Very impressed and If you are thinking about getting a speedwoofer 10s dont think about it just do it. That’s FOUR times the output! Auto On: Activated by audio signal, shuts off after 20 minutes with no signal and sublimely musical no matter what the program material is. It has been a pleasure of a purchase and intend to use it for a long time to come. Now i feel the music and hear bass lines that were low sonic blurs. I am punishing them right now with some NIN. You’ll need the op onal RSL AT1 Wireless Audio Transmi er. Average I came across the speedwoofer10s through audioholics' review and was impressed. Watching one of the remakes of Jurrasic Park bought out the excitement of the movie with those big guys sounding official. I replaced my other home theather subwoofer which is a polk micropro 3000 which is 1200 watts rms and 2400 peak which cant play as deep as the speedwoofer 10s. 2) There are very limited information in RSL website on this product. The test tone from my Onkyo told me I was dealing with an entirely different breed. Awesome sub! **based on product condition. Woooo Hoooo!!! It fills my jacked up room with Deep wonderfully accurate BASS. Now to say how it improved my overall speaker quality, I tested it with Riding with the King by Eric Clapton and was able to hear a clear and well defined Mid range that I had not heard before.The Speedwoofer is one great product that deserves all the praise. However, I never really thought of a sub as anything more than a big noise box that goes into action for movie explosions so I didn't put much of a priority on that piece of the HT puzzle. Its the best of both worlds. derekmoore said: SB2000 pro is a 14" cube roughly. Now, my original intention was to get another in a month or need. I was always happy with the Velodyne, but now, in comparison, the 10S can easily provide as much room-shaking bass for movie watching, but with less distortion. They werent kidding when they said this thing packs a punch. The reason I'm writing this review is because of the amazing passion Howard has for his speakers and his company. I just revieved my RSL Speedwoofer 10S today and got them set up. Rsl Speedwoofer 10 Pdf User Manuals. Based on the overwhelming number of positive reviews, I decided to give the RSL Speedwoofer 10S a try. I purchased this subwoofer after owning products that cost in multiples, this $400 subwoofer replaced a $1100 high end unit. Frequency Response: 24-200 Hz ± 3db, substantial output down to 20Hz (CEA-2010) Woofer: 10” high-excursion cast-frame woofer, double magnet structure. True to claims and much better than expected. Its the finishing touch. Factory Fresh ! The wireless kit and auto on/off works surprisingly well and I have yet to experience a disconnect. Thanks, RSL, love the unit and your service was outstanding. The bass is articulate, eveloping. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the new sub. The addition of this subwoofer has greatly enhanced my music enjoyment! The 10S’s close-miked response, normalized to the level at 80 Hz, indicates that the lower –3dB point is at 30 Hz and the –6dB point is at 27 Hz. Compared to my previous VELODYNE subwoofer it plays much better, much deeper. I've never heard a 10 inch sub at this size with this much clean output. Die durchschnittlich erreichte Punktezahl gibt die Meinung der Expertencommunity über das Produkt wieder. Black and White Speedwoofers are currently sold out. Great product, and always a pleasure to do business with RSL, awesome customer service. I haven't even spent but 5 minutes adjusting to match to my Jamo towers. Shipping was both free & fast. The RSL is my reference for affordable subwoofers because it sounds great, and its output is more like what I typically measure from $600 subs. And this is accomplished with no distortion + Best bang per buck, you cant find quality like this without spending twice as much. 2016 Audioholics Product of the Year Award Winners - Duration: 11:48. Power Input: 115V, 60Hz, 230V, 50/60Hz AC This have very tight performance which is very helpful in music. Save even more in RSL Speakers' Outlet Store. Cons: Punchy, loud, fast... Speedwoofer 10S exactly as advertised. “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans” Now mind you my previous sub was an htib sony pos. The pioneer AJ speakers now sound like a millon bucks as compared to before. I purchased two RSL speed woofers and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Anyone having a doubt that a 10 cant run circles around a 12 need to give the Speedwoofer 10s a try. I got everything hooked up and started the fun. Other sub owned: Hsu Research VTF-2 MK5, ELAC 3030, ELAC S10EQ, Polk PSW505 This thing is just remarkable. I have this album on HD FLAC 48KHz 24 bit and it is stunning with the Speedwoofer. Quoted frequency response is 24-200 Hz ± 3dB. I have a townhouse with neighbors on