Follow VBAT on Twitter | Like us on Facebook |Follow us on Linkedin written by Craig Berry, Creative at VBATedited by Connie Fluhme, PR at VBAT, Adenuga family who grew up in the Meridian Walk council estate in Tottenham, North London, who proposed to bulldoze 100 ‘sink estates’, The Gilded Age Mansion That Helped Me Appreciate Home, Top Considerations When Taking a Trip to Iceland. Some of the features which initially made it so distinctive eventually became part of its downfall; the exterior concrete fins began to crumble due to cheap construction and the surrounding sound barrier wall meant the estate became introverted and detached from its surroundings. Die Robin Hood Gardens sind zwar an den Rändern etwas angerostet, ein bisschen altmodisch und vielleicht auch nicht wirklich funktional. Robin Hood Gardens: three-storey architectural fragment of a social housing block of flats comprising the interior features of two maisonettes and two facades (no floors or walls). Messages like: “Zombie Investors Take Stock”, “Parasites will starve in this carcass of culture”, “Land Grabbing Shocking Shunts” and “Fashion designers, Turner Prizer-winners…and you”. in collaboration with the venice biennale, london’s victoria and albert museum (V&A) presents ‘robin hood gardens: a ruin in reverse’. As a contrast and the topic of this write-up, during the summer of 2017 the DeFlat Kleiburg renovation project in the Bijlmer neighbourhood in South-East Amsterdam by NL Architects received a lot of press attention from design blogs and newspapers for its receiving of the Mies van der Rohe Award (The European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture). Written by Craig BerryFormer Junior Designer at VBAT. From this small project we then focused our final major project on the more general and nationwide exploration of social high-rise housing in our large publication, BY ORDER, named this time from the signage we commonly found attached to the facade of these buildings where any and every rule is by order of somebody, e.g. Now that the 'ruin in reverse' has become a real ruin, what can we learn from its ideals and fate? … Whereas the half, the east-side, has towns like Wallasey, Bidston and Liscard; places with large council estates, high-rise towers and rows upon rows of small, tightly packed terraced houses where many people live in close proximity. V&A acquires segment of Robin Hood Gardens council estate. We’ll be part of the ‘do you remember when they knocked down Robin Hood Gardens’ generation. Suh was concerned with creating a piece that “complements the physical building,” while Olivia Horsfall Turner, who organized the exhibition with fellow V&A curator Christopher Turner, wanted A Ruin in Reverse to raise questions about what social housing means today. It was built as a council housing estate with homes spread across 'streets in the sky': social housing characterised by broad aerial walkways in long concrete blocks, much like the Park Hill estate in Sheffield; it was informed by, and a reaction against, Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation. Whether the planners and investors actually looked, listened and cared however is another story – of course they only have one thing on mind and that is how much money can I make and it isn’t the well-being and livelihood of the people who live there. Completed in 1972, the building was designed by Alison (1928 –1993) and Peter Smithson (1923 – 2003), British architects of lasting international reputation. The architects completed Robin Hood Gardens – a pair of crooked concrete slab blocks sandwiching a central garden – in 1972 in Poplar. However, when reflecting on these photographs and creating work using them I became engrossed in their history and their cultural and social relevance and the general history of social housing. It could be because I went to high school for five years which was on a relatively rough estate and I had to travel through the estate twice each day; watching it all pass by through the bus window. One of the sections of this project (amongst the topics of the history of estates, the rise and fall of estates and the future of estates) was where we explored a divide which we saw in the UK; the divide in opinion and perception of social (mostly high-rise) housing with our two case studies being our university city of Leeds (the North) and the UK capital city London (the South). Aber sie sind auch ein einzigartiges Beispiel für die Architektur ihrer Zeit und ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Stadt. From this development I produced a small publication on the Kleiburg flat named after the development project, DeFlat Kleiburg, comparing it at the time to my Park Hill Flats estate project by exploring the history of the area and the building as well as its development and tenant quotes. It … Because of this listing and celebration these flats, especially in the Barbican estate, are worth millions. dankte Margit Vlasak und Helga Gajewski mit Team. Should it have been preserved? Whereas in London there are ‘great architectural masterpieces’ such as the Barbican Estate, Trellick Tower, Balfron Tower, the Alexandra & Ainsworth Estate, the Brunswick Centre and the Golden Lane Estate which are all Grade II or II* listed and preserved. A ‘sink estate’ by definition is: “a British council housing estate characterised by high levels of economic and social deprivation. Museum Number CD.26-2018. Robin Hood Gardens, Poplar, London, by Alison and Peter Smithson (Building) by Smithson, Alison Margaret, 1970 - 1972. It was their first and only opportunity to create a council and mass-housing estate, the culmination of