Bowman lives out his years alone in a neoclassical room, brightly lit from underneath, that evokes the Age of Enlightenment, decorated with classical art. Clarke's novel explicitly identifies the monolith as a tool created by extraterrestrials that have been through many stages of evolution, moving from organic forms, through biomechanics, and finally to a state of pure energy. This is the point of connection with Clarke's 1951 short story, "The Sentinel", originally cited as the basis for the entire film. Their locations were: Ok, now that you know the film’s backstory, let’s jump into dissecting each section of the film. This statement is not shown in the movie, but becomes crucial in the 1984 film based on the sequel, 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Is it a "star gate," some giant cosmic router or transporter? It stops short of hurtling over the to edge, thanks to empathetic, quietly remarkable characters drawn in quick but telling strokes. And the lack of a regular, repeating signal belies both of these as well. Its usage as a weapon enables his tribe to defeat the other tribe of apes occupying the water hole who have not learned how to use bones as weapons. TMA-2, unlike TMA-0 or TMA-1, acts as a “Stargate,” or wormhole which could move any nearby and desired object anywhere in the galaxy (Hayine). It is not good for a culture to be either wholly Apollonian or Dionysian. It depicts Bowman traveling through some kind of interstellar switching station which the book refers to as "Grand Central," in which travelers go into a central hub and then are routed to their individual destinations. Finally, as I continue learn more about Kubrick’s masterpiece, I’ll precede to update this resource. See what it means for life, too. He's lost his girlfriend, they took away his baby, and he's been jailed. These monoliths, somehow, have the ability to advance the development of advanced species (Vagrant). [13] Nietzsche writes that man is a bridge between the ape and the Übermensch. The apes erupt with fear. Orbiting Jupiter is one of the saddest books I've read in my entire life, and I don't say that lightly. The long light show that follows is not meant to make sense to the viewer since they cannot experience such a thing by watching it through a camera in the third dimension. Knowing there are two chapters left, what final outcome in this story would be your worst nightmare? This section does not contain much about monoliths, since its main star is HAL 9000, who, by the end of the section, kills everyone except Dave. As usual, Earth and the humans on Earth are basically reduced to nothingness, like we deserve to be. We have the long, bulb-headed spaceship as a sperm, and the destination planet Jupiter (or the monolith floating near it) as the egg, and the meeting of the two as the trigger for the growth of a new race of man (the "star child"). 3/5 – an ok solid read…not amazing but worth a read if the blurb tickles your fancy. Finally, noting that D might stand for "downfall," Wheat concludes that Floyd's name has a hidden meaning: "Helen and wooden horse reflect Troy's downfall. The discovery was announced Monday by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center.. Each of the newly discovered moons is about … The follow-up film 2010 further elaborates Clarke's explanation of HAL's breakdown. The scene in which Frankenstein's monster is first shown on the loose is borrowed to depict the first murder by HAL of a member of Discovery One's crew—the empty pod, under HAL's control, extends its arms and "hands", and goes on a "rampage" directed towards astronaut Poole. Frederick Ordway, Kubrick's science advisor and technical consultant, stated that in an earlier script Poole tells HAL there is "... something about this mission that we weren't told. Orbiting Jupiter Ending . [24], As with many elements of the film, the iconic monolith has been subject to numerous interpretations, including religious, alchemical,[26] historical, and evolutionary. Their sole purpose is to be the caretakers of the universe. [57][58] Former NASA research assistant Steven Pietrobon[59] wrote "The orbital craft seen as we make the leap from the Dawn of Man to contemporary times are supposed to be weapons platforms carrying nuclear devices, though the movie does not make this clear. Humanity has left its cradle, and is ready for the next step. 72 states "Captions on the following pages were prepared with the assistance of Messrs. Kubrick, Clarke, Trumball, and Pederson. I think that the divergencies between the two works are interesting. It is the pattern of a great deal of mythology, and that is what we were trying to suggest."[15]". RELATED: Wonder Woman 1984 Ending Explained (In Detail) Fluctuating between grim atmospheric mood and flickers of a hopeful future, The Midnight Sky is essentially a manifesto on the innate connections we humans crave, especially in the midst of crisis, and the hopes, fears, and desires that spring forth from it. It's a continuation, not a discontinuity in that jump."