both sides of me. Primarily for music and streaming when I don't want to fire up the big system. Power: 350 watts RMS @ 4 ohms The ELAC Uni-Fi pair sound good on their own but still need reinforcement on the bottom end for movies and music. Additionally, there's only one spot I can put a single sub, both for sound and aesthetics. Good At 350 watts, this thing ROCKS! If you are on the fence, I suggest you try the RSL sub. Well..... just because. Cranking up to MPL (Medium Pain Level) with Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" (Tropical House remix) immediately dispelled any thoughts of the 10S not keeping up with the efficiency of the rest of the speakers; for with the 10S volume set at the 11:00 position, I soon found my corpulent torso vibrating across the room in syncopation with the music - albeit in an finely articulated and well-defined manner. I'm saying it looks just fine). Black and White Speedwoofers are currently sold out. Often, spacing subs apart from each other will achieve this effect (top image). It strikes an incredible balance between finesse and ferocity, handling delicate classical music, thumping hip hop, and explosive movie tracks with ease. J. Wright. Instead, get out your credit card and order the 10S. Speakers sound boxy and unnatural. The Velodyne did well with slow, deep bass but missed an incredible amount of transients in "quicker" notes. As part of the review setup, I received the Speedwoofer 10, which is the sole subwoofer in RSL’s lineup. Total package $449. I was going to get two, but dear lord what on earth would I do with 4x the output? Most of today’s subwoofers localize, which means that they draw attention to themselves. I also tested it with Fourplay's Fourplay and Between the sheets CD where the bass was tight and focused. Updated Shipping Lead Times Bass is tight and precise and there is enough rumble not even turning it up past 50%. Suffice it to say, after listening to some great tracks with ample low end, this thing is seriously amazing. Figured they had to cut corners somewhere, right? The grill cover is nice. The Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer ($399) that RSL sent me to test with the system, a previous S&V Top Pick, also features Compression Guide Technology and is ported via a wide, narrow slot on its front baffle. Dimensions: H: 16” W: 15” D: 16 3/4”. RSL Speaker Systems Speedwoofer 10S for sale. Verified! They will become available Feb. 2021. rsl speedwoofer 10s dual subs with music (must use headphones) - Duration: 6:29. ace19015 4,631 views. In short, it has both the qualities of a sealed sub (tight and clean punch) combined with the power and authority of a ported HT sub. I've been completely satisfied with the subs. sub is $100 more and 50 watts R.M.S. I settled on 20% by playing So What by Miles Davis since I knew how that was supposed to sound. I put in San Andreas and listened to the earthquake sequence and was blown away. I will spread the Speedwoofer word. Thank you RSL for letting me have it, you can't have it back so you can put your 30 day free return in the drawer... We, meaning the wife and I, she love's subwoofers, were sooooooooooooooooooo glad we waited for the subs to watch Justice League I am so impressed with these little monsters. Dear RSL Customers, Please see below for current updates: Updated Shipping Lead Times Due to the holidays, we are inundated with orders and doing our best to go as quickly as we can. We don't stop until we have reached a product that raises the bar and offers something new. The result is a dopamine generator for the ears and brain that has left me completely addicted! And hearing detail in the rumbles and shakes of movies was equally shocking. I have to agree that it puts out clean bass like a 12 inch subwoofer. I listened to a Sonos impressed but didn’t want to spend that amount of money. I wasn’t disappointed. Wow what a difference from the Klipsch subs (muddy, chuffing, ground loops hums on both the 10" and 12" Klipsch tried separately) . Here is the only one I found (using Google Images): Post Reply. The Speedwoofer 10S has a 350W amp, a 10” driver, and a cabinet with a volume about 25% less than the Emotiva sub’s. Go. Sure there were other company's,but I liked what RSL had to offer. I knew it was high quality by the components. Utterly startling, phenomenally great! Subwoofers become drastically faster and more articulate. I plan on replacing my front LCR's with 3 of their monitors and getting that second sub to complete my 7. Not boomy, not muddy, just sweet, solid bass. Now it's time to dust off the movie U-571 and listen and feel the depth charges go off, also a DVD of John Fogerty, that has a great drummer Kenny Aronoff slam on the drums. Two subs placed apart doubles the output with a +3 dB increase at all frequencies. Fuse: 115V T5.0AL/250V Trust me, as soon as I can convince the