve been at the range with people who are having problems with an ammo dependent gun shooting white box Olin and I give them a handful of Hornady Critical Defense (because I get it free not because I’m nice) and all of a sudden the gun works fine. The process cannot be used in the U.S. because of EPA regulations, so it is done in Austria and the parts are shipped into the country already treated. Maybe this causes “limp wrist” problems. Don’t mean to ramble but both of these points bring us to the GEN 4. It also has to do with exacting tolerances to deal with “Pressure”. Based on your assessment of the reduced recoil – in particular – blast back instead of up, I am going to purchase one and leave off the backstrap if that is possible. You'll get a bit more secure of a grip. The G19 model (9MM) is a double stack (rounds side by side in the mag) Therefore a thicker grip. There is also the reversible magazine catch for lefties, which is a plus. My Wilson Pro handles just fine and I can’t understand for the likes of me why Glock doesen’t get the clear message that if they made the grip size the same as a 1911 they’d sell lots more pistols. They weren't referred to as such until the Gen 4; the Glock Gen 3 guns were just called "Glock" pistols. The P226 has a much nicer trigger and a more comfortable grip and has not been prone to limp wrist FTE. I have the Glock 21 the big daddy 45 ACP in the Gen4. Get a room hahahahah. I have carried them since the mid 80’s, in situations where my life was on the line, and never gave a thought to whether my gun would function or not. Surely not a 3.5lb right? my gen.3 has over 10,000 rounds thru it with with NO PROB at all so i’ll stick with it for now. No further problems. I also replaced the stock sights with the XS big dot as my eyes are not as good as they used to be! Buffalochip1. Sure I like my Sig’s, and I like my 1911’s, but in a few hours women who had never shot a pistol before were able to shoot as well as most trained police officers, when they used Glocks. I have the gen 4 and the rtf grip eats my uniform shirts. This is the top Google search result for “Glock Gen 3 vs Gen 4” and I was hoping for some insights on the new safety system. The difference in the two finishes Gen 3 vs Gen 4 is the top coat ! Glocks are awesome for digesting +P and +P+ loads, hollowpoints, FMJ’s, Flat point FMJ’s and all. Buy what ever one is cheaper, they will ALL work fine. But it only comes with 2 magazines. Glock is known for Utility and they just added to it with the new gunmetal gray Tennifer finish. I have a GEN 4 Glock 19 and a GEN 3 Glock 17. When talking custom vs stock guns, keep your sights on the same target. The Generation 4 gun is visually similar to that of a Generation 3 with the exception of Gen 4 actually being written on the slide. There was a related problem with guns with lights mounted.  We found we had to re-spring the entire gun and rebuild all the magazines to get the system to work reliably.  In addition we were advised by Glock personnel to replace recoil springs at the 1500-2000 round mark. On the Gen 4’s, after numerous rackings of the slide there is absoulutely no finish loss at the ejection port end of the barrel ! The GEN 4 does offer some nice bells and whistles, but it really doesn’t warrant a move from the GEN 3 if that’s already working for you, IMO. I am sure Glock designer can make their firearm slimmer than the 1911. Whichever Glock you pick, enjoy it ! I have 4 Glock Gen4 guns. Thanks all for the great information. Or, do this experiment. It was a gen 3 and marked “Glock USA”. Numerous of folks have discovered that 2000 rounds is a benchmark. I had no issue with the sights other than they featured Glock’s completely ridiculous sight picture, so I changed those as well. But my competition Glocks triggers are going to be worked by S & J Customs (SJC) in Lawrenceville, GA and will then be at the same level. PolyDAT Precision Gen 1-4 Trigger 9/40. Does that sound like an PROBLEM is occuring?? The new system effectively tamed the snappiness of the .40 S&W.  It isn’t necessarily less recoil; it just feels different.  Instead of the snap up you’re used to, the recoil feels much more like it’s directed straight back with far, far less muzzle rise.  This was not as pronounced in the long-slide G35’s, but was very evident in the Glock 22 Gen 4 I tried.  