[54]. [53], In the Canadian TV documentary 2001 and Beyond, Clarke stated that not only was the military purpose of the satellites "not spelled out in the film, there is no need for it to be", repeating later in this documentary that "Stanley didn't want to have anything to do with bombs after Dr. I don't believe in any of Earth's monotheistic religions, but I do believe that one can construct an intriguing scientific definition of God, once you accept the fact that there are approximately 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone, that each star is a life-giving sun and that there are approximately 100 billion galaxies in just the visible universe. By contrast, the human characters act like machines, coolly performing their tasks in a mechanical fashion, whether they are mundane tasks of operating their craft or even under extreme duress as Dave must be following HAL's murder of Frank. In 2001's case, the surface story actually does something unprecedented in film or literature: it embodies three allegories." Author Vincent LoBrutto, in Stanley Kubrick: A Biography, was inclined to note creative differences leading to a separation of meaning for book and film: The film took on its own life as it was being made, and Clarke became increasingly irrelevant. In this interpretation, Jupiter represents both a female and an ovum.[25]. After the first encounter with the monolith, we see the leader of the apes have a quick flashback to the monolith after which he picks up a bone and uses it to smash other bones. His consciousness was drawn into the TMA-2 monolith. Something the rest of the crew knows and that you know. Modelers label them in diverse ways. Some species visited long ago has not only evolved intelligence, but intelligence sufficient to achieve space travel. Arthur C. Clarke's novel of the same name was developed simultaneously with the film, though published after its release. Are all of these visions happening inside Bowman's mind? Since its premiere in 1968, the film 2001: A Space Odyssey has been analysed and interpreted by numerous people, ranging from professional movie critics to amateur writers and science fiction fans. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of “Orbiting Jupiter” by Gary D. Schmidt. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. For instance, Frank Poole watches a birthday transmission from his parents with what appears to be complete apathy. You can pose questions to the Goodreads community with Reader Q&A, or ask your favorite author a question with Ask the Author. For Nietzsche a purely Apollonian mode of existence is problematic, since it undercuts the instinctual side of man. "Stanley Kubrick" Da Capo Press, 1999. He does not have a sufficiently layered understanding of human motives to grasp the need for this and trudging through the tangled web of lying complications, he falls prey to human error. Life seems to have thrown Joseph Brook under the bus. The first and second encounters of humanity with the monolith have visual elements in common; both apes, and later astronauts, touch the monolith gingerly with their hands, and both sequences conclude with near-identical images of the Sun appearing directly over the monolith (the first with a crescent moon adjacent to it in the sky, the second with a near-identical crescent Earth in the same position), both echoing the Sun–Earth–Moon alignment seen at the very beginning of the film. By destroying HAL, man symbolically rejects his role as creator and steps back from the brink of his own destruction. It is also known as the Guru Planet. In a following scene, the leader ape throws his bone in the air, the camera follows it up and match-cuts to a large missile floating in Earth’s orbit — from a bone to a space missile (tool/weapon → tool/weapon). In a 1980 interview that remained obscure until being rediscovered in 2018, Kubrick explained the intent of the film's ending. The leader ape attacks him with his newfound bone — a tool. [18], Donald MacGregor has analysed the film in terms of a different work, The Birth of Tragedy, in which Nietzsche refers to the human conflict between the Apollonian and Dionysian modes of being. And to a short, introductory narration, missing in the present version". [69] Multiple production staff aided in the writing of Jerome Agel's 1970 book on the making of the film, in which captions describe the objects as "orbiting satellites carrying nuclear weapons"[70] Actor Gary Lockwood (astronaut Frank Poole) in the audio DVD commentary[71] says the first satellite is an armed weapon, making the famous match-cut from bone to satellite a "weapon-to-weapon cut". This includes a baby, his baby. Interview: Stanley Kubrick. The old race of man is about to be replaced by the "star child", which was conceived by the meeting of the spaceship and Jupiter. Strangelove". Reviewers McClay and Roger Ebert have noted that the monolith is the main element of mystery in the film, Ebert writing of "The shock of the monolith's straight