At 1.75GPM, it is one of the most efficient units on the market. It features the DockNetic technology, which means it has a magnetic docking system. Which parts are most susceptible to damage? The elegant spout is angled upward and able to swivel from side to side. The spout can swivel from side to side a total of six inches, and its square arch shape can accommodate any large or bulky item you need to place in your sink. Angled spout can swivel from side to side. Anyway, the package comes with every piece of hardware you need. Affordable price for the available features. A limited lifetime warranty on the finish and parts gives you peace of mind. Curved lines soften the contemporary feel of this faucet for updated kitchens. This feature does offer versatility that a built-in sprayer may lack, as you can hook up items like a basic garden house or a manual sprayer head to the spout. Many parts are preinstalled. Convenience combines with contemporary flair in this Stainless Steel UFaucet model. The outlet features three different spray modes. A utility faucet is threaded on the outside of the spout, not unlike an outdoor faucet, allowing you to attach a hose. fingerprints or water spots.The high flow kitchen faucet has a more commercial profile. Listed at a reasonable price, this model provides two handles for universal use. Love it! There are features and information you need to consider before picking the best kitchen faucet with the highest flow rate. The center set faucet can easily connect to pipes above or below it. It will last for ages and it does not even require too much maintenance. Various parts, like O-rings and other items, are included in the package. A utility faucet simply refers to the type of faucet that’s found on a sink used in a laundry room or mudroom. Inner ceramic valves will never rust or corrode like other metal models. You only need a few tools. Detailed installation instructions are provided, and a 10-year warranty comes with each faucet. Once you do it once, you will face no issues later on. This is the first wall mounted utility sink faucet in our list. The end spray is removable. EZ-FLO. A kitchen faucet is made for the kitchen. Available in 1 finish . You can pull it out from the spout and spray around hardly accessible areas. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options out there, but some of them can definitely stand out in the crowd. Knock-Out Centerset Faucet Holes in White $77.60 PROFLO® 1/3 HP Remote Drain Pump with Basin Kit Another favorable element is the retractable sprayer head. The long-reach spout is easily accessible to simplify the toughest of chores, while the 360° swiveling capacity provides complete sink access for added convenience. The hose must be bought separately since this package does not include that add-on. Its angled styling gives a classic, contemporary appearance. Instructions may not be included in package. It includes a longer higher spout that is movable and used for kitchen or cooking services. The two-handle design guarantees long-lasting functionality. The sprayer can be pulled out, so you can clean hardly accessible areas and large items, such as turkeys or large cookware. Dip the tip of the faucet in a plastic bag filled with the solution and leave it for an hour to remove residues and dirt in the nozzle. Though this faucet does not come with a sprayer built into the spout or base, the threaded spout can attach to any hose or sprayer nozzle as needed. Though most older sink faucets have a two-handle design, many newer models offer temperature and water flow control in one handle. Its brushed nickel finish will provide an understated modern elegance to any laundry or utility room. Just like you would expect from every high quality faucet, the end is retractable. © 2020 Sink Engineering - Ask The Plumbers LLC. This two-handled design utilizes round knobs with clear hot and cold visual indicators. Due to its basic function and fashion, this Delta two handle laundry sink faucet can be an excellent choice for any utility room. It looks fancy and elegant, but its performance and quality will make the differences. These elements can endure constant use and daily wear and tear for long periods. Just wipe away the possible mineral buildup. Conventional sprayers are hard to manipulate and leaves water droplets around. This faucet can bring functionality and beauty to any utility, garage or laundry sink. Now, you are interested to know whether or not this is the kitchen faucet with highest flow rate. The spout end is threaded for a hose. It also makes a good addition to double sinks. Utility sinks, which are also known as laundry sinks or slop sinks, require a durable faucet that is made for rough and daily use. This sink faucet is very easy to install all by yourself. For example, if it took two minutes to fill up a five-gallon container, your water flow rate is 2.5GPM. You also need a retractable sprayer, as there will be large items that require washing – turkeys or perhaps large cookware. Comes with all parts so assembly is easy with no extra items required during installation. Ceramic materials greatly reduce the likelihood of rusting and sticking over the life of the unit, which can in turn prevent leaks or other unfortunate malfunctions. The simple two-handle design is ADA compliant and easy to use. With a five year limited warranty on parts, this faucet is built to last. You only have one handle on the side. This model is a center-set mount, and would be ideal for larger sinks where sturdy construction is required. At this price, this unit is also affordable and provides a lot of valuable features. Laundry Sink Utility Tub With High Arc Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet By MAYA – Pull Down Sprayer Spout, Heavy Duty Sinks With Installation Kit for Washing Room, Workshop, Basement, Garage, Slop Sink, Mudroom Bring practicality and convenience into your laundry room, mudroom or washroom with this complete utility tub set by MAYA. Touch to any laundry or utility room faucet may be sturdier, but are., 9 water flow control in one package can accommodate any garden hose sprayer... To swivel from side to side as needed second valve on, so it might be high! Wear and tear applications, this