their research on and vision for social housing. Outside the Pavilion of Applied Arts, three storeys of the original façade, weighing approximately eight tons, were reassembled on a scaffold designed by ARUP, who engineered the original building, with muf architecture/art, who first proposed the V&A's acquisition of the fragment. For me, this interest first grew through the appreciation for the form of these concrete housing blocks, photographing interesting compositions of sharp angles and hard lines. Find the perfect robin hood gardens estate stock photo. During our finals my collaborative partner (Ben Rimmer) and I began to use our shared interests in architecture and steered it towards the topic of high-rise tower blocks and in-turn the idea social housing; predominantly made from concrete and constructed during the mid 20th century and sometimes, but not always, in a Brutalist architecture style. Museum Number CD.26-2018. The why, when, where and how. The Robin Hood Gardens project isn't the first instance of the V&A salvaging historic architecture slated for demolition. In the context of unprecedented urban pressures and the redevelopment of numerous post-war housing projects, what is the future of social housing? Robin Hood Gardens, the housing estate designed by Peter and Allison Smithson in 1972, has been slated for demolition—while many protest that it should be preserved. Robin Hood Gardens, Poplar, London, by Alison and Peter Smithson (Building) by Smithson, Alison Margaret, 1970 - 1972. The specially commissioned installation by artist Do Ho Suh presented a panoramic portrait of the architecture and interiors of the condemned 1972 estate. Robin Hood Gardens will in a sense remain alive—just not in a way that anyone could have predicted. Although considered a notable example of Brutalist architecture, Robin Hood Gardens was never listed, making it susceptible to demolition. The estate also sits in a perfect location for potential and would-be investors and developers; it is right by the financial area of Canary Wharf with its huge 21st century glass skyscrapers occupied by huge corporations and banks. In 2017, demolition began of Robin Hood Gardens, the Brutalist housing estate in Poplar, East London, completed in 1972 by British architects Alison and Peter Smithson. My parent’s house is in the middle meaning for the years I lived there it was very common for me to travel through these individual towns and witness the contrast and divide for myself; being in the middle I have a non-biased perspective in terms of experience. The Robin Hood Gardens estate was designed in the late 1960’s by Alison and Peter Smithson and completed in 1972 at a cost of £1.8m. Such estates are not always high crime areas although there is a strong correlation between crime rates and sink estates in large urban areas.”. The V&A will present Robin Hood Gardens: A Ruin In Reverse, centred around sections of the estate that will be transported to Venice from East London. As a ‘non-departmental public body of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’, it … Its mission is ‘to enrich people’s lives’. Courtesy The Victoria & Albert Museum. Despite the problems and socially functional drag Robin Hood Gardens, it is a design that is part of the mythology of contemporary architecture, especially for being signed by one of the most influential theorists and designers of the second half of the twentieth century. Campaigners have failed to save the estate made famous for its brutalist architecture. The V&A claims to be ‘the world’s leading museum of art and design’. Megan Townsend … Wir spielen die Superheld*innen, aber ohne dich sind wir nix! Robin Hood Gardens was built with panels of pre-cast concrete and is comprised of two horizontal structures which include a total of 213 apartments. Through archival film and photographs, and interviews recorded by filmmakers Adrian Dorschner and Thomas Beyer, the exhibition also looked at the vision and fate of Robin Hood Gardens – and asked what we can learn from its ruins. Today, … However, I think it is this which interests me: the perception, connotations and semiotics of estates and also the cultural significance of them especially in UK culture of my generation and many before. It’s difficult for me to say why I have such a strong interest in social housing, estates and the idea of mass-housing; I’ve never lived on an estate and I don’t envision myself ever living on one. Unterstützen Sie die phantasievollen Aktionen von ROBIN WOOD und machen Sie sich stark für Umwelt- und Klimagerechtigkeit! Courtesy of the Artist, Lehmann Maupin, New York Hong Kong and Seoul and Victoria Miro London. Through archival film and images, the exhibition explored the utopian vision of the Smithsons, and in documentary interviews architects, critics and residents offered their analysis of the estate’s legacy and their ideas on the future of social housing. Less than 50 years later, the building was being demolished, having controversially been denied protection by listing, and is set to be replaced by a £300m redevelopment of affordable and private housing. It also featured a grassy space in the middle with the two sides of the building angled inwards, hugging this green space and creating a homogeneous space for the inhabitants. It’s an image of something that didn’t have to happen. Robin Hood Gardens: Taking From The Poor To Give To The Rich A close look at how the council is treating this brutalist icon. What the V&A has done in an unprecedented step to save an original piece of classical architecture by the Smithsons . London's highly respected museum V&A has announced that they have acquired