wife I'll be getting another one:). THE SPEEDWOOFER 10S IS THE WORLD’S NEW. The RSL Speedwoofer is the best sub I have ever auditioned.I bought it on "word of mouth" and it has exceeded my expectations. To my surprise, I need to put the volume about 25% more in the 500W SB-2000 to get the same effect as the Speedwoofer 10S for both music and movies. Seems like the whole movie was filled with bass from low rumbles to loud thumps... and the sub handled it all wonderfully. It's the perfect compliment to my Martin Logan LRC theater. Pre-order now. I also want to say a big THANK YOU to Howard for his help when I called, so easy to talk to and very up front. Black and White Speedwoofers are currently out of stock. The Speedwoofer 10S comes with a built-in wireless receiver. The subwoofer does not create distortion, headroom is very large. Set up was pretty quick, when its in the 'right' spot it just melds with its surrounding. So based on many reviews and my experience with 10's I ordered a Speedwoofer 10s. them if I had any questions at all. Definitely worth every penny, that's for sure!! I've got a integrated KT88 tube amp,Shiit Gumby dac and cd transport which puts out some wonderful sounding music to my Heresy III speakers,but with out my subs in the mix, it was just not the same. Even when moving up to the AVL (Aural Vasectomy Level) the 10S maintained composure, though it's volume had to be turned up. Plus, if you decide to go wireless, you can daisy chain the subs so you only need one transmitter! All I can say is WOW. so im probably not the best person to trust for a glowing reccomendation. Well first off, due to specific circumstances I can't turn these subs up very high without disrupting my neighbors or roommates, so I can't really tell you about the sub's capability to rumble. I started looking for a new subwoofer a few weeks ago, and I considered several options. "Even when we pitted it against much more expensive models, it emerged as the top pick in our listening tests." So, to test the bass, I used the first minute of "Live, Die, Repeat". I've replaced my two 12'' Klipsch subs with two RSL Speedwoofer 10S and I'm very impressed. Movies now have the impact without sounding bloated. Seriously, do your research. I have pretty good speakers (Polk LSI/M) for my home theater setup. But the one thing that kicks my tush was music. Joe, Rodger and the team I just want too thank you for making such great equipment that us average Joe's (no pun intended Joe) can afford and enjoy. The speakers sound clear and clean, the piano gloss is fantastic, and the Speedwoofer performance was startling. I knew the sound I wanted but couldn’t explain it. + Tight, concise, loud. I got very friendly and helpful well thought out assistance - EVERY TIME:) I bought the speedwoofer 10s because of the great value and relatively small footprint. I would struggle to recommend anything else. Not that bad "The Speedwoofer 10S offers an ideal blend of bass power and finesse, in a compact and affordable package." Clean, rich, full bass with tons of power. The articulation and air moving capability are similar but the way your sub blends with my Revel Performa 3 speakers is superior. Wish I would have saved myself the headaches and got this first. Can't go wrong with these, unless you have extreme tastes, and if you do you probably wouldn't mind spending MUCH more to find something better anyway. Amazing what that little 10 can do and blends soooooo well with my bookshelf’s! The Speedwoofer’s performance defies logic. And, within 2 hours of use, I received phone calls from both neighbors asking me to turn down the thunder! Buy this one (or two) and do not look back, you are getting serious bass for relatively little $$$! Hide sidebar Show sidebar Thread starter HillyG; Start date Nov 13, 2020; H. HillyG Audiophyte. I didnt want to keep blowing a lot of money on subs but I really need clear quality sound, so the AVS forum steered me here. I hate this upcoming phrase because it always seems to let the air out of a review but sometimes it has to be said. Two takes it to a completely different level. I temper my comments with guidance that I'm not an audiophile or audio expert, but, thus far, the 10Ss is a welcome addition in my system. 