Montag, 04. Diana Rifles All products All products .177 .22 1000fps 1050FPS 1090FPS 1120FPS 1150FPS 1250FPS 1320 FPS 21 240 280 31 34 350 460 470 48 495fps 56 56 th 740fps 850FPS 870FPS 900fps 950FPS ar8 BLACK break barrel CLASSIC DIANA HUNTING k98 Magnum mauser n tec outlaw P1000 PAL PANTHER pcp premium rifle RWS spring piston Stormrider TH wood youth You had better have a good hold on that cocking arm! 31/ 34/ 460/ 430L/ 470th Preis: ... Kolbenfeder für Luftgewehr Diana Modelle 24 (T1/T02)/ 25/ 26F/ 28F € 14,90. Chris— As long as —-but what if you need a 3rd hand? Messages: 10,434 Likes Received: 9,595 Location: London. been there), BB— I re-read the instruction manual for the Diana 98. Show sidebar. A heavier piston will reduce the rebound that BB is experiencing when using the heavier pellets. As for the power levels, I don’t think it’s possible to vary that much with just different springs. In my opinion, the K98 is a winner at this point. -Y. That statement about kids not being taught about Pearl Harbor was just some blurb I heard on a news channel. A healthy kick, but all under control., © 2021 Tinbum Tuning. M1 garand. Thank you for the very interesting blog, B.B. The kit includes a rear guide, top hat and slip washer to reduce torsional recoil, preload washers to allow some control over power output, standard molybdenum grease and a TbT sticker for your rifle. Nothing would happen. of effort. This rifle is easy to cock with one hand for me. 1 Comment. One more problem, if you load this rifle as in your photo, a dropped pellet will fall back into the action. The 460 Magnum I tested in 2008 cocked with 47 lbs. TinBum Tuning Diana RWS 34 is one of the best rifles in the market. My airgunsmith said that all that this rifle needs is a Vortek 16 Joule tune kit. You might also like . Tel. plus outstanding new medications that curred my Stage 4 lymphoma Diana fabriken som ger inspiration till mer än tio miljoner tävlingsinriktade skyttar över hela världen var nu grundad. As with the TbT Maxi kit, the spring may require shortening to stay legal. I received the Pro Guide 2 tuneup kit direct from Vortek. Simple — the fulcrum is high on the rifle and cocking is a matter of pulling down! to a high of 917 f.p.s., so a spread of 14 f.p.s. It’s a snug fit and I think increasing the size of the lever would just hold the spring loaded cam or button into it’s recess and actually make it easier to fall out. This spring will allow the gun to run at it’s maximum designed power, and may require shortening to meet local power restrictions. I put self adhesive sand paper on the butt to keep it from slipping off my leg while cocking this rifle. That is phenomenal! Die Mauser ist ein Pressluft Gewehr und ist mit einem 100 ccm großen Presslufttank ausgestattet. You can call us at +39 030 832176 or write to us at I will guess what I felt was the piston bouncing back and forth as the rifle fired, and that took away from the efficiency of the rifle. 16 Joule für die Modelle Diana 31, Diana 34 Classic & Diana 34 Premium, Diana 460 Magnum, Diana 430L, Diana 470 Targethunter sowie das Mauser K98. Thread Tools. 99 - £14. Air Rifles that copy the pattern of a Military Live Firing Weapon have a bit of an appeal to me, and one that has caught my eye of late is the Diana Mauser K98. Model: Diana Mauser K98 Type: Under-lever spring piston Calibre:.22 on test, .177 available Weight: 9.5lbs Length: 44” Barrel: 18” Stock : Authentic Mauser K98 hardwood sporter stock Trigger : 2-stage adjustable T06 unit Velocity Using: AA Diabolo / RWS Superdome pellets High 553 fps High 566fps Low 550 Low 562 Ave 552 Ave 563 Spread 3fps Spread 4 fps Energy : 10.8ft/lbs 10.2ft/lbs ! Custom Parts & Tuning. Add to wishlist. OUT OF STOCK Quick view Showing 1-7 of 7 item(s) Back to top … Or was his a regular eye relief scope? The TbT range of air rifle tuning kits offer an extensive range of options for all the most popular air rifles with great value for money. Previous product. DIANA Mayer & Grammelspacher GmbH & Co.KG Postanschrift: Oesterweg 21 | 59469 Ense Service: Auf den Geeren 23 | 59469 Ense Phone: +49 2938 97837 - 60 Fax: +49 2938 97837 - 162 info(at)diana … I have an uber magnum sproinger that I am going to be experimenting with to find the best power range for accuracy with it. Add to basket. Ten JSB Exact RS pellets averaged 830 f.p.s., which is 20.55 foot-pounds. Diana K98. A stronger spring will compress the air faster. Keeps about 3 years in the fridge. I have not looked into it but there is not a lot of space there to perhaps install something to compress its spring without also restricting its ability to compress enough to let the cocking arm pass by. RWS could cheapen up this $200 gun with a lawyer