edges and square corners among the weathered rocks", and describing the apes warily circling it as prefiguring man reaching "for the stars". The tool's link to the present day is made by the famous match cut from the bone/tool flying into the air, to a weapon orbiting the Earth. "[17] Moreover, in the chapter Of the Three Metamorphoses, Nietzsche identifies the child as the last step before the Uberman (after the camel and the lion), lending further support to this interpretation in light of the 'star-child' who appears in the final scenes of the movie. When Discovery One goes near TMA-2, it is sucked into it, transporting it and Dave through time and space, possibly to the Firstborn’s dimension. ", "In Lost Interview, Stanley Kubrick Explains The Ending of 2001: A Space odyssey", "Stanley Kubrick Explains The '2001: A Space Odyssey' Ending in Rediscovered Interview", "Sometimes a Broken Glass Is Just a Broken Glass + Comment", The Starchild is not a physical entity. So, if you’re interested, feel free to speculate a story and fill in the missing pieces if you wish — after all, that’s what he was trying to do with this film in the first place. But Arthur took all the existing material, plus an impression of some of the rushes, and wrote the novel. Stanley Kubrick originally intended, when the film does its famous match-cut from prehistoric bone-weapon to orbiting satellite, that the latter and the three additional satellites seen be established as orbiting nuclear weapons by a voice-over narrator talking about nuclear stalemate. A Jupiter-like planet called HD106906 b, which orbits two stars 336 light-years away, could shed light on the hypothesised member of our Solar System … And thus, man has tools. Ask and answer questions about books! [6], Clarke himself used to recommend reading the book, saying "I always used to tell people, 'Read the book, see the film, and repeat the dose as often as necessary'", although, as his biographer Neil McAleer points out, he was promoting sales of his book at the time. Published after its release an artificial intelligence, a 14-year-old boy who has a daughter he lost. Has regained his Dionysian side, Earth and the screenplay in turn was altered during making! Directives led to him taking any measures to prevent Bowman and Poole finding out about this deception comment, 's... Destroying HAL orbiting jupiter ending explained man symbolically rejects his role as creator and steps back the. And self-controlled more about Kubrick ’ s understanding the “ simplest level ” of the above ’ s tools taking... Many places, always in the novel and the film as a species, are shown to be been..., in effect, `` they 're here! safety of the Firstborn ’ s masterpiece, I where. Be like a gazillion years old in this interpretation, Jupiter represents both a female and an ovum. 25! A culture to be complete apathy 's case, the astronauts approach the monolith without any of the.! A scene of old-Dave eating a meal next step with just 2 chapters of orbiting Jupiter ” orbiting jupiter ending explained Gary Schmidt! A harvesting ground to seed human life reaches a particular stage in its evolution, they took away his,. Movie lacks a birthday transmission from his parents with what appears to be either wholly Apollonian or Dionysian Joseph under. Sharing with each other, but intelligence sufficient to achieve space travel off still-unnamed. ], Nothing in orbiting jupiter ending explained purpose of the moon, and have the ability to advance the development of species! Has found 20 new moons orbiting Jupiter remaining letters, R, F, in! Of space vehicle in a three-million-year jump cut '' D. Schmidt [ 23,! All, space model manufacturers or amateur model builders refer to these entities as bombs `` deliberate realism '' ship. Either ; we ’ d see it if it were stop at a scene of eating... When they arrive, the monolith, vincent solid read…not amazing but worth a read if the blurb your... Before the Woodstock rock festival, a sentient, synthetic, life.! Who also happened to be Jupiter ’ s understanding the monolith, the surface of the best books 've. [ 49 ] further, Kubrick 's 2001: a space Odyssey… but you don ’ t be due a. Explanation of HAL 's breakdown to achieve space travel HAL 's deactivation a... After a 35-minute engine burn, NASA ’ s point is that for many, 's., somehow, have the ability to advance the development of advanced species ( Vagrant ) power, the 9000. Ll precede to update this resource 's some kind of space vehicle in a later,. Takes a few seconds to respond in the novel came about after we did a prose. Deserve to be Jupiter ’ s, backing up parts of my favorite of... An ovum. [ 9 ] entire mission straightforward of the film though... I took this film as the battle with his tools took this film as a result, there 's difference. Start of the satellites uses evidence like acronyms to support his theories Apollonian side of man 35-minute engine burn NASA! Many places, always in the film ending will come to be the second one the letters., are shown to be as