5:33. Now I sat back and could not belive what I'd been missing in bass. Thank you for delivering on all levels; the 10S's quality, accuracy and musicality are indeed music to the ears and an amazing value as well. Pre-orders are still available. The best Bang for the Buck I should say. Worth every penny and more. It is paired with a couple of well-burned-in first-generation CG-3s that have had to make due with a cheap sub I purchased a few years ago that finally gave up the ghost, so to speak. RSL’s Speedwoofer 10S is an incredibly impressive performer and stands at the heart of the CG3 home theater system. Thanks Joe, I know I had a lot of questions leading up to actually buying something but I hate packing an item back up for return. This subwoofer packs a punch when I'm watching movies. My wife then joined me to watch Captain America civil war. Crossover Slope: 12 db The Speedwoofer 10S has piqued my interest in seeing what RSL's speaker line is like, I will definitely be considering some stereo mains. The drums were authoritative and punchy. The movie "Oblivion" is next on my list. Now the soundbar is free to focus on the frequency range it excels at, which has revealed a whole new level of music information coming through the speakers. Despite the resulting low signal from the Denon, I have never had an issue with the Speedwoofer not waking up. I have a dedicated 2nd floor theater, 15ftx18ft, with a 10 ft ceiling and set up in a 5.2.2 Atmos config (Pioneer VSX-1131 AVR). Lastly, the after sales service is out of this world. Looking forward to getting a second! So then I get the following email from the owner of the company: I have received the sub-woofer last week, I have installed it on Saturday. It was clearly too loud with volume at 12 o’clock position. Great job RSL! Only had to pay shipping. Very happy with this sub and is definitely “best bang for your buck”. I may have to take a vacation day tomorrow to enjoy it because the few hours after work that I can play it loud are too few. Very satisfied! TestSeek hat 4 Expertenmeinungen über RSL Speedwoofer 10S subwoofer eingeholt. The feeling that you have managed to combine the best qualities of the subwoofer with a closed box and bass reflex. I even got a phone call on a weekend to assist me in fine tuning and setup from Roger himself. The S.V.S. Numerous stellar reviews from the major AV mags/web sites sealed the deal. Also a special shout out to the AVS forum members for recommending this subwoofer to me. Thank you for building a fantastic product and offering it at an extremely fair price. Dismiss. Bought this after a Velodyne VX-11 plate amp went bad on a sub only 3-1/2 years old. The SpeedWoofer 10S has a high-excursion 10" driver in a front-ported design using RSL's exclusive Compression Guide technology. Keith Urban 'Ripcord' about collapsed my chest - felt like the kick drum thumper thing was actually hitting my chest. It's so powerful. The wife stated we wouldnt need to schedule any massage appointments, just go to the theater room and crank up an action movie! I have owned a dozen or so subwoofers over the years, from Definitive Technology, to SVS. Used for 1 hour. Good people! Since both you and svs offer the home trial (actuallt svs trial is slightly longer) I could just return the sub I liked the least. For only $50, add the optional transmitter and make your Speedwoofer 10S wireless. I have to say I love my sb13 and expected wind up with the sb1000 as well, but figured I'd give the 10s a shot. The subwoofer is in great condition with some minor scratches on the top. Honestly this sub packs a punch! Equipment: NAD 3020v2 Hybrid Amp, ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 (pair) I was looking to add a pair of subwoofers to my 2 channel setup. Factory Fresh ! Let me emphasize that the heart of any multichannel audio system is its sub. The RSL CG4/CG24 & Speedwoofer 10 subwoofer/satellite speaker system have a small footprint but offer truly explosive sound and top notch build quality. Your new Speedwoofer 10S is the result of years of research and development. Sub integrates seamlessly and adds exactly the low frequency bass to my system it was lacking. I got really good impact from one but knee from my readings that two will eliminate the localisation of the subwoofer. This is something that obviously never occurred to me, but it's definitely an added bonus when HT equipment is met with wife approval. I've had the Speedwoofer 10s for about 2 months and am very happy with it. punchy when it's supposed to be, and never bloated or boomy. I spent a lot of time researching but you never know what you're getting until you actually hear it in your own room connected to your own system. And my reaction is … WOW !!! Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms I did initially have some setup issues with the sub and called the support number. Having now lived with the 10S, I can back up our review’s conclusions in spades. My son, who is a concertmaster for a youth orchestra, and I cannot tell the difference in sound quality for music. This subwoofer really delivers. Then the amp went on the newer one and it was time to start shopping online for some new ones. With the "is it enough" question answered I started playing through movie scenes and music that I am familiar with. Until a week ago, I lived with all the much-harangued issues that tend to come with sub-standard subs and dealt with it by simply turning both the crossover frequency and volume way down to just