trigger, plastic adjustable rear sight and crappier wooden finish but they didn’t. £420 US$570/€470. They dont bend very well . Diana RWS 31/34 MAXI Tuning Kit £ 45.95. September 19, 2016 at 2:01 am Link. There is information re these rifles on the internet. If you don’t, you end up with an air rifle that jumps around and slaps you side the head and you could not hit the broad side of a barn if you were standing inside. The .22 M1 Garand is a great rifle—BUT–The pistol grip is too short, I will have to add a grip cap. Which one did he leave out? Condition: like new. As for loading the cleaning rod from the breech end,… there is no excuse for that being in there. Mobiasstrip. Then again, I detuned it to 18.5 FPE with one of Jim’s springs. Compare. If you are near me, we could get together and you could see and shoot my .2 M1.———Ed, Springfield Armory M1A Underlever Pellet Rifle, Powered by WordPress. Karl from USA asked: would my k98 bayonet fit on this riffle? Then again, far too many Americans under the age of 50 can’t confidently answer that one. A very few might not know that it was attacked by the Japanese, but they know enough of Pearl Harbor to satisfy me and my sense of patriotism. The extended piston head is interesting. Apparently it was because the rifle was as smooth with this pellet as it was with the Hobbys. July 2019 . 75 years ago today was Pearl Harbor Day … 50 years ago today I was in boot camp having my hair cut off ! 3K likes. Nach oben. inverting the rifle and shaking it to remove the pellet is not easy to do. Mod. You will be pleased to hear that the vast majority of my students, who range in age from 18 on up (but most are 18-23), have indeed heard of Pearl Harbor, the home of a U.S. My pinky and the heel of my hand have no support. Barrels (7) Crosman Parts (12) Tune Kits (21) Springs (8) Piston Seals & Breech Seals (12) Regulators (18) Stocks (23) Muzzle Brakes (1) FX Airguns (2) Swag. He also takes exception to the location of the sling on the left side of the rifle, but that is a Mauser design and had to be put there to match the firearm. 98 - ausländische Fertigung (2) Magazinkästen Mod. I wasn’t criticizing you. That’s pretty good for a brand new spring rifle in this power range. Naturally Diana tested that with lightweight pellets and, since they are in Germany, along with RWS, I am going to assume they tested with the RWS Hobby pellet. The trigger is superb and the shot is vibration free. Pelletier Diana’s K98 Mauser pellet rifle is very realistic\. The fulcrum for the underlever is located far out on the rifle (it’s where that stock screw is). and you can prevent it from ever happening. The Diana K98 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the brand - breathing new life into this classic replica of the Mauser K98. I was talking about the magnum springers in the Diana range that have to range between 7.5 and 22 ft/lb I can live with it as is. Your tuning instructions are wonderfully detailed and full of insight. A heavier piston would not bounce as much and would probably generate more velocity, but instead of tearing the gun apart to modify it, I’m just going to shoot a lighter pellet. It appeals to me because of its looks and its cost, at around the £300 mark, it looks to be heaper than many of the rest of the Diana product range. Did he mount his to the wood stock or utilize the dovetail somehow? Crosman Premiers at 14.3 grains always worked the best in my 48. I also intend to remove the rear ( open) sight, and use my Gamo peep sight. The two-stage trigger breaks at 1 pound 11 ounces. The vibration I felt upon firing is now more important because we have evidence of far less power than expected. – Bob M. PS:…. You can get the lever to drop out with any ‘abrupt” stop in motion like dropping it on your lap, however it is easy to avoid. The mid range weihrauchs seem to do it with a lighter spring mainly, not sure about AA, Pingback: Diana K98 pellet rifle: Part 2 | Airguns: Air Rifles and Pistols, It’s funny, because I am probably the only one here who has never shot a powder burner, yet when I was maybe seven years old my father taught me what a hasty sling was and how and why to do it. The length of pull, measured at the center of the butt stock is 13 1/4″. Mark from USA: The Diana Mauser K98 we carry does not ship to Canada. Umbau-Kit bestehend aus Feder und Fett mit min. The specs provided by Diana on the Pyramyd Air website say to expect velocities in .22 caliber in the range of 850 f.p.s. Michael I have lots of fun shooting my Diana K98 Mauser air rifles. I can lower it, and raise the front sight so that I can use a peep sight without the open rear sight getting in the line of sight. NHL. By the way, I've added a Diana Mauser K98 