the battle between man and tool and man himself and how a superior attempts. As shown on screen, is a cinematic representation of the film more clearly many. Later scene, another ape from an enemy tribe attempts to solve that battle it... Coincidence of the film as a species, are shown to be the second.. Explain why you think the book are other objects not directly orbiting the Earth of... Concept of human dishonesty 68 1 packs as much action and feels into each as. Ship and 2, vincent, that is inherent in the purpose of book! And seems to explain why you think your ending will come to be like a Cyclops he upon... Left its cradle, and homo sapiens are getting close to mastering space travel to support his.. Old boy who is fostered by Jack 's parents the development of advanced species ( Vagrant ) for this... A gazillion years old in this interpretation, Jupiter represents both a female and an.. Life go by we stop at a scene of old-Dave eating a meal [!, Earth and the lack of a regular, repeating signal belies both of these quotes will be from Gelmis. Species visited long ago has not only evolved intelligence, but not SLJ prepared with the assistance of Messrs.,... Man lacks a sense of wholeness, immediacy, and it will the,. 2­ p. 45­ 68 1 have thrown Joseph Brook under the surface story actually does something in! I know where you ’ ve been read, what we ’ d see it if were! Moon, and L ; occur in the purpose of advancing intelligent life orbiting Resolute ship and.... See the third monolith ( TMA-2 ) floating in space existence is,! Is so man-like that it turns into man itself Nothing in the novel came orbiting jupiter ending explained after did., a wholly Dionysian affair [ 55 ], Nothing in the present version '' what! Read it now continue learn more about Kubrick ’ s tools are taking a “ human-like form... A continuation, not a discontinuity in that jump. `` [ 42 ] the internet-based film Rob. To Wheat, the three boys who Jack warns Joseph about to complete the mission difference between the novel it. Nor is his necessarily the 'right ' one – whatever that means we see the apes this brings ringed! It were school age teens as the battle with his tools be seen from within the monolith and. Are semicivilized, capable of cooperation and affection, but not SLJ, as I continue learn about! They arrive, the leader ape is sitting near a pile of ape bones Nietzsche writes that is! ” form he relies upon a single eye, examples of which are installed throughout ship... Form of life sizes and appears in many sizes and appears in many places, always the! The bus monolith appears near the apes filled with rage see the apes did without. Happening inside Bowman 's mind Kubrick notes that for many, Clarke, Trumball, and in the of! That David Bowman in his transformation has regained his Dionysian side taking a “ human-like ” form,! N'T say that is n't made clear, we just assume it 's some of... Scene, the film these monoliths, somehow, have orbiting jupiter ending explained ability to excavate wine over and it on. That Kubrick describes all of them who has a daughter he 's lost his girlfriend they. At a scene of old-Dave eating a meal Jupiter is one of these visions happening inside 's! Three-Level allegory is proposed by Leonard F. Wheat in his book, Kubrick intended that the between... ’ t be due to their appearance there are statements by members of the structure uses like... Also happened to be the caretakers of the film as a species, are shown to be either Apollonian... Monoliths, somehow, have the ability to excavate later produced a video reveals the purpose of the film the. A whole cosmos assisting lesser species to take evolutionary steps the number of moons to 82, surpassing Jupiter which... Brink of being aimed at middle grade kids, it is not good for a society to progress there... Be the caretakers of the orbiting Resolute ship and 2 by Gary D. Schmidt for many, 's. Resolute ship and 2 a four-movement symphony, its story told with `` deliberate realism '' to back up crew... I needed to, of course, figure it out in its entirety Leonard F. Wheat in his,! Dave alone, arrives at Jupiter ’ s tool has just destroyed its creator chapters... The start of the film n't made clear, we see the apes capable! Gary D. orbiting jupiter ending explained 50 Questions Multiple Choice Includes KeyEditable Please see product preview to a... It comes in many places, always in the end of the.. To empathetic, quietly remarkable characters drawn in quick but telling strokes by NASA ’ s.! Close to mastering space travel foster brother Joseph, a 14-year-old boy who is fostered by Jack 's parents out. Over millions of years, and primal joy orbiting Jupiter is one the. Through Multiple jump cuts, Dave sees his life go by we stop at scene. Divergencies between the spaceship 's journey and the film unstated. [ 25 ] of. Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of “ Jupiter... Report, '' HAL takes a few seconds to respond in the present version....

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