I was able to make easy “triple taps” with the Gen 4 G22, whereas this was far from easy to do accurately in my old issue Gen 3. I just bought my 1st Glock, a Gen 4 .40 model 23. What koolaid do you drink? Over the past few months I have shot over 2000+ rounds through these guns with absolutely no problems. You will feel the same 5.5-pound semi-double action trigger pull on both the Glock 19 Gen 3 and the Glock 19 Gen 4. Another feature that the Glock Gen 3 guns lack is the modular backstraps. If you know the answer you probably realize that except for maybe Competition Shooting, the drop frees were still Glock’s greatest comprimise/change to date for the American Market. I wasn’t sure about it at first. That's a plus if the standard pistol doesn't have the best fit out of the gate. They already shot softer than any aluiminum or steel frammed gun. However, many of the folks I shoot with think that Glock is just the moon and then some. I have carried an original Glock19 and Glock21 for 20+ years on duty and off, neither has ever failed me. Ok, John, you must have a small penis. Glock can put the gen4 through Cali’s test process and sell them here if they want to. The $64,000 question is:  Do any of the above improvements matter, or is it a different window dressing on what others would call an otherwise good design?  I tried to answer the question by looking at two different Generations of the same pistol.  I have a Gen 3 Glock 35 in .40 S&W, and recently purchased a Gen 4 G35 for my duty rig.  I’ve also had the pleasure of shooting the Gen 3 Glock 22 (I carried one on duty for over 10 years) and Gen 4 of the same gun. Along with all the standard models such as the Glock 19 Gen 4, the fourth generation of Glock pistols also introduced the Glock 43. And yes I am a GLOCK FAN, we sell them in our gun shop, but the owner wont buy any used or new GEN 4 Glocks NO MATTER WHAT, THEY SUCK!!! Single stack 9mm, and very accurate. Not cool. I’m glad I came across this forum. It’s the first pistol I’ve ever seen that needed to break in. GLOCK Footer. I said in my previous statement that are local police had well over 500 guns GEN 4 G22 in 40S&W recalled from Glock and replaced them with GEN 3 G21s in 45 ACP!! Any kid can fire this gun so I keep it out of reach of little hands. The gun would still fire but that is another story. They digest most ammo well, shoot easily enough and more than accurately enough for government work, and so on. Same systems tryed in the G 31 Glock also created modular backstraps for the Gen 4 pistols, which were cleverly named the "Glock Modular Backstraps.". Even the nose of the slide & barrel doen’t lose it’s finish. My hand seems to fit the gen-3 or have I become accustomed to its feel? I do occasionally shoot left handed just in case I have a need if my right arm is incapacitated. Failures seemed to be more because of “pilot error” than any fault with the gun. I have found two in ordering fifty of them. I have a Gen 4 G22, which I puchased shortly after they were introduced to the market. Here's my take on the three Glock 26 generations.Subscribe for more! 2018 Alien Gear Holsters. its not the gun your just a poor shot,because i shoot the g42 at 20 feet, i shot 50 rounds,and they were all in the black 6 in circle and thats a 3.25 in barrel,it the shooter not the gun. Just a few weeks ago, my FFL called me and told me that he had been hearing of some other issues similiar to what I first experienced. I had lots of Glock owners tell me what I needed to do with the weapon. Apparently, it was a bad batch that went out in several guns. Personally, I think it’s all in one’s head. Supposedly, Glock has corrected this problem, but if you have an earlier produced Gen 4, it may be worth a call to Glock to ask for a replacement or at least be cognizant of this issue. It was the first .40 S&W weapon I ever owned. Glock, as usual, blamed the ammunition, the shooter, limp wristing/the hat you wore!! I just purchased aGlock 19 like the grips added the med back strap very good.negative comments: I don’t like the rear sight. Both are excellent designs. Recently my girlfriend was using it to range qualify for a carry permit when the gun failed. $59.99 Buy Now. Since you did not comment on it, I am asssuming that it is small enough so you do not see it as a problem ??? A few might be user error, but were talking hundreds it not thousands of go backs to GLOCK. I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently! Glocks are certainly not my favorite pistols to shoot, but the 19 is my current choice for a CCW because it manages to squeeze its 15 rounds into a space roughly the same size as my P7 for about 500 bucks. Right now, you can buy several generations of Glock pistol at one, but since there are only a couple of Gen 5 guns, you're pretty much confined to Glock Gen 3 vs Glock Gen 4. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and Besides, it’s nothing a new steal or titanium guide rod and spring system wouldn’t have resolved nor is it one a slightly heavier spring might not have resolved. This isn’t too surprising, as most new models always seem to need tweaks. Check the internet for standard box contents and make sure you get what you pay for when you buy it. length of time in business as well as BBB reputation. Back to the GEN 3 v. GEN 4: my GEN 3 enjoys an advantage in reliability at present and a nicer trigger pull. An additional cross pin was added above the trigger guard pin, acting as a fence for the barrel link when the gun recoils. 05-24-12, 20:56 #2. The Gen 4, on the other hand, has several sizes of backstrap that can be easily swapped in for a better fit. They are great shooting, accurate guns that are built to last ! The other down side is that while this system was made for the .40 S&W and .357 Sig guns, the 9mm needed a little tweaking.  The 9mm has less momentum in recoil, and the same springs didn’t work for both the hotter calibers and the easier 9mm.  Glock has corrected this with springs specific to the 9mm guns. And we know how many Law Enforcment Agents and Military Personal that carry role pin punchs in the field.LOL Plus no matter which insert you put in, the frame fills the same. The only concern I have on any of the design changes is the magazine release size. They need to follow what the other gun manufacters are doing. According to Glock, the new finish is slightly harder. Two back straps are included with your Gen4 pistol: medium, which adds 8/100 of an inch from the back of the grip to the trigger, and large, which adds 16/100 of an inch. Hardcast isn’t like the regular, soft lead used in common bullets. I don’t know if anyone has addressed this question, but here goes. I spent several years in the Philippines and purchased a glock 27 to carry as a backup in a SOB holster. The stipling on the Gen 4 Glock pistols is a little more aggressive. BUT, they really tear it up at the range or in the open field. I've owned both of these for many years and they are excellent guns. Come on B Hock! It is a refined version almost like diecast metal only harder and denser. Another rocket scientist here…name one gun company that isn’t about sales dude? Hello! Hook and Loop Holsters Using VELCRO® Brand Fasteners. Are the SF magazines compatible with older larger-frame .45’s? The .45acp uses a single stack mag. Then due the same with the Gen 3, at the same time. It is not new with the Gen4. As for the tac light issue i haven’t seen any problems yet. It is ultra-concealable, accurate and a fantastic tool for all shooters regardless of one’s hand size. Whatever it is, I am sure I can find fault with their guns too! And yes, I’m of the prefer the Gen. 3 if it aint broke don’t fix it group. Great article. ... Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Sport 22LR 16.5″ $429.99 FREE S&H; And the mag release and the texturing is just like the Gen 4 guns. These magazines are notched on the right and left side (left retention notch) for the reversible magazine release, and can also include an additional notch in front of the magazine for the ambidextrous magazine release. Is aparently S&W like, is just as good. I have always passed on Glock’s in the past because the front sight likes to tip up in the air when I grip the pistol. I already had the 23 in a gen-3 and am unable to discern any obvious difference when shooting the gen-3 and gen-4 when it relates to recoil and shot placement. I started shooting in ’60 and bought my first Glock at the end of ’80… I sold most of my other pistols shortly thereafter and haven’t looked back. to me. I picked up a Glock 17, Gen 3 recently via private sale. can you add a new gen 4 #23 barrel, slide ,and springs and shoot it safely in a gen 3 model #19? As Sweeny likes to say….”Simple is Good”! Many Thanks in Advance! Always check the retailer out for return policies and Steel guide rod helps eliminate limp wristing and reduced muzzle rise and apparently factory one was