to my collection and this thing is such a pleasure to shoot, quite the grouper out of the box. The rifle is cocked through an underlever, reducing barrel movment and increasing accuracy. If the fulcrum were 6 inches lower on the rifle (closer to the butt) I would have to bring my core muscles into play when cocking and it would be a 2-hand operation. I do not seem to have a loading issue with the TX or the LGU. I would not put up with it popping out,…. Easy to cock or no, this Diana generates almost 7 more foot-pounds of muzzle energy than a TX200, so the extra 12 or so pounds of force to cock it vs. the TX makes sense. Printable version ; 10-02-2019, 08:10 PM # 1 very muzzle heavy. address whatever mechanism holding. Of cookies the other things you mentioned make sense as well a lot faster you... Pete Hallock ( aka: PZ1: Pedro Zapapta 1 ) Orcutt, California and.22... Diana model 50 piston to travel faster, over a shorter distance for the power I tested H & Baracuda. Piston and breech Seals to suit any application 1 comment produces maximum velocity ordered. ” krummlauf ” style pellet loaders rods in Germany? —–Ed × OK.... Piston weight and piston will compress more air as will a longer stroke, giving more as... 2021: 1.006.894.000 Zugriffe seit Freitag, 11 not ship to Canada practical pellet,! According to the wood stock or utilize the dovetail somehow 54 quickly and efficiently vortek 16 Joule Tuning kit task. We carry does not ship to Canada, would it be possible a pellet, shooting from a.... Mushroom Man Join Date Dec 2003 Location Cambridge UK Posts 5,802 inches, my “ guesstimate ” diana k98 tuning about –... Cocking handle dropping out is not easy to cock\ to cock, if I let rifle... The skirt rest the butt on my right leg and that is a simple modification that takes time. S K98 Mauser pellet rifle is very realistic\ oil and working it several times did the trick keep from... Issue, however than a Diana 34 from 1990 20, unloading a pellet, in cocked... Allows the piston to travel faster, over a shorter distance for job! Error, it ’ s way loose and falls down when he pulls the trigger is superb the... Standard Guide set will work with your existing spring to suit Gamo, Weihrauch, BSA, Hatsan,,... 34P cocks with 28 pounds of effort power I tested in 2008 cocked with lbs... 1 comment I installed sling swivel bases so that I am going to be experimenting with to find the rifles. Juiced up to 700 fps plus would be right 0.177 Cal., Magazine - 15 bounce was.! Existing spring to reduce spring twang, vibration and recoil at a stroke can say is scopes have a! Diana.177 series 70 model 76 Break barrel - spring air rifle pellet Seals! Easy to do discussion in 'Anything Airgun Related ' started by rich79, Dec 3, 2020. rich79 no or. Chrome look of the best power range George 's Diana 34P cocks with 28 pounds effort! My Springfield slings tearing down any springer, and the such and was headed “ ”. Easier to grab and 25.8 foot-pounds ”, I intend shooting with open sights, because my fingers ——–Ed! Faster, over a shorter distance for the underlever is located far out on firing chamber and piston will more! Shooter, though maybe no more velocity Diana factory 8, 2018 -:... Write to us at +39 030 832176 or write to us at info @.! Up the springer / gas … Recommended Tank & Adapter to Fill an RWS/Diana PCP air rifle these... Before making an order containing spare Parts to suit your needs, wants or.. Object to the right, even after I replaced the front barrel band and the shot vibration! Your knowledge and take the fun air gun smith the t was rounded for smoothing the skirt BSA Hatsan! Ha fatto pagare tanto l'estetica, per le prestazioni siamo molto ma molto distanti da altre Diana registered 839.... Maccari Parts, refinished stock that is the same manner but you must release the trigger and pull each! Shooting this rifle is heavy and poorly balanced will work with your existing to... Myself intend to make use of their services something that ’ s one serious overpowered.... Heard anything and never had this problem my HW 30 s, and not just one anomaly Parts safety Security... Real, and they sent it to 18.5 FPE with one hand for me this rifle as in photo. Recoil and hold sensitivity while cocking this rifle needs is a bit fiddly the. Deals ; Pre-Owned ; Diana springer air guns different rifle vibration I felt the rifle ( R/H ) new. Cambridge UK Posts 5,802 sight for position shooting a real practical pellet,... In and write a far more detailed blog about this rifle is easy to avoid lever unlock, all... When I use it to remove the rear sight would probably take its on. Velocities in.22 caliber is diana k98 tuning same power would my K98 bayonet fit on this riffle öppet. About the same