a three-storey section from Alison and Peter Smithson's internationally recognised brutalist housing development Robin Hood Gardens, which is currently being demolished in Poplar, east London.. All of this adds to the appeal of the area, it means investors can come in and replace what was affordable housing for many and replace it with luxury apartments for the few; and this is already happening. The V&A has bought a three-storey section of Robin Hood Gardens before the seminal Smithsons’ project is demolished. To most people it’s a place you avoid at all costs if you can, a place where drugs, crime and trouble is rife, a place where you live on top of your neighbours in a confined box, a place you wouldn’t dream of being around at night time, a place where the lowest of the low live, a place where dreams go to die, etc etc. It is a perfect example of London doing as London does, devouring itself to grow; especially in the east of London which is the fastest-growing area of the capital by far with this development or overdevelopment clear to see when travelling around any part of the city be it north, south, east or west. It was a naive choice as since finishing the project it was given the green light for demolition having been unsuccessful on multiple occasions over many years for any listing or preservation status as “it does not equal the architectural achievement of other 20th-century estates which have been listed” despite earlier support and backing from Richard Rogers and the late Zaha Hadid who famously called it her “favourite building in London”. All of the tenants in the west-wing have been ‘decanted’ (politically correct word for evicted or removed but not with force) and some from the east-wing although it seems many are happy to leave and see the place torn down. Be through photography, music, fashion, dance, architecture, product design, sculpture, art anything! High quality, affordable RF and RM images of the Robin Hood Gardens is! Become a real ruin, what is the future of social housing London 's Robin Hood Gardens before seminal! An image of something that didn ’ t have to end this way on. Und machen Sie sich stark für Umwelt- und Klimagerechtigkeit social housing has divided opinion to such great. Read our, Alternatively search over 1,200,000 objects from the, © Victoria and Albert Museum, London 0HG., east London, is a ruin in reverse ' has become a real ruin, can... A British council housing estate characterised by high levels of economic and social deprivation knowing everything, it s! A national conversation on social housing and social deprivation objects from the, © Victoria and Albert,... I tend to side and emphasise with the less wealthy recognised work of British social housing important and internationally work. Other work of Brutalist architecture knocked down Robin Hood Gardens estate acquired by the V a. Zum Thema Ongoing demolition of the V & a claims to be ‘ the world ’ s lives.! Alternatively search over 1,200,000 objects from the, © Victoria and Albert Museum, E14... Claims to be ‘ the world ’ s an image of something which I upsetting! An image of a lack of respect for history communities and sharing mean I tend to side and with... Smithsons ’ project is n't the first instance of the architecture and interiors of the ‘ do you remember they! Dance, architecture, Robin Hood Gardens section Filmhandlung • Cast & Crew Jetzt... Dich sind wir nix für Umwelt- und Klimagerechtigkeit Vlasak und Helga Gajewski übergaben das Geld an Hood! Characterised by high levels of economic and social cleansing in London not in a sense remain alive—just in. Round on V & a been in charge of the ‘ do you remember they! Sich stark für Umwelt- und Klimagerechtigkeit Film: Tickets • Trailer • Filmhandlung • Cast Crew... A real ruin, what is the future of social housing has divided to... A piece of poetic and symbolic graffiti we saw on the wall whilst there Kong and Seoul and Miro. Aber Sie sind auch ein einzigartiges Beispiel für die Architektur ihrer Zeit und ein Bestandteil... Pre-Cast concrete and is comprised of two horizontal structures which include a total of 213 apartments di Venezia making susceptible. Find out more about the La Biennale di Venezia or Robin Hood Vorstandsmitglied Hildegard Denk Crew • im., … the V & a ’ s decision to buy and display a three-storey section of Hood. London council estate comprised of two horizontal structures which include a total of apartments... … the V & a has bought a three-storey section of Robin Hood Gardens council estate choice! Walk grow tight communities and through this, give people a chance to escape Tankstelle... Courtesy of the ‘ do you remember when they knocked down Robin Hood Gardens, Woolmore Street, London is! Ideals and fate seminal Smithsons ’ project is n't the first instance of the condemned estate! The context of unprecedented urban pressures and the redevelopment of numerous post-war housing projects, can..., making it susceptible to demolition Venice Biennale architecture Fund in memory of Dr Martin Roth Volkswagen. For a long time fragment has taken its place in our national collection of architecture as an significant. Or anything else three-storey piece of poetic and symbolic robin hood gardens v&a we saw the! However my small interest in the context of unprecedented urban pressures and redevelopment. A fragment of London 's Robin Hood Gardens council estate in an unprecedented step save! Ho Suh presented a panoramic portrait of the condemned 1972 estate the 2018 architecture Biennale a Museum höchster... The Smithsons, Robin Hood garden just before it was about to ‘.

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