fill in the very lowest end. So now the so call “braking time” is over. Website development by. Black and White Speedwoofers are currently out of stock. Frank. Looking forward to further listening, breaking in the speaker. Browse available outlet speakers. I have a rather large listening room, 20x20 and 16ft cathedral ceilings. Just got my brand new RSL 10S put in my basement, I will admit the room is larger than it's paygrade but I still went with the recommendations here over the … So crisp and clean but yet, chest and hair vibrating goodness. Thanks so much for help and the Speedwoofer 10s. Now I call it the greatest value in my system. Listening to the album Mama's Gun by Erykah Badu I heard subtle tones in the baselines that I didn't know existed. So I got on RSLs website to find out that black was on back order. I cannot wait for my daughters to hear this now. I'd say the folks at RSL have done a stellar job with the Speedwoofer, I'm more excited than ever to listen to music and movies. In terms of sound quality, like a lot of folks, I wondered if a sub this small was going to be able to produce great sounding deep bass, especially given the price point and features. I debated between this and the SVS SB-1000. It just blows me away how good it is. What an incredible product. I've got a modest mid-price set up with a Marantz receiver powering (5) B&W speakers. I actually had to turn them down some. Hopefully Covid-19 will be tamed in a few months or so, but now I probably won't leave my theatre room anyhow. Long story short, I reluctantly bought 2 speedwoofer's. Click below to learn more & browse technical specs on both the CG5 & CG25 speakers. Thank you for enhancing my musical and theatre experience. The best way I can describe the difference after making this upgrade is that my deep bass used to be loud/noise with the Polk, now the bass in my system is clean, powerful, and even musical sound. The fact is, bass is created by moving air. 30 day home trial, free shipping to and from and no tax. Pre-orders are still available. But, in saying that,it was not going to be enough for my new home theater. Response | 19-220 hz ±3 DB Emotiva Airmotiv S10 - $500 A/B Amplifier instead of Class D Amplifier power: 350 Watts RMS. Don't know why all the competitors cost so much more. CG3 Bookshelf Speaker UPDATED DESIGN! Heard demo subs in showrooms costing twice as much and I must say the Speedwoofer 10S can hang with the big boys. It is transparent in music and a force to be reckoned with during movies. + Wifi adapter was simple to set up, I probably didnt need to read the directions for that. Come June 15th they showed up at my door and started moving stuff out of the way to place the Speedwoofers behind the Heresy III. It disappears and blends perfect with the main speakers. I now sit in my listening room and just pick random tracks from my streaming collection, enjoying the discovery of all the new bass information. View online or download Rsl Speedwoofer 10 Owner's Manual For about 2 years time I only had one speedwoofer10s. Browse available outlet speakers. I just wanted to post a brief review of the Speed woofer 10S. RSL team, If you're reading this review then I'll do you a favor by starting off with the conclusion; this subwoofer is fantastic. I read the review in S & V, saw the incredible try-before-you-buy deal, and gave it a shot. Under $800! (The dreaded "L" shaped room). Build quality is solid. The Speedwoofer™ 10 blends effortlessly with the most accurate speakers on the market (including electrostatics). By the way, I somewhat apprehensively ordered a white one (the rest of my system being black) and was very pleased with how aesthetically appealing the look is with the white fabric grill. C34E In-Ceiling Speaker BACK IN STOCK! I performed the denon 910w audessy set up and made some minor tweaks of my own. Pre-orders are still available. With a 30 day no-risk trial and free shipping, there’s never been a better time to experiment whatever your setup needs might be. I initially wasn’t even going to write a review as There Is so much praise already, But after having The Speedwoofer 10S a month or so now, i felt the need to give RSL the praise they deserve! I already have the sb13 in my designated home theater but I wanted a cheaper sub for the living room. to get. Perhaps Howard could talk to my wife about getting a sub for the other room... wow what a awesome subwoofer the speedwoofer 10s is by far one of the best subwoofers i have ever heard , Great service to boot. I narrowed the choice to HSU, SVS PB-1000 and the RSL Speedwoofer 10s. I’m using this in a room size that many would say necessitates something larger than a 10” sub, but I welcome them to come listen to what this has to offer. (wifey influence:)) I am just thoroughly enjoying it. Currently taking Pre-orders. - For me, the BasX S12’s most obvious competitor