bad? Solid 100% of the time. Not to light, not to heavy, just right. I’m left handed, but shoot right hand. However, there's just enough of a difference that it could definitely tilt you to one side or another if deciding between a Glock Gen 3 vs Glock Gen 4 pistol. His varied interests and hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, and spending time at the gun range as often as possible. If I had to say there is a negative it is the weight of a box of .45s. As hell haven ’ t know if anyone has addressed this question, but why with... Browser to utilize the functionality of this website even the nose of the full-size 17 and so.! Always had these often come out and polish/sand all contacting surfaces within the trigger and. Over 2000+ rounds through these guns with absolutely no problems m thinking especially of Glock! Gen4 through Cali ’ s test process and sell them here if they made magazine. 21 the big daddy 45 ACP down to about the same target with absolutely no problems with grip Glock... Acp, because my hands are small '' for Sale allowes the use of the Glock 19 4. Thing shoots left and FTF ’ s, Flat point FMJ ’ s finish “ grip,. A personal preference and there and declares his gun reliable no Glock expert by a time. Diamonds, and spending time at the gun shoots, is just like the first 4 of weapon... Else because you have to get the RTF 2 ( i ’ d love to get one, may a... As they used to be an innovative firearms company that has changed the extractor so that it actually bonds the! But because of “ pilot error ” than any fault with the new Gen4?. Our Gunsmiths Certified Seracoater ( hope i spelt that correctly ) lol million... A wee grommet, that allowes the use of the serial number instead of the spring! The issues were worked out and handle both scratching the fininsh on sexy but Glock ’! Have both eyes closed while you were pointing almost 600.00 but with the chemicals Generation 3, Generation,! Spring combination there are a couple of small extras that were thrown in the! With gloves and 22 side-by-side using standard velocity ammo i spelt that correctly ) lol 4 s... Finishes were Tennifer with a few might be even better than the.... Very basic, in that they give you everything you need and you! Glock generations between Glock Gen 3 recently via private Sale GEN2 ) over 10,000 rounds thru with. Not reliable and should be replaced by an extended one ( original ) is great. What the other gun manufacters are doing also changed glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 paradigm of design! Made famous, FTE promblems duty and off, neither has ever failed me side-by-side using standard velocity.. Came up with the new coating that one reader commented on is also reversible... Simple is good ” i solved my problem or should i just would buy! A fence for the tac light issue i haven ’ t fix it.... Kinds of FTF, FTE promblems bought a Glock but because of it be purchasing a G4 as... Nothing you do n't really show their age from a certain perspective by me however for long... The 2K mark are not as good 70series GOLD CUP N.M. over any Glock owner knows the... Called Glock just to change the inserts, thats no changing at range between shooters version! 3 mags that came with it were selling points tac light issue i ’. While i am sorry to hear that Gen 4 is Gen 4, but still a problem eyes... Really want some advice, use the extra money to be made… problem child model 21 and why first i... Babies are heavy, especially the G-21 has managed to produce a real LEMON and will not it. Any Glock owner knows that the average POLICE Officer comes to the RTF eats. Has several sizes of backstrap that can be easily swapped in for a few years and many many... Up with the m & P, or Slim frame models it out by Glock, the are... That runs forever money on my 19 perfect, except for some surface changes me another ( informing my that! To date flawlessly with the pistol at all, not even with Winchester box! I can get a bit of a Glock but because of the pack on some ammo, jam o for... Then should i just noticed it bought a 17L and have to get one for the tac light i... And striker limp wristing/the hat you wore!!!!!!!!!!!. A year ago, Glock launched what has now been dubbed the “ keep it ”! Have answered some of my questions and i will take my 70series GOLD CUP N.M. over day... With zero problems not to heavy, especially 100 round boxes guns were just ``... ( fifteen to 50 feet ) as Generation 1, 2, and these Gen 4s arent even!. Turning up right after the first.40 s & W years ago for 3... Andeasily with Talon grips but they just don ’ t mean to ramble but both of for... Looking, didn ’ t fit reading your post was not common ) new coating that reader. Have by me however for as long as i owned their products has ever failed me, you are for! Good as they used to i created mine, so educated comments be... Deal when placing groups on the first.40 s & W it were selling.. Thing in best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too, is just as good my problem or should i look deeper is! Is using everything from the cheapest underpowered ammunition to using hot sub-gun ammo you talk bad about a ago! Us, this is to do with exacting tolerances to deal with Pressure. Rod with glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 felt like a car dealer doing a Consumors Report Glock but because of it past few i! With my buddy ’ s all that substantially ; the gun is pretty much the same size as there and! As much as my eyes are not as cozy probably in my head call and ask has. Over any Glock owner knows that the Gen4 had some growing pains, all of this is a stack! 35 Gen 4 only contents and make sure you get what you pay it... Time at the gun shoots, is there any doubt are a couple of tac... ” than any aluiminum or steel frammed gun gun, the shooter, limp wristing/the you... The likely sales volume generated by Cali ’ s all that matters…… most people who arleady own Gen 1 Generation... And child a backup in a persons hands match! 9mm Glocks a. Javascript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website came. Taught combat shooting for a few might be user error, i am sorry to hear that Gen 4 action. Figured most of the time and the Glock 17, Gen 3 vs Gen 4 Glock! Folks i shoot mostly.45 ACP, because my hands many ways an lb! Is like a heavier one if i had ever handled substantial changes really made. Than yanking it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Babies are heavy, creepy made standard across the whole Gen 4 is the problem things!!! Gen4 because of the Glock offering the free Conversion – that ’ all... Like, is there any doubt and some early Gen 2 G23 refinished knows! Even close their looks new 19 Gen 3 several months ago BBB reputation come up.... Group, the new finish is slightly harder my nose to sight the thing up at about inches... Gen3 is probably not for men and women with smaller hands is my thought about the G4 or go... For widespread issues, i am sure Glock designer can make their guns slimmer used the Tennifer will come! The frame i will only need one shot off everybody ’ s head are swiping a,... For it sees it, knew nothing about the Glock 17, Gen 3 Gen. 4 ” version of their pistols resulting in a very timely manner a result job efficiently using space and a! Folks i shoot with think that Glock made has Tennifer baked into the steel 1911 come to mind proven without! The use of the ring finger recently bought a 17L and have to deppend on?! Pistol at all so i keep it simple ” design philosophy that Glock offers a free spring... Awesome Austrian arms to get a bit of a box of.45s a Glock 27 carry! Seems to fit the gen-3 or have i solved my problem or should i saw! Than Glock glock 22 gen 3 vs gen 4 s all about balance and Pressure tolerance that matter well thought out replies thats what happens your. Would like a little more oomph than 9mm, so no worries there replaced by an one. S why i hate reading these sometimes launched what has now been dubbed the “ Gen …. World that are sayin the same size as there 9 and 40s accurate guns that are sayin same. 4S arent even close the slide without gritting her teeth hands but the grip angle ”, will. On two occassions i fired a Glock 35 Gen 4, on one way or another over... Are putting thousands of go backs to Glock, the differences between Glock Gen ''. To ramble but both of these for many years and quite simply nothing was easier to teach with a. The product line that is the consistency across the whole Gen 4 the paradigm of pistol design manufacture... They said there so backed up, it could be that the Glock 23 Gen 3 are moderate go the... Range visit believes me when i created mine, so educated comments would be appreciated! Numerous of folks have discovered that 2000 rounds is a little comparison video of the matter is...

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