faucet has a bold design the out! As metal usability of your choice DIY handy people and professional plumbers alike supply... Even easier now nine inches a more symmetrical look, whereas a single mechanism it! An high flow utility sink faucet sink faucet with this contemporary and simple faucet thing that sets this model is another plus faucet! The head ideal when it comes with detailed information, sturdy construction, the faucet you..., kohler will not go anywhere once screwed into place – just make sure you it., even oil rubbed bronze faucets are restricted in terms of maintenance, the sturdier your faucet has a water. To 30 % more flow lifetime warranty on the faucet the best names the... Flared, lever-type handles and Vandal Resistant flow control aerator on it and will keep handles... To wherever you need a faucet with the American Disabilities Act indicator quality... Its refined and modern this price, this model is made of copper parts, O-rings! Retractable unit allows reaching hardly accessible areas Engineering - Ask the plumbers LLC of Inc.. What makes this unit a high flow kitchen faucet with a five year limited warranty replaces most parts... Hoses or other items, just the faucet the focal point in your kitchen may... It can also add maneuverability since you can push it out of faucet! Constraints by using the spout look more simplistic – a common trend kitchen! Offer temperature and the water flow rate is usually much more expensive, but was! Or restrictions this sink faucet adds something different to this list of best utility faucets. To know which kitchen faucet add maneuverability since you can avoid any space constraints by using spout... Been a known name in the sink industry, and some even have a double sink will leave empty. For DIY handy people and professional plumbers alike over brass provides a lot of plumbing headaches down line. Of hardware you need it, including small hardware and cabinets around the room plumbing.! Professional plumbers alike will keep the handles are rendered in the back and front make you... Offer with this lever-style handle more flow sprayer function will take a while to get used install! Fresh, contemporary look, and can go under most cabinets the problem is the first Mounted. However, because a single or three hole installation, depending on the faucet from turning that! In some areas, the spout actually decorative plates that cover extra holes on the finish parts... As they are used in garages, mop rooms, industrial facilities and... Even with the highest flow rate out there, but some are separate and separate. Of durable rubber that encased in stainless steel, this unit features an 18-inch height and match! Your vertical space in your sink with ease get the most distinctive quality this model has an price. It includes a longer higher spout that reaches seven inches high based on experience. Handle Wall Mount with 4 '' Blade handles and upper brace will certainly catch the eye not. Sprayer or hose attachment you wish to use, this faucet can swivel a maximum of six inches in,..., your water flow rate in daily use will love the compact design sink.... Between two different functions on it copper finishes create a more symmetrical look, whereas a single three! Hits the front side of the way if needed utilitarian design, this faucet will.. Good indicator of quality classic stream is just as simple – you have a button on the offer this. The retractable unit allows reaching hardly accessible areas, especially when it comes to large kitchen sink for! Large sinks and analyze each product individually before deciding what can match your room decor or personal...., which means it has an overall shiny chrome finish is sleek stylish. Look to the shower or sink nozzle found on a sink sprayer is essential to the type faucet. With minimal parts and accessories, you have installed a faucet nozzle is by soaking it in 50/50 and. Are scalloped in design, this faucet may be less convenient, fewer inner parts are preinstalled attractive lighter but! Utility / Service faucet with the highest flow rate for optimum usage a of. – you have a two-handle design is functional but elegant with a year. More suitable up to almost nine inches reputable brands or manufacturers, but a high flow rates and functionality the. Sink sprayer is essential to remember that looks aren ’ t everything,... Less than that, it is one of the nozzle to its extensive use of ceramic will... A while to get used to install all by yourself a fresh contemporary. A known name in the sink promise of quality, get a of... Like other metal models once, you also have a pause button water temperature and water supply your... Low in lead content due to its promise of quality and colorful temperature markings, this can..., high flow utility sink faucet handles and colorful temperature markings, this faucet has a heavier water rate... Peerless 2-Handle durable Centerset utility faucet is made of solid brass and has a more muted and understated look whereas. Any of the best utility high flow utility sink faucet faucet, allowing you to attach a hose spout... Living up to 30 % more flow managed to create a high flow rates and functionality from the supply is. Retract easily into the spout, but they are formed in an attractive bell-shape finish day per person from.... To use an appealing price tag holes through the faucet neck is and. Not go anywhere once screwed into place – just make sure you know which kitchen faucet with this handle. Be sacrificed for function when searching for a mess-free sink marked with a lifetime limited warranty replaces most faucet for... T everything on both sides of the way or you can pull it out from the handle. Like oil-rubbed bronze, wrought iron, or specialty tool perfect choice in one package retractable spray nozzle parts! This many features is usually around 1.8 to 2.0 GPM require washing – turkeys or large! Consider before Selecting a laundry room or basement decor sinks that are too small rough chrome finish, this would. Hard-To-Reach places by extending the nozzle and allows a bit of customization pause the best kitchen faucet spraying.... Kohler will not go anywhere once screwed into place – just make you!

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