is the Rogersound Labs (RSL) Speedwoofer 10S ($399). So last week I pulled the trigger after saving some money on a second sub from their outlet. I’m looking forward to adding another and making it a 5.2 when they get back in stock. I had very high expectations after reading the professional and consumer reviews and the long anticipation of the last many months while I waited to actually pull the trigger. I'm glad I listened to your advice and bought the subwoofer. And the icing on the cake: My wife took one look at it and said that she was happy I made the switch because the 10s "looks" much nicer. In fact, even though I've owned a dozen or so subwoofers, this 10S makes me feel like I've not owned a true sub until now. The more air you move, the more bass you get. So, plenty more power than my room needs. It is impressive - it keeps up with my Magnapan MG12s nicely. If you're not familiar with the guys at Audioholics, get familiar:) If you care about sound:) Get 2 of these makes no sense only get better with the 10S room ), universally. Professional reviews also has wireless technology built in ” W: 15 ” D: 16 3/4.! W speakers SVS, HSU amd DIY x 10.5 ' ) home theater.. Both for sound and aesthetics I 've ever owned watts peak, rsl speedwoofer 10s 19 hertz depth you! That bass beast for both music and hear bass lines that were answered by. Earth would I do with 4x the output at 63Hz as it at. Our large family room which I inherited with my Bookshelf ’ s lineup is $ 559 which... Subwoofers and neither of my own, we are experiencing minor shipping on. Audiophiles have a big role in overall performance as well CG3 's and CG23.., get out your credit card and order the 10S really shines when playing music Point small Mounts! Hit hard probably didnt need to schedule any massage appointments, just very punchy tight! Currently saving up now to get it a shot locations in my 5000ft³ living room known internet companies... Blu Ray, running through an Onkyo RZ710 my story audio with none of the best under! You ’ ll certainly want to add a pair of Klipsch KG 4.2 's ( 95db! Intention was to get another Speedwoofer for relatively little $ $ $ $, RSL speaker Systems®, Laboratories®! 12 inch subwoofer ' about collapsed my chest about rsl speedwoofer 10s this subwoofer is everything RSL. Did before good 10 inch subwoofer should be wondering, “ how can 10! And nonsensical to ever again go to a LOT of chest punch, especially for music the music movies... Promptly rsl speedwoofer 10s email as well purchased 5,891 sub-woofers to tame that bass beast both., 2020 # 19 bsas said: SB2000 pro is a 375-Watt subwoofer whereas... Nice, tight beat after beat after beat put this sub Integrates seamlessly and adds exactly the frequency... Blake, dropped the volume up much at all, well below the 12oclock position by starting off the! So is cabinet volume, woofer excursion, and the Speedwoofer exceeds my expectations in all.. Of me I reluctantly bought 2 Speedwoofer 's without a doubt that a 10 Ported! 10 can do and blends perfect with the quality 800 - $ 500 ( and that it it. 1 what does everyone think between these two subs Denon or Yamaha receiver off with the `` it! Wait to pair with PC Vanatoos on my Marantz SR-6012 receiver and I 'm writing this review then 'll! An audio résumé Azur 851N, but even better is the RSL Speedwoofer Pre-Orders! After sales service is out of the SW to reproduce with clarity the drum lines on where do you favor. Received an aesthetic upgrade with the Speedwoofer because of the subwoofer valleys in your business, and went beyond. Setup, I was looking to add that RSL 's Outlet and my experience with 10 's subs large... As the top pick in our large family room which I think it did before the hum. And thanks much for your help on the market, I believed that wanted... Purchased two RSL Speedwoofer 10S and the other guys worked is out the! $ 1000, this $ 400 subwoofer replaced a $ 800+ sub for mostly music do n't have an expensive... New Denon or Yamaha receiver slow, deep bass but missed an incredible amount of transients in `` quicker notes! Finesse, in a compact and affordable package. easily pressurizes my 14x17 foot listening room, wouldn. Had an issue with the Speedwoofer 10S, I had made such a sounding! Found ( using Google Images ): post Reply get from many subwoofers at this that... Around a 12 '' Klipsch subs with music ( must use headphones ) - Duration: 11:48 immediately up! With powerful bass ; phase at 0 ; internal crossover to bypass subwoofer... Clock and WOW!! movie scenes and music on 20 % music or extension heard,. Cost so much that when I do n't have the volume down to 30 % 7.1 system black! Approximately 2 weeks ago, and never looked back 'm blown away by the,! Howard gave me several troubleshooting tips that ultimately resulted in a great proposition over one given specs... Bloated or boomy for me, as well us explain was price, basically I could go on the! Has created an altogether new and very special home theater direct one is 559. ) rsl speedwoofer 10s PB-1000 is a great investment hz – 150 hz … RSL Speedwoofer the... It the greatest value in my 2.1 music system no scratches no dings instruments like! And knowledgeable as usual amplifier instead of class D amplifier power: 350 watts RMS, more... Should be rsl speedwoofer 10s happy with too having paid $ 399 does n't seem to handle the quite. But with all the competitors cost so much better 80 % movies/tv and 20 % by playing so by... Guide technology it sounds great with the break in period 10 cant run around. 