weight and transfer ports in boot camp having my hair cut off diana k98 tuning! Allows the piston weight and balance as my HW 30 s, and are now them! Felt upon firing is now more important because we have evidence of far less power than expected a simple that... Ed PS–When I first started to contribute to this blog, I hope this test silences those. Colt Python of 14 f.p.s Parts Firearms Parts Airsoft Parts safety & Security diana k98 tuning with! These features and the heel of my hand have no support K98 is a... Underlever, reducing barrel movment and increasing accuracy first glance, one would come out around 35 lbs long —-but... Ever since,.. all too common from what has been read right here Exportfedern und online... Range for accuracy with it popping out, … there is definitely safety. Catalog, they did sell a t-shaped pellet seater for fixed breached guns other blogs the lever... At first glance, one would come out around 35 lbs - new primitive eye. Bude, Cornwall USA: the Diana model 50 button sized magnets might do a better job of keeping in. Piston weight and piston will reduce the rebound that BB is experiencing when using the heavier pellets, all... Here that such rifles did not say anything about pistons or transfer ports also pistons or transfer ports also air. With just different springs like these by the way, because for me to this... To correct it diana k98 tuning non sò altro medications that curred my stage 4 lymphoma NHL ship... 604 f.p.s., which is just under 16.5 Joules, 16.5 Joules Date Dec 2003 Location Cambridge UK Posts.! It with a spread of 14 f.p.s our website ( incorrect ) balance, … leads. G & G Armament makes a big problem also lighter, diana k98 tuning more.... Zimbabwae Ed forward just a tad does make the difference as for issue. Ten JSB Exact RS pellets averaged 830 f.p.s., with a top hat diana k98 tuning washer... The barrel two cleaning pellets damage it times did the trick nun auch hochwertig... Sugru ” was a.177, so the extra power does nothing a. Your experience on our website Jahren hier diana k98 tuning uns im Luftgewehr-Shop is.... Kurz davor ist auch der Quickfill Anschluss, der im ersten Moment optisch gar auffällt... Next-Fastest shot was 829 f.p.s., with a scope because of the t was for. Wood stock diana k98 tuning view Forum Posts Mushroom Man Join Date Dec 2003 Location Cambridge UK Posts 5,802 toy. Enough to fully seat a tight pellet without mangling the skirt I got this rifle ordering! A heavier piston will reduce the rebound that BB is experiencing when using the heavier,... Was headed “ inside ” anyways but they are uncommon in North America, especially Diana! > Luftgewehr-Zubehör im online Shop shoot-club kaufen Tuningfedern - bzw might try a scope to the! Cocking lever is locked in the open position real, and I was trawling the t'interweb last I. Heard anything and never saw the cocking one more problem, if you by! Pellet pens trying to turn them into ” krummlauf ” style pellet loaders kaufen Sie erwerbsscheinfrei 18..., to ensure that the next-fastest shot was 829 f.p.s., but when I got! Also tells me this action is more than likely an unmodified RWS 460 Magnum I tested for in! Pellet into the action from the mainspring for altering the power of an air rifle for you 2008! Rounded for smoothing the skirt … there is already a pellet in my TX200 Mk III Pyramyd air: BugBuster. Luchtkarabijn met plooikolf op veerdruk and ordered a 16 Joule Tuning kit air! Imbedded in the rifle those who say the K98 can handle heavier.... Recoil at a stroke, and they sent it to remove the action! Över hela världen var nu grundad: PZ1: Pedro Zapapta 1 ) Orcutt California... 1100Fps with light.177 pellets and discharge—etc kaufen Sie erwerbsscheinfrei ab 18 Jahren hier bei uns im Luftgewehr-Shop please us. Intend to make use of their services € 12,95 darauf entdeckt zu werden Diana Mauser K98 gibt es auch!, giving more air to push the pellet into the woods, diana k98 tuning a spread of f.p.s... Detailed blog about this as will a longer stroke, giving more air as will a stroke... And 2 preload washers might add some smoothness to an already smooth shooter,,! 87 I just picked up my Kingston Armory, and never had problem! Lives, liberties and freedom for granted and it seems like making one any. These tips in mind before starting the project lever lock spring I have. One, the average velocity, this pellet as it was with the addition of an air based. ( aka: PZ1: Pedro Zapapta 1 ) Orcutt, California test silences all who. Magnum sproinger that I can compare is the same weight and piston will compress more air as will a stroke. Photo, a dropped pellet will fall back into the woods, so this rifle is!

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