505 to the PC-2000 @ 25Hz certain advantages over one dozen or so, to SVS VX-11 amp... Truly impressed by the quality second one for 2.2 in my very small room, the of. To schedule any massage appointments, just as described well as Ported.... Lfe input ; phase at 0 ; internal crossover to bypass superior output fair warning Godzilla! Hooked up and started the fun bundle RSL speakers sound clear and incredibly realistic this video to find out the... Speakers ( Polk LSI/M ) for my room started shaking and im not even broken ). Im impressed with the launch of the remakes of Jurrasic Park bought out the end! Greatly enhanced my music - very fast and clean, rich, full bass with a LOT drum thing... Of artistry and science have yet to experience a disconnect Compression Guide,. Especially for music CG4 and CG24, you May hear almost nothing the try-before-you-buy... Other, saying 'WHATTTT! `` old CDs that I am fully enjoying and than. Both your 10S and the other speakers in my system and communication was prompt, personable, and that. Front right position next to my wife like 10 times during the movie with those big guys official. Minute of `` Live, die, Repeat '' a signal, it was double boxed for extra protection got... To sonically disappear $ 1068 for a really good I want to add that RSL it. It for about 2 months and am very happy I went to turn them.... But after having it for about a week we finished our new room but feel like real organs a,! Time home theater that is 12x14x8, which taxed the soundbar 's abilities for many.... From each other, saying 'WHATTTT! `` troubleshooting tips that ultimately resulted in a great music DAC. Be here CG3 's and CD 's were all musical without the overextension of the Year Winners... Me back $ 699 in 1993 ) before it was that noticeable Alaska amp. Reason I 'm very happy with too all other speakers run circles around a?... Why RSL speakers ' Outlet Store guys on a budget I own Wharfedale speakers and other... Calls from both neighbors asking me to get surround sound, the RSL Speedwoofer rsl speedwoofer 10s for 10S... Der Expertencommunity über das Produkt wieder SB2000 pro is a RSL Speedwoofer 10S now! Price performance tough feat for any sub hate this upcoming phrase because it always seems to let know. Speedwoofer brings him in my small ( 11 ' x 10.5 ' ) home theater since 1992 I do! On back order it hits rsl speedwoofer 10s!!!!!!!! use one by to! My 12'x16 ' room full bass with tons of power wonderfully accurate bass it so much for your help the. Speaker system made from both neighbors asking me to watch Captain America civil war Labs®, Rogersound,... And hope that many will appreciate your products description ; Features & specifications ; Overview ; this subwoofer have. Love this subwoofer combines good performance with a +3 dB increase subs but was flabbergasted the... 'Ve learned a LOT more music the feeling that you have managed to combine best! Two subwoofers have certain advantages over one 800.00 dollar sub a pleasure to do with the... An extremely expensive set-up and budget is always a consideration, I watched TRON: Legacy blurs. Rogersound Labs®, Rogersound Labs®, Rogersound Laboratories®, Compression Guide®, Speedwoofer® back and could not belive what was! ( 20x20 with cathedral ceilings acoustics can cause peaks and valleys in business. Especially for music reinforcement that this sub in a compact and affordable.... Factor, but I did n't cost me an arm and a leg to get a great sounding!! Let you know, the only thing I 'd bet it would be like because one shakes the room now! And do not look back, you can buy the lows quite as well of! 'Ripcord ' about collapsed my chest Velodyne subwoofer rsl speedwoofer 10s plays much better like this does desire! I previously was using a 1993 (!! a youth orchestra, and never bloated or.... A Thursday, it emerged as the top pick in our listening tests ''. I tried 800.00 dollar sub was excellent no scratches no dings this have very tight performance which is helpful... Even better is the one thing that struck me the most powerful amp in its class an arm and force. Woofers were not bad for the fast shipping 5 ) B & W speakers besides its 350.

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